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How To Get Him Interested Again Fast 25 Easy Steps To Bring Him Back

How To Get Him Interested Again Fast 25 Easy Steps To Bring Him Back

How To Get Him Interested Again Fast

Relationships are never 100% easy. Sometimes you can feel like your partner distances himself from you. And that’s where the questions arise. You feel like the ground is slipping out from under your feet. Constant pain and depression do not let your mind think straight. Why is he behaving like that? What have I done and what should I do to draw his attention back?

In this article we’ve assembled some tips to help you deal with such a situation and get him interested again. So, bear with us if you are willing to work on the relationships and try to win him back.

Make Him Chase You Again Psychology

The psychological background under the fact that he turns away from you should not be ignored. There is an overall understanding among the psychologists who study the relationships that there are people who chase and the ones that run away. 

The natural reaction from a person who is being chased is to run. Whatever you do – it should not be obvious unless you want to make things worse. So, on top of all tips we place this one – do not run after him!

Get Him Interested Again By Ignoring Him?

Men are hunters by default, and hunting is a long process of tracking something down which is not going to fall into your hands by itself. 

It is only in the nature of men to ignore the girls who are too easy to get or are super willing to. Maximum what you can expect with this kind of attitude is one or two nights and a lifetime of ignoring after that.

So, if you are clutching on to him it may push him back. It is a common thing to happen when you’re just getting to know each other. You usually check each other’s boundaries and play this little game of “chase me” for a while. And that is normal!

Focus on yourself for the time being. Let him wonder why you have distanced all of a sudden. It is important however to maintain balance in order not to push him away. So, be close, but not too deep into the relationship.

25 Easy Steps To Get Him Interested Again Fast

How To Get Him Interested Again Fast 25 Easy Steps To Bring Him Back

So, how to get him interested again fast? We have right here 25 effective steps for drawing his attention back to you. If you follow them closely, you’ll see the positive result in no time!

1. Reanalyze Your Relationship

It might be a good idea to just get yourself together and think calmly about the reason he started behaving this way. Without analyzing the problem, it will be very difficult to find a solution.

This might get difficult if you have not been together for a long time. If you don’t know the person and haven’t spent enough time with him to learn his way of thinking – it will be almost impossible to understand the reason he changed his behavior.

2. Being Clingy Is a Big No

How to make him interested again? Give him some space! It is understandable that when the person you like distances himself from you the first impulse you have is to surround him with all the love and attention in the world. However, this is a false trail.

Don’t humiliate yourself or arouse pity. The way you feel right now is normal, but it is also not true. You can go one without him and you are ready for any outcome. As soon as you embrace it – you will see how easy it is to regain your decency and let him decide if he wants to continue.

3. Trigger His Hero Instinct

How To Get Him Interested Again Fast 25 Easy Steps To Bring Him Back

Remember we talked about balance? When distancing yourself from him, don’t overdo it. Just be there and show the signs of your presence in the relationship.

However, if things get too desperate, try turning to his masculine side. Do something around the house that is usually his job. Try repairing that sink or a squeaky door. Eventually it will trigger him, and he’ll run to help. Think of something untrivial to say when he rushes asking questions. Like “I didn’t want to disturb you. I can see you’ve been a bit distant lately”. Try installing this feeling in him that you will be just fine alone.

4. History Is Your Best Teacher

There are two people in a relationship. So, before blaming him for creating some distance between you, first analyze your contribution as well. Dig into the history of your couple if you want to find out how to get him interested again.

Also, try finding out more about his previous relationships. It may not be your dream to listen to him talk about previous girlfriends. However, brace yourself and be confident that it is for the better. You don’t want him to fall into the same patterns which destroyed his past relationships.

5. Hot and Cold Games Will Bring You to Your Goal

How To Get Him Interested Again Fast 25 Easy Steps To Bring Him Back

Making waves in a relationship is not a healthy thing to do. However, if you are in desperate need of something that can have an instant effect – a game of hot and cold will be just what you were looking for.

The goal is to confuse your partner in order to light that spark of interest in him once more. Just imagine a normal week during which you keep suddenly changing your way of behavior. Today you are lovely and nice, surrounding him with attention. Tomorrow you are distant and separated, acting all touch-me-not kind of style.

If there is a glimpse of affection left in him somewhere deep, such sharp changes will trigger a masculine desire to search for a reason for these changes. In no time you will see him running around you trying to figure out what he has done to earn such an attitude.

6. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

How to make a guy like you again? Don’t rush unfriending him or blocking his account on social media. You might want to keep this connection for a while. There is a way to draw his attention with posts and captions, which he will surely see.

However, as we were saying before, remember not to seem desperate or evoking pity. It’s quite the opposite really. In your posts, show that you will be sad if you break up, but ready to move on. Some hot selfies raising interesting comments from other guys will do the trick.

7. Work on Your Appearance

The majority of men are extraverts. Of course, they fall in love with your personality, but it’s looks they assess in the first place. So, get ready to put some work into your appearance if you want to win him back quickly.

Start with make-up and gym. Posting your progress on your social media might be a good idea as well. As well, be prepared if you meet him unexpectedly on the street. Wear the perfume that drove him mad before and make sure you look fabulous all the time. Men are attracted to sophisticated women who take care of themselves.

8. Make Sure He Knows You’re Interested

How To Get Him Interested Again Fast 25 Easy Steps To Bring Him Back

This is where it gets a bit tricky and confusing. It is clear that with all the games you’ve been playing to win him over it becomes difficult to find balance. But it is crucial that balance should be found.

Despite all your tricks, you need to make him understand that it is him you are interested in, not someone else; and that it is his attention you’re striving for. This is part of a girlish wisdom men have been praising for centuries. 

To summarize – don’t overplay yourself with detachment. Give him a hint now and then. Not too obvious, but just enough to understand that you miss him.

9. Tease Him and Flirt With Him

When you’ve been together for a long time, the relationship might get a bit rusty. If that is the case, think of a way to reheat the oven. Thinking from a perspective “how to get him to like me again” will bring you to a transparent conclusion.

Try remembering how you felt during the first months of the relationship. Mentally, try sinking into this feeling and bring that naive part of you onto the surface. Start flirting with him, complimenting him on even the smallest achievements. Go out for a romantic weekend with jokes, drinks and lots of sex. You will come back refreshed and with the fire that seemed to have been long extinguished.

10. Your Body Language Is Your Strongest Weapon

How To Get Him Interested Again Fast 25 Easy Steps To Bring Him Back

If you find yourself in a situation when you don’t know what to say – maybe, it’s just for the best. Use your body to do the talking. After all, our body language is one of the most efficient ways of communication.

The key is to relax and be yourself. Behave flirty, don’t forget to smile and touch him once in a while. Especially important is your eye contact. It should not be a weird gaze, but more like tempting periodical glimpses.

11. Make Him Worry About Losing You

Guys don’t like to be pushed back and they don’t usually take no for an answer. Not the first “no” anyway. So, they become troubled if something does not go the way they have planned. You can use it to your advantage.

Bild an impression that you are ready to move on, however, you would prefer to stay with him. The most important part is to really mean it. Seek psychological assistance if you’re too codependent. Try to get separated from him a little. This will do both of you some good.

12. Compliments Are the Way to a Man’s Heart

How To Get Him Interested Again Fast 25 Easy Steps To Bring Him Back

How do you get a guy to like you again? By compliments of course. Even though it may seem that men are strong and emotionally detached, they also like to be complimented. Just do not make it too obvious for him to realize what you’re playing at. Don’t make things up. Compliment him on something real. 

He fixed something in the kitchen – he is a real man of the house. Helped you carry something heavy? – he is your true hero. You can also praise his personal or career achievements. Just tell him all the things you would like to hear yourself.

13. Remember: You Have a Past Together

You can always turn to your past lovely moments to light a spark in his eyes. Play “your” song or cook something he likes. Spend some quality time together remembering the most colorful moments of your relationship. The feeling of nostalgia will do the rest.

14. Send Him A ‘Ping Text’

In networking the term “ping” means checking if the host you are trying to connect is live and able to respond. The same approach can be used in relationships. You can send him a cute picture stating that it reminded you of him, or a catchy meme which has a resemblance to certain peculiarities of your couple.

15. Turn Into His Prey

How To Get Him Interested Again Fast 25 Easy Steps To Bring Him Back

No one likes to be bothered too much. If you can spend an hour without texting or calling him – most likely he is going to end up ignoring you. To avoid this act smart. Don’t fix all your attention on him, leave a good deal of it for yourself. In other words – try becoming the prey he has to chase. Let him think he is in control.

16. Men Break Under Pressure

If you want to find out how to get a guy back into you – patience is your main ally. Nobody likes to be pushed into decisions. So, if you’re screaming at him to decide here and now whether he wants to be with you or not there’s a good chance he’s going to walk away. Stay calm and take measured steps.

17. Remember Your Worth

Be true to yourself and try avoiding decisions that can humiliate you in future. You will only hate yourself this way, and it’s not an organic feeling. Instead, remember that you are a separate human being with a value of your own. So, it is only psychological to put yourself in first place in the most difficult situations.

18. Make Him Jealous

How To Get Him Interested Again Fast 25 Easy Steps To Bring Him Back

Again – don’t overdo it, but a bit of healthy jealousy never hurt anyone. Think of it as adding some competitive spirit to the relationship. Answer a couple of comments on your social media in a flirty way, or wink at a waiter in a restaurant. Just watch your boyfriend’s reaction.

19. Deal With His Interests

Try showing him that you are interested in what he likes. Make an effort to participate in his hobbies if he’s OK with it. Suggest to watch his favorite movie franchise together, or cheer for his football team with him. He likes to play video games? Ask if you can try. There’s nothing more pleasing for men than to teach your girlfriend to shoot a couple of monsters on a console.

20. Never Lose Yourself

How To Get Him Interested Again Fast 25 Easy Steps To Bring Him Back

Always remember who you are and don’t lose your personality chasing this guy. We understand that if deeply in love, one is willing to sell their soul to the devil just for the partner to love them again. However, this is a false path. Pain goes away and time has healing powers. After all – nothing lasts forever, your sadness included.

21. Think of Him as a Friend

Do not proprietize your partner. Sometimes couples dive into each other so deep emotionally that they start considering the other person for granter omitting their feelings. Remember – he is a separate individual and does not owe you anything. Thinking of him from a friendly perspective might help not to dissolve in him completely.

22. Date Other Guys

If things don’t look promising you can always try meeting new people or having new relationships. Making your guy jealous might be a good reason for starting to date again. Take some photos with your date and post them to get a reaction. Maybe this is going to turn things around in your ex’s head.  All is better than sitting alone wondering “how to make him like me again?”

23. Have a Good Time With Your Common Friends

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Being together for a long time usually means having common friends. And it does not mean that one of you has to renounce them because of relationship problems. Go out with them, have some fun. This will transmit to him a message that you are able to be happy on your own AND that his friends still like you. Such messages have a strong effect, believe us.

24. Have an Interesting Life Right Now!

One of the most important things in all this is not to put your life and interests for later. While you’re figuring out how to get him to like you again, do something with your time. Start hobbies you’ve always strived for. After all, we live too short to postpone good things.

25. Don’t Blame Yourself If It Doesn’t Work

Not all relationships can be fixed. Moreover, not all of them are worth fixing. If anything goes wrong – don’t blame yourself. It always takes two people to make something happen.

Better Question: Is He Worth It?

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Before jumping over your head in a desire to win him over again ask yourself a simple question – is he worth it? When we enter a relationship with someone it means that we, as individuals, have fulfilled our basic needs and are so full of love and care that we’re willing to share them with someone else. Everything you expect in return is for your partner to feel the same way. If he doesn’t, well, maybe it is better to sort out your priorities and spend this time finding someone who will share your idea of a couple.

Why Is It Better That This Guy Reaches Out First?

If it’s a one night stand you’re looking for, you can always invite him over to have some fun. Guys rarely miss an opportunity to have sex. However, this will not resolve your problems in the long run. That is why it is important to apply all your female charms and wisdom to make him take the first step. Men often do things without realizing those were women who directed them.


We hope this article helps you achieve your goal. Remember – a good relationship is a healthy relationship. If you’ve managed to lure him back, it might be a good idea to visit a couple therapy to avoid such unpleasant occurrences in future.

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