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Do you REALLY know how to have sex?

With all the internet around, there should be no doubt that people know everything about sex, and sexual education isn’t that necessary as it was years ago. But in reality, things don’t work this way. Some time ago the online magazine Bird in Flight made an online opinion poll. Though most of the answers people got right, there were hella a lot of stupid mistakes. 

Craving for a better and safe sexual future, we present you answered questions, and who knows maybe you’ll learn something new. Or even better – find yourself a gf/bf and stop whining on social media about how lonely you are. 

Always care about protection!

Who are the real HIV world leaders?  

Even though a lot of people still believe that HIV is most common in Africa, this paradigm has lost its accuracy a long time ago. Russia and Ukraine are the first and second countries in terms of HIV spread in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. In both countries there is an epidemic: 89% of the infected from the whole region live there. According to the charity organization AVERT, Eastern Europe and Central Asia are the only regions in the world where the incidence rate is growing rapidly, and not decreasing.

In January 2016, a million HIV-infected people were officially registered in Russia. Doctors say that at least 500 thousand people still don’t know that they are also HIV positive. More than 240 thousand people living with HIV in Ukraine.

In Ukraine, 22% of people infected with HIV are injecting drug users. Most of them are men. Women often become infected through heterosexual intercourse with drug addicts. 86% of infected women and 42% of men acquired the virus through sexual contact.

In countries of South and East Africa, the largest number of HIV-infected people is still around 19.5 million (every 24th in the region). But thanks to WHO programs and the help of the UNAIDS charity, the number of new infections from 2010 to 2016 decreased by 29%.

“In Russia, UNAIDS has no influence. There is not even a UNAIDS representative office in Russia, only a representative office in Eastern Europe and Asia. Russia not only does not allow international organizations to intervene in the fight against HIV but also recognizes non-profit organizations that help infected, as foreign agents and block all activities.

But can you cure it?

Such scary words, so much pressure. And no wonder 35% of people got it wrong. Let’s face it, nowadays people don’t give a shit about their health (not all of them, of course, I’m sure you are a lucky exception). 

   Let’s start with the easy part. Herpes. If you have it, well sorry, you’re stuck with it. Of course, you can hope that medicine will evolve and shit like that. But, still. Moreover, if you are living with a person who has herpes, chances are you have it too, and it’s stuck with you both now. 

  It is af important to know that genital herpes (herpes simplex virus second type – HSV-2) and HIV affect each other. HSV-2 infection increases the risk of HIV infection by approximately THREE times. Genital tissues, once affected by herpes, will forever become several times more susceptible to HIV – even if the symptoms of herpes have long since disappeared.

    Up next we have papilloma, which is also an unpleasant but permanent guest. A person with a badass immune system, the papillomavirus often goes away alone. About 90% of the strains leave the body in two years. But if the virus remains in the body, it can lead to precancerous conditions or to cervical cancer. There are two vaccines that protect primarily against the most dangerous strains of the virus, but they don’t cure if the virus is already in the body. 

And at last-gonorrhea. Treated with antibiotics..

Don’t play around with contraception

It would be fun seeing these 79 % and asking them how in the world are they planning to use a penis ring as contraception. 

For the record the vaginal ring and hormonal patchwork as a replacement for oral contraceptives. The ring is inserted deep into the vagina – there it produces hormones that block ovulation. Unlike oral contraceptives, the hormones produced by the ring do not pass through the liver and gastrointestinal tract. The hormone patch is glued onto the woman’s skin releasing hormones into the blood within a week. 

Fun fact: there are no male contraceptives. It’s not that they’re impossible to make. It’s that pharmacy doesn’t want to sponsor scientific researches. They are convinced that nobody would buy them. But with all that equality some distributors promise that in the next few years, Vasalgel male injection gel will appear in stores. The gel will block the release of sperm into the seminal fluid.

And about the penis ring. Men use it to fuck longer. The ring is put on the base of the penis reducing a bit the blood flow and giving the opportunity to surprise the women and not cum the first three minutes. Some erection rings vibrate or give weak electrical impulses for more pleasure. 

Perfect horny timing 

In contrast to the classic scenarios of porn and erotic literature, the reaction of the genitals and sexual “turning on” are not the same thing. This conclusion was made by Canadian sexologist Meredith Chivers. She analyzed 132 scientific studies in which 2,505 women and 1,918 men participated, and conducted her own. In her study, sensors were attached to the genitals of women and men, recording the degree of physical arousal. People watched various erotic scenes and noted how much they excited them.

  In one study, participants were asked to watch a video where chimpanzees were roasting each other. The vulvarines of some women responded to the scenes of monkey porn, although not as actively as in regular human porn. Female pink canoes also responded to scenes from horror films, although the participants didn’t consider chimpanzee mating games or horror movies to be exciting. It turned out that the real excitement and physical reaction don’t always coincide – with men in 66% of cases, and with women – in 26%. This has been called the non-concordance of arose. It sounds like a perfect excuse for pedophiles. 

What is love, baby don’t rape me, no more 

Let’s just take a fucking moment and consider that 33 freaking percent would actually rape a woman if they had the opportunity… Just a friendly reminder from the article 36 of the Council of Europe Convention on the Prevention and Combating of Violence against Women and Domestic Violence says that consent to any act of a sexual nature should be given voluntarily and taking into account the circumstances.

   Fun fact as rape is also considered sex with someone who is not able to give informed consent – for example, because he/she is sleeping or is very drunk. What a pity, right guys? 

How big is it?

Well, here is something you don’t see every day. It is generally accepted that the clitor is a small sensitive tubercle. Apparently, 78% of readers think so. In fact, the average length of the clitoris is 7.5 centimeters, but almost all of it is hidden inside the body. And the “tubercle” is its small external part.

When a woman is aroused, the entire clitoris is filled with blood and more tightly covers the vagina. Only thanks to it, some women can get an orgasm from vaginal sex or feel pleasure from anal stimulation (yup sometimes it reaches even the back door). Sensitivity in the area of the mythical G-spot is also associated with the proximity of the clitoris.

Here we go again

Despite the huge hype in the past few years around the clit, third of the readers answered incorrectly. About 4,000 nerve endings are concentrated in the penis area, and 8,000 in the clitoris area.

   By the way, the penis and clitoris are made of the same tissues and have the same structure. The tissues of the dick head and vulva are also similar. In general, the female and male genital organs have much in common: for example, the clit turns on in the same way as the penis – it swells and hardens.

   The prostate is sometimes called the “male G-spot” because of the relative inaccessibility and pleasure that its stimulation brings. And some men – just like women – may experience multi-orgasm, although scientists have not yet explored this topic in sufficient detail. Presumably, several factors can contribute to male multi-orgasm: the ability to achieve an orgasm without cuming (the so-called dry orgasm), the use of psychostimulants, the presence of several sexual partners or the appearance of a new partner, the use of sex toys. Damn, how complex a human is. 

Pleasure bringer

Although Hippocrates knew about the existence of the clitoris in the 5th century BC (he called it a “small column”), didn’t give much shit about this body part until the 20th century. Some even doubted whether a healthy woman should have one at all. Someone suggested that clitor was needed for pleasure, but no one could prove it. In some periods, it was believed that a woman becomes pregnant only if she experiences an orgasm. Great times. The reproductive function was attributed to female pleasure. 

  In the 1940s, sexologist Alfred Kinsey began to study the clitoris as part of a full-fledged female pleasure. Since the 1960s, Virginia Johnson and William Meisters have been doing this. They were the first scientists who studied the reaction of the female body to sexual stimulation and discovered the woman’s ability to experience multi-orgasm (although they also launched a program of reparative therapy – changing the homosexual orientation to heterosexual: in those days homosexuality was considered a mental deviation).

But other scientists did not catch this interest, and began to actively study the clitoris only in the 1990s. A full understanding of what the clitoris is made of comes from the first MRI scan in 2005.

Because the clitor is used only for pleasure and does not play a role in conceiving and bearing a child, many strictly patriarchal people subject women to genital mutilation (this is the so-called female circumcision) – so that they do not want to “whore around”. The clitor is cut off in unsanitary conditions, sometimes together with the labia.

   According to UNICEF, at least 200 million women in the world have undergone this procedure. Female genital mutilation is carried out in many countries in Africa, as well as in Yemen, Iraq and, probably, Georgia. In Russia, operations are widespread in some Dagestan villages.

To fap or not to fap, this is the question 

Thank God 57% are aware that mastrubation can’t harm you. It is actually good for your health, so most definitely – fap yourself out (or let someone do it for you). But there is bad news for porn loves. Watching  porn before or at the very beginning of sexual life, for many becomes the main and often the only source of sexual education. At the same time, most porn scenarios are monotonous and are all about dominating women, and even violently relating to them.

   About bicycles. Many American doctors claim that cycling too actively can lead to erectile dysfunction in some cases. No wonder, jeez have you seen these shorts they wear.  And also that riding a bicycle and wearing too-tight jeans can lead to loss of genital sensitivity for both sexes. Doctors even recommend deploying the bicycle seat backward – however, it is unclear whether this will work out at all.

To all of you who have fucked a virgin

Let’s make it clear. It doesn’t have to fully close the vagina entrance. While walking, sitting or masturbating, hymen becomes more elastic – it consists of a fabric that stretches well. Therefore, the first sex hymen doesn’t need to be torn or injured. It is a mistake to think that from the first sexual contact everything will tear apart and hurt: blood in this case is often the result of penetration or lack of moisture.

   The belief that the hymen completely covers the vagina and should be torn has generated a lot of humiliating cults. For example, in the Talmud, a descendant of King David Raban Gamliel says that a woman needs to be put naked on an open wine barrel to check if she is a virgin or not. If she is not a virgin, then the vapor of wine will pass through her body and the smell will come out of her mouth. If the girl is a virgin, couples will not be able to penetrate her body and will not smell of wine from her mouth.(facepalm)


Early theories of gender identity appeared in the 1950s. Then psychologists began to study the roots of homosexuality, which was considered a deviation.

In the 1980s and 1990s, American feminists regularly began to publicly argue that gender behavior was artificially constructed by society. This has led to the fact that in our time, American and European doctors began to recognize the right of people to any gender identification, and the “correction” is called an inactive method.

Now, unofficially, you can count dozens of types of gender – for example, British Facebook offers 71 options to choose from. Here are the most popular:

– agender – a person who identifies himself neutrally – neither as a woman nor as a man;

– bigender – a person who sees in himself two gender identities;

– cisgender – a person whose gender is fully consistent with his biological gender;

– a transgender person is a person whose gender identity does not correspond to what is traditionally prescribed for his biological sex.

Now, go on and live your life sexually educated. May the sex be with you! 

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