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How to not be ugly

How to not be ugly: 10 Tips For Men and Women HowTo Become Beautiful

Do you suffer from low self-esteem? If you feel insecure about yourself when beautiful chicks are next to you, these tips are for you. Almost half of the planet thinks and believes they are ugly but often they are more beautiful than the other narcissistic half. Well, I guess it’s all relative. One who considers himself handsome can be just a realist. 

So we see high importance is on the role of a person’s self-esteem, the ability to present our strengths to the world. If you don’t accept yourself for who you are, don’t love yourself, then the question is ‒ how could someone in this world love you? So, let’s do something with this and stop wasting your time. So how to cope with being ugly? Only weaklings keep complaining but not those cool guys who hang out on our site. Let’s go!

Almost every woman and man have complexes because of their appearance but indeed appearance doesn’t play a major role in the size of the complex and the severity of worries. It often happens that objectively attractive women and men suffer terribly because of a detail that most people will not even pay attention to. 

If you decide that these complexes exist and they prevent you from living, you need to get rid of them urgently! To do what you think is necessary, not to adjust your worldview to the opinions of others ‒ these goals are worthy of fighting for them. There are a few more details, so sit down, well, or go to bed conveniently. Now there will be a lot of info on the topic about how to not be ugly and how to finally love yourself just as you are. 

How To Not Feel Ugly?

The key is changing your thoughts about your appearance. Not everyone in the world is born beautiful as an angel, frankly, a beautiful face is not enough in life. No matter how it sounds, the inner world decides in this world. No one will build long-lasting relationships with a person who is beautiful, but so stupid. Beauty opens after several days of close communication. We make ourselves beautiful in the eyes of our partners and friends with charisma and intelligence. Handsome men become unattractive after a few stupid words. No one will be attracted to a person with a putrid soul, with an evil heart. As Coco Chanel said: “Personal care should begin with the heart, otherwise no makeup will help.” 

Well, people with naturally perfect face or appearance do not meet at all. Ideal doesn’t exist. Beauty standards in different eras differed from each other, for example, tall and thin women were fashionable, then miniature and full-figured… And for every standard, there will always be its lovers. Even long-nosed or fat ladies and men are in demand by certain guys and girls.

Yeah, it sucks to have a big nose or a scar on the face. But more often this all becomes a highlight if you are a cool great person. Of course, we live in the modern world, when a lot can be corrected by plastic surgery, but often there is no great need for it. I know cases when plastic gave awfully bad results! I’ll give some examples of Hollywood stars with the “Why am I so fucking ugly” syndrome.

Speaking about love, it’s not the story about your face at all. The phrase that people can fall in love at first sight is real crap. Rather, from the first/second conversation or even longer, we need time to know each other. Your fucking face is not a mirror of the soul. The mirror of the soul is what we say and think, our deeds and what we bring to the world and give others. That’s a fucking truth, if you stupidly stupid, you will be lonely. Alpha males and alpha-females who can only trade their fake or non-fake faces have long been out of fashion. In a beautiful wrapper there should be a delicious candy, otherwise, what’s the use of it?

How To Not Be Ugly: 10 Rules to Cope with Flaws 

Did you know that even people with perfect appearance can’t love themselves? Complexes have even those who essentially shouldn’t have them. Please note that ugly men and women sometimes love themselves more than the ideals of beauty, and they are also loved in response because they have attractive energy of confidence! And it’s sexy. You probably know about one important rule in the world ‒ love yourself to be loved. But how to love yourself and how to be less ugly, if there are really many shortcomings plus this fucking lack of self-confidence?

Rule #1: Accepting The Truth As It Is

Be honest. Look at yourself and say “Well, okay, I have a long nose and crooked legs. But I’m still okay as well as anyone.” Accepting the truth is the first step in the fight against the “I am so fucking ugly” complex. Real changes begin at the point where you accept yourself. Stop acting like a victim, accept the flaws and deal with this tragedy. Then it will be easier to solve “how to stop being ugly” problem and go to the right easy solution. There are many other useful ideas to cope with that ugly feeling: make another hairstyle, wear clothes that will emphasize your advantages and not disadvantages. In any case, each person has beautiful sides, you just need to allow yourself to find them, and not focus on the irrational problem. 

Rule #2: Realize Why You Need To Accept The Truth

Understand that you don’t just need to crap yourself in front of the mirror and go to slit wrists, this should be part of the solution to the problem. You need to accept yourself as you are. Understand how you can make yourself brighter. Sometimes a different haircut and style of dress change things. Stop being offended by relatives for poor genetics, it’s empty accusations because in 90% of 100% everything is OK with people, they just think up all this crap.

Accept yourself as you are, and then try to direct energy to things that you can control. Sitting and whining in a pillow is a waste of time. Why do the fuck you need it? Also, accept the fact that there are a lot of people who feel like you and think about how to not be ugly. Sometimes I look at a person, tell him: “You are perfect, you are beautiful, I like you for who you are.” The answer usually comes back: “This is not true! I don’t believe you.” People are not just shy at this moment, they really think so badly about themselves! Underestimating oneself, self-flagellation is a very common problem in our damn world filled with ideal standards of beauty.

Remember: only self-confident people are truly attractive!

Rule #3: Remove Toxic Emotions From Your Life

Fuck these toxic emotions. They steal your energy and poison the lives of others. Jealousy and envy lead to the fact that you constantly feel like a victim. Life will never be good for whiners. Shit will cover new shit, and so on in a circle. Drop these stupid thoughts that a handsome man is lucky because he is handsome. This is not true. After all, this may be the same person who complexed for some reason but then began to develop, do sports, work a lot on projects.

Do not judge a person by what he or she has now, almost everyone in life has had his own difficult path. There are handsome men who suffer more than people with not good appearance. The most important role in life belongs not to the beauty of the face and figure, but to the personality. No one wants to make friends, cooperate, communicate with a stupid person and even a whiner. If you are still looking at the world with envy and jealousy, then you’ve failed tip 2, you still don’t accept yourself. Now, when you accept, there will be something to talk about, then you will understand what happiness is.

Rule #4: Realize That Beauty Is Not The Main Thing In Love

Everyone wants to love and be loved, and those who say the opposite are fucking liars. They just don’t have enough confidence to make new friends, they don’t accept themselves, and indeed the world in general. How many times, each of us, walking through the streets, has noticed that there are different couples like beauty and an overweight guy, fat girl and a jock. It’s not about beauty, but about how well and easy people feel with each other. But this is about a long-term relationship, and if it’s just sex for one night, then yes, beauty is what decides. True, when it comes to talking, people scatter like cockroaches in different angles.

And bear in mind: appearance is not with us forever. People grow old, wrinkle, sex disappears from life. There remains a faithful loving partner with whom he will have fun until the end of his days. See how many beautiful couples in Hollywood often change partners because they can’t find someone to their liking. Beauty doesn’t play a major role.

Rule #5: Life Is Not About Appearance, It Is About Attitude To Yourself

How to cope with being ugly? Life gives a fuck about your appearance. It’s important how you build a life, how you live it. If you believe that you’re ugly, you’ll find confirmation of this, and if you think you’re beautiful and everything is okay with you, you will feel exactly like that. 

Call yourself a freak, and you will be a freak. Here is the sad truth. Call yourself stupid, and you will be stupid. It’s important to live in harmony with yourself. An important role in life plays your attitude to yourself: to your weight, appearance, to everything!

Rule #6: Don’t Worry About Being Criticized

The fucking truth is that often people will judge you no matter how good or bad you look. It’s important to remind yourself that you have more to offer the world than just your appearance. You are more than your face, more than your body. Remember that. 

Most people suffer from low self-esteem because they believe that society doesn’t like or underestimates them. It seems to some that colleagues don’t accept them at work, to others it seems that they are fat or thin, or even stupid. What is the keyword here? Let’s think, oh yes ‒ it SEEMS! Can you objectively judge your appearance and internal flaws? Can you certainly know what people really think? You are not psychic. What is your low self-esteem and unwillingness to love yourself based on? Here’s the deal. Perhaps it’s your childhood experiences. The task is to understand that appearance is far from the main factor, people’s opinion is not always critical, but if it’s critical, then do not give a shit. Sometimes you should still listen to what people tell you, but only constructive criticism, which will allow you to work on your problematic issues.

Rule #7: Stop Judging Your Appearance By The Ideals of Beauty

Fuck them all, TV stars are not perfect either. Do you know how many tons of cosmetics there? After all, the most ordinary gargoyle usually sits at home, with wrinkles and torn pants, being tired of fucking filming, envying you because you can chew a shitty burger without cameras. Look for beauty in ordinary people whom you meet in everyday life. Maybe then you will begin to notice that beauty is completely different, each has its own.

Rule #8: Spend Time With The Right People

Surround yourself with the right people, then the question about how to not feel ugly won’t arise. Be close to those people who value your inner world, the way you really are. Ask any woman what she wants from a partner, and she will say that she values ​​a sense of humor more than anything else. Anyone who can make her laugh is her number one priority. Choosing among money, age, career and even appearance, women want to be with someone who can make them laugh.

If you spend time with those who truly appreciate and love you, then there will be no “how to not be ugly” worries.

Rule #9: Take Care of Your Health

A beautiful body has not harmed anyone. Yeah, after an hour or two intense training, all this shit about how to be less ugly will come out of your head. Accepting yourself the way you are is awesome, but caring about your health is even greater. When you stop worrying about your appearance and do your business, life becomes much brighter.

Just do not become narcissistic, it’s even worse than an inferiority complex. Such people often evoke complexes towards others: “I am a queen, you’re shit, live with it as you want.” Ugh, nasty fuckers. This is what you shouldn’t turn into, or life will fly to the bottom. Be a good person, take care of yourself, help other people, accept the way you look, continue to create the life you love.

There are signs that you have a superiority complex: you imagine yourself to be ideal, you want to be always and everywhere first (arrange competitions where they don’t exist), you always need praise, you always compare yourself with others, talk only about yourself. It’s shitty if you switched from the “how to stop being ugly” complex to the superiority complex like you tend to go from one extreme to another.

Rule #10: Meditate and Practice Relaxation Techniques

All these changes will not come immediately, you need to be prepared and it takes time.  Meditate to cope morally. So you will calm down, be in harmony with yourself, find a way to solve urgent problems. Big changes come from small actions every day for a long period of time. Meditation will help self-acceptance, you will become more patient, realize that not everything can be done in one day.

These are 10 rules on how to stop being ugly, rules that can dramatically change your life. The main thing is to desire it very much and practice every day with good thoughts.

How To Be Less Ugly: Stars Who Suffered In Pursuit Of The Ideal

The appearance of movie stars often suffers in pursuit of beauty. Just look at their dozens of plastic. After all, they spoiled not only appearance but also their life. Even with a crooked but cute little nose, many of them looked much better. Here are a few examples of what can happen to you if you continue to consider yourself scary and chase the fake ideal.

Twin Peaks star Lara Flynn Boyle had an excellent appearance but was so afraid of old age that she mutilated herself with plastic. She would be beautiful in older age (now she’s only 50), if she hadn’t laid so many times under the knife. Now I’m scared to look at her. A very sad picture, especially for her fans.

How to not be ugly

The star of the “Dirty Dancing” Jennifer Gray obeyed the opinions of media and made rhinoplasty. The result of her listening to the public, and not common sense, was that she was no longer invited to cool roles. Her nose was her highlight, which she so coolly lost on the operating table in pursuit of the ideal. She didn’t become ugly, but also more successful, too.

How to not be ugly

Jennifer Gray at least hasn’t lost her beauty, but the star of the “Magnificent Century” Meryem Uzerli has. She was also one of those who lived in pursuit of the ideal. Well, look only at her photo before! Well, what she was missing in her life? But you see, she also suffered from the “how to not be ugly” complex, check out just what it led her to. By the way, the actress Meryem Uzerli denies that she did the plastic. Frankly, she looks like a big hog.

How to not be ugly

Okay, we’ll agree that this is not the worst thing if you look again at the Twin Peaks star. Let’s see beautiful tries. 

It turns out that Angelina Jolie also has complexes. She probably sold the soul to the devil to remain always beautiful. So, it turns out the actress doesn’t understand at all why everybody loves her so much. Plastic surgeons say that it’s her photograph patients who decided to change their face show to them. A thin nose, huge eyes, and puffy lips… By the way, the actress doesn’t like these parts of herself the most! In childhood, Angelina was teased with a “lip-splinter”. She became isolated, dressed in black and dreamed of becoming a vampire. She visited the psychotherapist regularly, but it didn’t help much then. Angelina began to treat herself better only becoming older, and finally, she came to harmony with herself. She says that she has been painted for years, like all women.

How to not be ugly

The more you poison yourself with how to not be ugly thoughts, the more likely you are to come to a terrible life. Almost all the women we talked about above, after all, were real beauties, each with their prosperities and shortcomings, they were in demand. In pursuit of the ideal, the actresses destroyed their careers, two of them look fucking scary, the “Dirty Dancing” star lost her career, but Angelina Jolie managed to come to harmony. Maybe she did the surgery too but that’s not the point. You can do several operations with good doctors, but do not overdose. You need to understand whether this is really necessary, so think about the consequences and risks.

Work primarily on your mindset and psychological patterns, move on to the fucking ten tips on how to not be ugly, become happier and stop thinking about any empty “I’m ugly” shit. 

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