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Emma Stone Will Soon Become a Mom

The girl with red hair, a hoarse voice, and Oscar statuette Emma Stone is in her final months of pregnancy. It will be the first kid for the 32-year-old Hollywood actress.

Emma has not officially confirmed information about her pregnancy. However, this is no longer necessary – her baby bump leaves no doubt. The first pictures of the pregnant actress appeared at the end of December. Paparazzi shot her when she was walking with her friend.

Emma Stone

Recently, the paparazzi managed to catch a pregnant Emma again – this time while she was shopping. It looks like the due date is approaching.

Emma Stone

Actress’s fans were shocked when they saw pictures of a very pregnant Emma Stone. Now they are confident that the “La La Land” star is going to have twins. And god knows why they want Emma’s kid to look like Ryan Gosling. I guess the actress’s husband Dave McCary wouldn’t be very happy about it.

How Is Pregnant Emma Doing?

Emma Stone does not like at all to share the details of her personal life with the public. But her entourage obviously does. Sources say that Emma looks and feels great, glows with happiness, and is very excited about becoming a mother. Despite the final months of pregnancy, the actress remains active: she manages to work, do exercises, and spend time with friends.

According to those who know the Hollywood couple well, McCary’s not only a loving husband, but he also gets along well with children. They say they are a great team and will be perfect parents. Would you like to swap places with Emma’s and Dave’s kid? I definitely would.

How Dave Met Emma and What Came Out of It

35-year-old Dave McCary worked for 6 years as a segment director for the cult TV show Saturday Night Live. And he met Emma Stone there. She was performing in the Wells for Boys sketch, and McCary was directing it.

The couple started dating in 2017 and got engaged two years later. Emma who loves privacy so much could not resist and demonstrated a diamond and pearl ring to all McCary’s Instagram followers. Nice move Emma!

Emma and Dave planned to get married in March 2020, but then the COVID pandemic started and they had to change the plans. We don’t know exactly when the ceremony took place, but in May Emma was noticed wearing a gold band on her ring finger. And in September, the gold band was noticed on Dave’s finger. And next to him was Emma in baggy overalls and with an obvious bump. After that, rumors spread that Stone was expecting a baby.

Emma Stone

So this is how they met and what was then. And if you want to know what came out of it, see the picture below.

Emma Stone

Emma+Dave Show: Behind The Curtain

Despite her fame, Stone does her best to live a normal life. Therefore, the actress is extremely secretive. But this, of course, did not stop us from learning about the couple’s relationship.

To make it short, they are doing well. Dave supports Emma on her path to success, and she respects him and appreciates his talent. Stone’s husband is extremely resistant to the temptations of Hollywood and prefers to stay friends with the ones he knows since childhood. Dave is creative and has a great sense of humor – which, of course, is quite natural for an ex-director of a comedy show. But there is another bonus – he loves adventure, and Emma does too. Well, the biggest adventure seems to be on its way. So we are waiting for news from the couple (or from their entourage and the paparazzi).

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