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How To Become A Witch In Real Life: Witchcraft For Beginners

If you have long been interested in magic, you’re in the right place! We will tell you how to become a witch in real life. You should decide which side you want to serve and then choose a mentor. The main thing is to study witchcraft basics. Who knows, maybe you will become the next Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Let’s learn how to be a witch!

How to Become a Witch in Real Life: Can an Ordinary Woman Become a Witch?

The hint that you have witches’ inclinations may be that you see prophetic dreams, well, or predict events. All women are witches, but not everyone wants to achieve something using magic. Only with fucking tears and some other tricks!

You need to go through the initiation ritual to become a witch: to read a special spell, get the right attributes, get out to the place with suitable energy. Witches choose candles, herbs, and amulets as their attributes. Everything is not much simpler as for the place ‒ you need to go to the cemetery or to the river bank. Usually, a witch chooses a cemetery. Corpses help you tune in to the right wave. But there is no better place for rituals than the temple of the dead!

Good witches feel the energy from places filled with negative potential: a place where many people died, there was a murder or suicide. The dark ones get strength from natural and cosmic sources. A forest is a perfect place, of course, if there weren’t any shootings and rape. Choose an energetically good place, as in a Disney fairy tale ‒ with songbirds and bright sun.

How to Be a Witch: Interesting Facts about Black and White Sorcerers

Black witches specialize in inducing damage, evil eye, curses. They may well influence the weather and the elements of nature. Their list of skills also includes necromancy and fucking spiritualism. This is certainly not a good thing, guy, but if you want to contact the late Hitler and ask him a couple of questions, go ahead! What if suddenly his phantom will cling to you forever? You’re totally fucked. 

White witches are as a cleaning service, but only brighter. Their mission is to neutralize the actions of the black witch, to remove damage, evil eye, love spell, and other hemorrhoids. Cuties help people solve health and family problems, eliminate financial difficulties, and even improve their personal lives. The white witch’s helpers are herbal preparations, protective talismans.

By the way, if you still decide to become a witch in real life, you should know that both black and white witches are very easy to distinguish from an ordinary person. This is an attractive or prickly look, a mysterious smile, smooth and soft gestures. The witch never says too much. She knows the value of words that can both help and hurt. Representatives of both sides often get exposed by unusual accessories, their protective amulets, well, or objects of witchcraft. Witches love loneliness but are not sad about this fact. They like to be alone to restore strength. Still, beginning witchcraft is energy-consuming crap!

How to Practice Witchcraft Basics: White and Black Magic in the Real World

The white witch and the black witch start their career differently. So, we will consider them separately to make head or tail of it. Remember, before the first ceremony, you can always stop: “Well, fuck that shit!” And if you really want to practice witchcraft basics, act to the end.

How to Become a White Witch: Sabrina Spellman in the Real World

Did you know that the good sorceresses are real fans of meditation? It helps witches to set themselves up for bright strong energy, to feel it throughout the body from the tips of toes to the head. Meditation has a positive effect on the ability to concentrate, to perform rituals qualitatively. If you want to dive into this mysterious world and witchcraft basics, practice meditation a lot. It’s also important to develop the ability to visualize, it will open the door to parallel worlds. The ability to concentrate is important, the scattered good witches are unlikely to help, but more to hurt. They will work rabbit ears for someone, well, or strengthen the damage, instead of removing it. If you want to become a master in witchcraft basics, develop intuition and constantly learn new spells.

Remember all the tricks? Concentration, self-development, intuition. Almost like in some kind of motivating book on how to become successful, only here it’s not about business, but about serious things. Let’s go forward and put everything into practice! 

A Spell for a Good Witch

“I am a slave performer, a Divine faithful servant. I conjure it with the name of the Force, the morning star, the Power created. I will worship Your will, I will gain my Knowledge Book! Hallelujah!”

During the ceremony of the young witch, push away any doubts. You can’t be hesitant here, you’ve made a decision, so go into a battle! There is no place for cowards here.

Also, you need to know the rules of the ceremony, otherwise, you just read a poem in nature and nothing will happen. At the first stage, you need to work out one, but a very important ceremony. We already mentioned it ‒ the initiation ceremony. For white witches, this is a ritual addressed to the elements. You can do it at home or at midnight on the river bank. The main thing ‒ watch out for the cops, they are unlikely to be happy with these jokes.

How to Held a Ceremony for Beginner Witches

Draw a circle with salt and place four candles at the edges, according to each side of the world.

Enter the center, take a deep breath, focus on the desired result.

Read spells and light the candle east. It is necessary to say the following: “I (your name), I ask the spirit of the East to open the gates of the Earth’s energy and let it into my circle so that it fills every cell of my body with the magic power of the Earth. May it be so!”

Light a candle opposite the south, and say the following: “I (your name), I ask the spirit of the South to open the gates of Fire and let it into my circle so that it fills my heart with the magic power of Fire. May it be so!”

Then speak to the Western one with the words: “I (your name), I ask the spirit of the West to open the gates of Water and let it into my circle so that it fills my life with the magical power of Water. May it be so!”

The final stage is the northern candle: “I (your name), I ask the spirit of the North to open the gates of Air and let it into my circle so that it fills my soul with the magic power of Air. May it be so!”

Raise your hands above your head with your palms up and say to the Great Goddess: “O Great Goddess, who controls everything under the moon, bless me (your name) and give me (your name) initiation into witches, teach me to understand everything that is hidden behind the moon’s shadow, and grant wisdom to use it for the benefit of people born at night!”

When energy flows through your body, fold your arms in front of your chest and repeat three times: “So be it.”

If you’ve done everything on the street, don’t talk to anyone when returning home.

Becoming a Witch of Darkness: Lessons for Those Who Want to Be a Bad Girl

Witchcraft basics are not about fun. When you’ve made a choice in favor of the dark side, you must serve it. There’s no other way. For wrong actions awaits a terrible punishment. The dark witch receives unlimited power from dark sources. The basis of black magic is the suppression of someone else’s will. All dark spells can be mirrored into the witch that will be like a triple blow straight in the face. This happens when a witch conjures against the person on whom the defense stands. Protection is put by an experienced white witch. So, be careful, bad girl!

A Spell for a Dark Witch:

To initiate the black witch, rituals are held in the cemetery on the full moon. The resting place of the dead is a powerful source of negative energy. You need to know a few important spells:

1. “With those who sleep in this place, rest, do not open their eyes, I call the Witness to me. I came, I’m not afraid, I’ll leave, I will not look back. To the dead is a shroud, and to me is teaching. As steel is strong, so will I be strong in my teaching!”

2. “Oh, spirits and half-spirits, Angels and Andragins, Tetragrammaton, Turner! Come to me now. I will draw a hexagram with coal, and a pentagram with fire. Reveal Theurgy, Tetragrammaton begin, act. The kingdoms of mighty power ‒ stand under my left foot, the mystery power of oblivion ‒ stand under my right hand. I will pass unshakable between high columns, holding the temple. May the wisdom shine not disappear. May my curse be fully fulfilled. With the light of a nightly star fall fear of the legion. And I am filled with secret power as a container. Hallelujah!”

Steps for Dark Witches

When coming to the cemetery, be sure to greet and thank the dead, as well as the Mistress of the cemetery. Spirits can fuck you for a boorish attitude. It’s not your home, have a conscience. Do not enter the territory of the graves, it’s strictly forbidden.

Find the intersection of paths or roads. Place a lit candle in front of you, spread your arms apart and pronounce the first spell distinctly. It is an appeal to the spirit of help and protection. By the way, he will periodically need to bring oblations so that he serves as an assistant and gives strength to conduct ceremonies.

You can do a ritual at home, choose a clean and empty room. Do all the same and then light the lamp in the room for 40 days. In the last three days, you can’t eat and drink alcohol! So, hide your favorite whiskey somewhere in a secret place, close it under the lock. On the last day, take a shower (well, every day you can also take a shower, bringing yourself to a state of a homeless person is not necessary). On day 40, cast a second spell. After the end of the spell, go to bed without looking back and remain completely silent.

The Witchcraft Basics: How to Practice Witchcraft for Beginner Witches

Becoming a witch and beginning witchcraft is not an easy task. You need to learn a lot of spells and let witch’s wisdom into your blood. Learn at least basics about paganism, eclecticism, ceremonial magic, about lone witches who don’t care about a coven. Read the maximum literature on dark and light witchcraft basics before doing any ceremony. A novice witch cannot begin to practice magic until the coven leader approves it. Well, unless you choose the path of a loner. To join the coven, you need to learn magic during a year or two. It’s worth contacting your mentor to get an atmospheric book, which will be under three layers of dust like in movies.

After you have chosen your path, read enough literature, receive approval from the leader to practice, start working a hundred times more. Practice witchcraft every day! Cook potions, write your own author’s recipes in a book. No matter how strange it may sound, the book of Shadows from Enchanted would be useful to every witch! Find more like-minded people who can reveal their secrets in magic, discover a new side of another magic world.

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