TWIFT | Lifestyle | Enormous vagina installed in Brazil

Enormous vagina installed in Brazil

Should the public expect the installation of an even bigger dick to make a perfect match?

Mass media speculate that this vagina-shaped art installation is some kind of hint at the acting head of state, Jair Bolsonaro, who is actually well-known for his tough talk about artists and national minorities. Ok, maybe he has some issues with minorities, but what’s wrong with artists? They are cool, harmless, and sell weird stuff to ignorant people who want to pretend they understand art.

Famous Brazilian artist, Juliana Notari, presented a piece of this weird stuff, a huge installation named “Diva”, in the art park of Pernambuco. The installation is the 33-foot vagina. You are not gonna believe it, but the vagina has a message to state ‒ it “questions the relationship between nature and culture in the phallocentric and anthropocentric western world.” You can’t be sure in anything now – even huge vaginas question something!

It took Notari 11 months and over 20 assistants to create the biggest cunt in this world. The result of this hard work is 33 meters long, 16 meters wide, and 6 meters deep. Dunno why, but the depth impresses the most (say hello to good old Sigmund Freud).

Social media burst out with thousands of dirty critical comments addressed to Notari. Even politicians didn’t hold anything back. But Notari’s supporters think the installation makes them think. Ok, it’s gonna be hard to live in a world where only a gigantic cunt can make people think.

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