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Denmark’s most popular and little-known supermarkets

You know, going to the supermarket is a fairly familiar process for every Dane. To get the most out of the shopping trip, sociologists conducted a study of 11 large chains of supermarkets in Copenhagen and Denmark.

The survey was conducted by a loyalty group for several years, about 4300 Danish residents took part. The purpose of this experiment was to evaluate a chain of stores on a number of customer loyalty factors.

The winner of the survey, Rema 1000, shared that its success was determined by its willingness to listen to the opinions of customers and change, taking into account their wishes.

Director of the supermarket Anders Rene Jensen in an interview with BT said that communication with the customer is a key focus of network development.

“We spend a lot of energy and time listening to suggestions and the point of view of our customers. The goal of our project is to offer such an assortment of products that can satisfy people’s daily needs”, – said Jensen.

We also respect the time limits of customers, that’s why we are making efforts to ensure the availability of all products within the same supermarket,”- said the head of Rema 1000.

Another advantage of this supermarket chain is the ability to buy products online or order home delivery. Rema 1000 stores are often located in malls. Its large area and a wide selection of goods are ideal for family and wholesale purchases. True, the number of Rema 1000 supermarkets in Copenhagen is not so big.

The next in the list of the top Danish supermarkets is the German Lidl chain with 110 stores across the country. The peculiarity of this network is a wide range, and the disadvantage is the lack of online purchases and delivery.

In third place, according to the choice of the Danes, is the Norwegian-Danish supermarket Meny with 115 supermarkets across the country.

It’s worth noting the stores that haven’t gained enough popularity among the Danes and close the list of this rating. These are supermarkets Fakta, Netto, Bilka.

The Fakta network has been given the dubious honor of closing our list. However, this supermarket is widespread throughout Denmark, usually compact and quite convenient for quick purchases. You can often find a wide range of organic products.

Netto supermarket is prevalent in almost every district of the capital and in the surrounding area. The store also positions itself as a representative of organics. The Bilka network is the most popular outside the city. If you go for the weekend to Copenhagen, you can come here.

Here is the complete list of supermarkets that the Danes choose:

1. Rema 1000
2. Lidl
3. Meny
4. Superbrugsen
5. Kvickly
6. Lokal/Dagli’Brugsen
7. Føtex
8. Aldi
9. Bilka
10. Netto
11. Fakta

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