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Cosmic Funeral of the Lil Bub Influencer Cat

Not so long ago, world publications burst with news on the untimely demise of an incredibly popular kitty with special needs Lil Bub. Even the People magazine shared her story and wrote about the cat’s plans for the future if it could be called so. What’s the point in her ‘cosmic funeral’?

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Famous Afterlife

Lil Bub who died aged 8 causes a storm of emotions in followers even after death. She will be the first dead cat astronaut in the history of mankind. The cat’s owner plans to put the pet’s remains into space orbit and make this a charitable event. 

We are aware that bloggers are usually crazy with their heads full of weird thoughts, but… cat’s remains in space? Elon Musk with his space Tesla will go to rest on the laurels of bygone glory. Still, there are some great plans for this little astronaut…

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Mike Bridavsky is (or was?) the owner of one of the most famous Insta-kitties. He is now cooperating with Purdue University that will help deliver cat’s ashes into space in a satellite. But what’s the point of this extraordinary plan? They say it’s charity, but some online users are sure it’s all about fame and recognition! That man is going to stream Lil Bub’s last adventure to Instagram so that her fans could cry out all the tears and could not sleep at night, knowing that their favorite is now flying in space, and they are suffering here on Earth.

Still, we believe that the ultimate goal of everything is charity. All in all, Mike and Lil Bub had a fund for pets with special needs, thanks to which animals in need received help in the amount of $700K! Impressive, right?

What About Charity?

Thanks to the higher powers, this performance will be dedicated not only to people’s fetish on dead cats in outer space but also to charity. The incentive is aimed at collecting funds from cat’s fans around the world each time Lil Bub rotates around Earth. This money will be allocated to rescuing homeless pets and general animal research.

It’s good that there is still light at the end of the tunnel for the entire humanity, and we have not yet slipped behind the line of complete trash! 

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The mentioned-above Purdue University that will be responsible for setting up an aerospace trip for Lil Bub, housed a hospital for animals. Lil Bub was one of their best and cutest patients. 

Financing for the Space Journey

Okay, you might wonder that such a trip will cost a fortune. Did the famous Lil Bub bring great wealth to her owner? No-no-no. Mike is going to start a fundraising campaign and crowdsource for financing. Of course, the University won’t launch this weird space mission for free, even if they wished to.

So, if you want to help Mike to raise the necessary amount and let Lil Bub fly away even faster, you can send them a couple of dollars. Who knows, maybe your donation is what they are lacking now! 

Lil Bub’s Life & Death – How It Was

If you are hearing about this star-cat for the first time, here is a brief story of her life. We are sure, you’ll be delighted with her path, though she has a creative and somehow crazy owner.

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The celebrity pet was born 8 years ago and found by Mark Bridavsky in 2011 in the street. The kitten had many siblings, but at first glance, the guy understood this one will need extra help during all her future life. He decided to give her shelter, and could not imagine that she will become extremely popular. Genetic anomalies made Lil Bub look uncommon and very small – actually, she was a dwarf-cat. What’s more, her jaws were developing incorrectly, so Lil Bub’s tongue was hanging out of the mouth, still, she was very happy with everyday yummies and had a happy full of love life. When Mike decided to create pages for his adorable pet, he couldn’t imagine that in 8 years, this cutie will have more than 2M followers on Instagram and 3M on Facebook!

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This little fluffy cutie passed away on December 1, 2019. Her owner confesses that she was full of energy and no one could think that the kitty won’t get up in the morning. Mike shared with the audience that Lil Bub was suffering an aggressive bone infection which he believes to be the cause for her death.

“She taught me everything that I know about unconditional love.” – says Mike, and at this point, our office including the editorial staff starts drowning in tears. In fact, it’s wonderful when people love animals despite difficulties and health problems when pets’ owners are ready to spend all the time with living creatures just because of pure love. Mike loved Lil Bub so much that, according to his interview, he was devastated by her death.

We believe that Mike does the right thing, teaching the world how to be kinder to animals, even if they don’t have a perfect look. Hopefully, this cosmic funeral will help thousands of pets to get a happier life. Rest in peace, Lil Bub!

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