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How to See Spirits and Talk to Ghosts

Remember the times when you were a child and dreamed of encountering something mystical and weird! We bet everyone was fond of reading about strange cases with otherworldly.

You were wondering about how to make contact with spirits and didn’t have an idea of how to do that. Now is that game-changing time when you can do it! 

Want to talk to ghosts and see spirits without leaving your home? Our instructions on how to communicate with ghosts step by step are here for you. Get your Ouija board, and let’s start!

How to See Spirits and Talk to Ghosts

How to See Spirits and Talk to Ghosts

First of all, let’s find out who contacts spirits most often. Commonly these are occult fans and astrologists who have started their ‘career’ long ago, maybe even in their childhood. A deep fascination with paranormal is an obligatory ingredient in the recipe of ghostly success. If you were thrilled by bedtime stories about mystic and guests from another side, if you were fond of haunted places and dreamed about visiting another abandoned asylum to meet the souls of its patients, you may be the one who considers paranormal their usual thing. 

Nevertheless, not every person with love for scary movies masters speaking with spirits. Can you talk to ghosts? This is the question.

How to See Spirits and Talk to Ghosts

Aliza Faragher, a columnist at one spooky journal likes telling people how to make contact with spirits, so we based our advice on her rich mystic background. According to her (and not only), communicating with the souls of dead people is not just a fancy hobby but a serious business requiring unusual advanced expertise. Not every astrologist can teach you how to see and hear spirits, as they might be lacking this knowledge and skills. 

Those who practice speaking with spirits are called mediums. Actually, they are a medium link between the dead and alive people, so it’s logical. One famous medium Jessica Lanyadoo (by the way, she is an astrologist as well) confesses what being a medium is like, she knows how to make contact with spirits, sees, hears and feels dead, and she is completely sure that those ghosts no longer live in human bodies. Sounds a bit creepy, ha? We bet that even those who haven’t ever been interested in such spooky stories will be eager to experience the medium’s feelings in sessions. We are still wondering: how to see and hear spirits and how to talk to ghosts at home?

How to See and Hear Spirits ‒ Medium’s Practices

Jessica states that she builds imaginary ephemeral bridges between two worlds. One of them is visible and familiar to us, another one is beyond our perception, barely visible only to the medium elite. If you are not a medium, answers to the questions ‘How to see and hear spirits?’ and ‘How to talk to ghosts at home’ will be never found until you address a professional.

How to See Spirits and Talk to Ghosts

However, according to Jessica, speaking with spirits is pretty much like our common conversations with friends. It can be petty or profound ‒ it depends. Sometimes, spirits’ answers are vague and they tell not what one expects to hear. Ghosts can be ill-mannered from time to time, so the medium tries to build reasonable boundaries, to not invade their space, and to keep spirits from invading hers. 

Still, speaking with spirits can imply not only verbal communication. Megan, a woman who received a reading with the medium’s help, told us that spirits physically affected the medium in the session. This was caused by the spirit of Megan’s grandmother who was smoking heavily while being alive. Interestingly, but after hearing all these stories even non-believers had shivers!

So, How to Talk to Ghosts at Home

You might wonder when we will come to the core of our story. ‘How to make contact with spirits? How to talk to ghosts at home? You’re talking lots about mediums and astrologists, but I want to experience speaking with spirits myself, in my living room!’ And… Here is the answer, finally! Grab this checklist and start a conversation with your ancestors!

How to See Spirits and Talk to Ghosts

Don’t Use Sage Herb

This ancient herb has long been used for purification and cleansing rituals. Burning sage is the #1 step in most magic rituals. Still, ghosts might consider this smell as a signal for leaving. It’s a pretty good idea if you want spirits to leave your room. But if you want them to come and stay with you for some time, don’t use it. With this smell, spirits will hardly come or in case they do, behave themselves not in the best way.

Set up various conductors

Spirits usually rely on different conduits to talk to living humans. Set up several of them in the room. For example, it can be classic flames of lit candles, liquid (=water) in a glass, and a couple of scents. Also, modern technology will come in handy ‒ video and audio recording devices are very spirit-sensitive. Another positive effect is its real-time effect. You don’t need to work with tapes or even Polaroid photos as it was before, just use your phone! The dead might prefer some conduits more than others, they were humans some time ago, so it’s normal that they have preferences! Can you talk to ghosts using an aroma candle and a glass of water?

Check it out. 

Speaking with Affectation? Forget about That!

Speak the way you always do. Spirits might appreciate your attempts to speak in antique dialects, like William Shakespeare, but they can consider it a joke and even be insulted. You are not a drama king or queen, so forget about the olden talk. Instead of a theater play, be honest and sincere, speak clearly and directly, ask easy-to-understand questions. If you feel creepy, tell the ghosts that you’re scared ‒ most spooky visitors are friendly and will use other conductors to not make you nervous.

Speaking with Spirits Via Ouija Board

Mediums confess these boards really work! Even if you don’t see and hear spirits and don’t get focused answers to your questions, you can witness slow movements across the board. This means someone is here… Of course, there are cases when people move the planchette themselves, be it consciously or not. 

However, boards made of numbers and letters are a great tool to contact the dead. They can literally spell their phrases! So, if you still think of how to talk to ghosts at home and how to make contact with spirits, go and get an Ouija board! You can even make it yourself, if your hands grow from the right place, still, buying one through an online shop is the fastest and easiest way!

Embrace Death, Celebrate Life!

Without any doubt, horror movies have made us afraid of any ghosts. They convinced people that spirits are usually evil and don’t wish us anything good at all. Nevertheless, speaking with spirits in real life is far from what movie directors show us. 

And what is true is that people are afraid of ghosts for a single reason ‒ they are afraid of death and their mortality. It’s very uneasy to accept the entire phenomenon of death. It is scary and painful. 

Finally, speaking with spirits might convince you of the opposite. Even if you are dead someday, your beautiful immortal soul will remain. And it will even be able to talk to the living humans! So, as Jessica Lanyadoo says, let ghosts help you live a life full of love!

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