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How to Summon Ghosts & Spirits Complete Guide For Beginners

How to Summon Ghosts & Spirits

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It is always frightening facing the unknown, especially if it is something connected with mysticism. On the other hand, if you know what you are doing, contacting spirits and beings from another world may have its benefits.

The key is to be focused and ready. Never attempt any summoning unprepared. In this article we have gathered the most valuable tips for beginners. Here we will teach you how to summon ghosts.

What is Evocation?

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Evocation is a process of building a passage between physical and ethereal worlds and sort of bringing a desired entity for “questioning” using it. The world’s history has known many attempts at evocation, so naturally, there is a lot of information left for us to use.

One may summon a spirit by using different tools or methods (such as Ouija board e.g.), depending on the result they want to achieve. Some people may seek wisdom or information, while others would often try to make ghosts do something for them, like fulfilling a request or an order.

Now, regardless of your motives, the whole act of evocation should not be taken lightly. You must clearly understand that if already started – there is no going back. So be ready to finish the process, or you will find yourself meddling with things that are not supposed to be meddled with.

Reasons For Summoning Ghosts

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Communication with spirits can be done in two ways – either an entity contacts you, or you make efforts to summon it. Needless to say, that the first option is scary and uncontrolled. It may be someone deceased that you knew, who still has unfinished business and requires your help; or it is an angry ghost of a previous tenant, being uncomfortable with your choice of accommodation. Anyway, the contact will be carried out as they see fit.

The guided evocation, however, will require some self-control. This is not easy, but at least you might have a chance at leading the conversation and dictating its tone.

Mostly people who try to connect with another world have been subject to paranormal activity. Usually, they would hope to find out what kind of spirit haunts them and if there is a way of stopping that.

Dangers Of Summoning Ghosts

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Before learning how to summon a ghost it is crucial to understand what risks you are about to face. And there are some, believe us. Doing the evocation badly or positioning yourself wrong before the summoned entity can cause severe consequences.

Remember, during the process of summoning a soul you act as a tunnel through which it will emerge. If not confident enough, the spirit that appears might not be the one you expected. So, confidence here is vital. The otherworldly entities are sensitive to your emotions. Try to stay focused. Don’t forget to be friendly and respectful. Be clear of your intentions. Don’t try to lie or cheat – it’s not going to end well.

Your demeanor and emotions should be balanced in a positive way. Giving a summoned entity the impression that you are in fact very abashed by its presence may play in your favor. 

Don’t Show Signs Of Fear

How to Summon Ghosts

It is in the nature of ghosts to sense the smallest flicker of fear. Getting angry during the evocation is not a good idea as well. Once summoned, spirits are dependent on your feelings.

If you want to lead the process and make it till the end unharmed – control your emotions. Keep in mind – anxiety leads to fear, and fear makes a hole in the evocation tunnel. The entity will use it to subdue you to its will. 

Creating a positive environment and ascertaining yourself that you are in charge will help you stay focused.

Best Approach To Summoning Ghosts

How to Summon Ghosts

Before actually telling you how to attract ghosts we need to look at some best practices, or, in other words – read the beginner’s guide.

1. Use A Familiar Evocation Practice

It might not be the best idea to start practicing different evocation methods after the first successful try. Get your hand in doing it one way first. At least, this will make sure you continue to have fruitful encounters in the near future. 

As soon as you’ve done it so many times to be confident it may be the right time to explore other practices and methods. However, always remember – one step at a time. There is no need to rush ahead of yourself. There’s a lot at stake here. 

Always learn from your mistakes. It is a smart move to buy a video camera with the night mode. Position it comfortable enough to record your sessions. Analyzing the recordings afterwards is a good way to work on your mistakes, and, who knows, maybe you’ll see something that you missed during the session itself.

2. Conjure Spirits With Others

How to Summon Ghosts

While you are still figuring out how to summon spirits by yourself, try doing the first evocation sessions with some other people.

Of course, it is always about the ‘right’ people. You don’t want to scare your grandmother to death by the offered evening activity. So, finding some fellow thinkers can be problematic, but it will be worth your while. 

Try involving people who already have some idea of the process and can be of valuable help if something goes wrong. Also, it is important not to invite any non-believers, as their arrogant attitude can provoke the spirit.

If you assemble a single-minded and resourceful team, the intended outcome of the evocation can be achieved faster, and the results will be more productive.

Don’t bring too many people though. Overcrowding the session may not be beneficial. A team of four is enough to successfully perform any evocation. As well, try agreeing on the group leader before you sink yourselves into the process.

3. Don’t Be Indecisive

How to Summon Ghosts

Always agree with your team regarding what spirit you want to call upon and discuss all actions you are about to take in every detail. There are a lot of entities out there which will try to play on your indecisiveness, and it is imperative that you as a group know how to sort out the liars.

The operation of the evocation tunnel is not fully known. So, remember that other spirits can always interfere. A ghost passing by may think it to be fun to pretend it is the one you were trying to summon. 

A good plan and understanding of the process will help you and your team to expose the deceiving entity and act accordingly afterwards.

4. Prepare Request Before Conjuring

When you summon a ghost, you better be prepared. Agree on the set of specific questions you will ask the ghost when it appears. Decide upon the most important ones from the list and start with them. Do not oversaturate the conversation and keep it simple. 

It is never clear how long the conversation will last and how well an entity will be able to communicate. Reduce the possible answers to simple one-word sentences, preferably ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The simpler are the questions and predefined answers, the more fruitful the dialogue will be. 

How to Summon a Ghost?

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So, how do you summon a ghost? After everyone is gathered and ready you can start the session.

Get together in a circle facing each other. Every member of the group must be able to see all the other members. Surround yourself with candles. Before lighting them up make sure all candles are of the same color (preferably white) and do not have any additional smell. It is not a good idea to buy aromatic candles. What is appealing to you might be disturbing for an entity. It can also be beneficial to check if the candles do not produce any distracting noises while burning.

If you have been wondering about how to summon a ghost without candles – don’t worry. You can replace them with electric lights. The additional source of muffled light is crucial though. Try surrounding yourself with a warm yellowish glow.

Take out some paper and write the alphabet – each letter on a separate piece. Yes/No words should be written as well. Place the words in the middle of the table and spread the letters around to form a circle.  Now you will need a transparent cup. Turn it upside down and place it in the middle of the table, so that the words Yes and No appear on the sides of the cup.

Everyone needs to touch the cup with a finger. Inform all members of your group not to let go of the cup until the session is finished. This will break the connection and you will have to start all over again.

Go deep within your minds and think about the entity you’re about to summon. The person leading the evocation may quietly voice his thoughts to guide others. Make sure everyone closes their eyes and focuses on the process.

Remember, the key to success is patience. If someone gets tired and loosens a grip – evocation will result in nothing. Be prepared to spend a lot of time in one position, thinking about the mystical being.

  1. Summoning Chants

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Use the following chant to summon spirits three times; remember to speak very clearly: “[Name of the entity], we ask you as a group to come into the light!” After the last incantation, inquire if the ghost is already here. It almost never works from the first time. So, continue calling out for the otherworldly being until it finally decides to appear. You will know it worked when the cup starts to move by itself. The members of the group should feel some paranormal force pushing it under their fingers. 

After the contact has been established ask the ghost questions to identify if it is really the one you have been calling upon. Stop the evocation if one of you is under the impression that the summoned entity is being deceitful. You do not want to be submerged by the will of some evil-minded spirit.

2. Questions To Ask Spirits

If the ghost summoning chants have worked the way you meant them to be, and you have the right entity in your presence – it is just the time to try and get some information. 

However, stay cautious. It is very easy to get carried out by the process and overwhelm the spirit with questions. Don’t make it angry. Stick to the list you agreed upon beforehand and do not deviate from it. Make sure all members of the group understand that.

Being in the presence of something supernatural, a deceased relative or a loved one, can shake your nerves alright. So be prepared for emotional challenges.

3. Ending The Evocation

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Always close the door behind you. A ghost summoning chant will not save you if you have left the portal open after the evocation. Who knows what might slip inside?

Even if you think that the session was not successful and you did not manage to summon anything, it is still better to make relevant efforts and close the passage. 

Repeat the following phrase together: “I call upon spirits to return to the shade, leaving this room full of light. This evocation is over!”.

We would suggest being observant of any unnatural signs appearing during one or two days after the session. When you use your body as a passage the connection with the spirit world can be preserved for some time.

What To Use To Call Spirits and Ghosts

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If you are committed to perform the evocation on your own, we are afraid just using spells to see ghosts will not be enough. A good medium always has a number of additional tools up their sleeve.

Anyway, even if you don’t have any genuine experience in spiritualism, a simple curiosity is a natural thing for all human beings. Most of us believe there is something else out there, even if we don’t admit it to ourselves.

Ouija Board

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Instead of making this yourself (as we described a couple passages before) it is always a good solution to buy the Ouija Board. The tool represents a wooden pallet with the alphabet and numbers carved on its surface. You will find the words Yes and No there as well. The board comes with a wooden pointer, which the medium(s) lightly keeps their finger on. It is believed that during summoning the spirit guides the seeker’s hands providing the desired answers. 


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The practice of using planchette for writing came to us from Victorian times. It was not provided with any additional values up till the 19th century when the popularization of the spiritualist movement took place. Many believe that it helps spirits communicate with mediums by guiding the board, producing paintings or writing words.


How to Summon Ghosts

The pentagram is mostly used by profound spiritualists to call upon some dangerous entities. So, please, if decided, use it carefully. The corners of the drawn shape represent different elements (air, water, earth and fire) leaving the last one for the spirit. The medium usually stays in the center chanting the incantations. This is some really dark stuff right there and we provide it solely for informational purposes.

Crystal Ball

How to Summon Ghosts

Some mediums use crystal balls to communicate with spirits verbally. Some claim to even conjure a ghost’s image. The person leading the evocation translates the entity’s messages, thus providing the communication channel.

Tips For A Safe Summoning

This article is full of advice aimed at teaching you how to summon a good spirit. Emphasis on good here. The other world is full of unfriendly beings, and you don’t want to call upon something vicious. 

This leads you to a point we will never be tired of repeating – be prepared. Don’t be lazy to learn and search for information before your first evocation. Some tips on a safe summoning are below.

1. Prepare Mentally

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Stay in harmony with yourself and your body. This is very important. A simple meditating practice will help you cleanse yourself from negative energy and thoughts. Spiritualism requires openness of both mind and soul. Give this some thought.

2. A Safe Place

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It is important to feel safe outside as well. Surround yourself with familiar items or perform the evocation in your room. It is critical that you should know the place up to the tiniest detail. Familiar surroundings will help you stay calm and focused. It is always beneficial to spread around additional amulets or dreamcatchers to collect the bad energy.

3. Set Boundaries

How to Summon Ghosts

It is important to decide to which extent you are ready to proceed. Set out the boundaries for yourself and end the evocation if you feel they are about to be breached. Also, make sure to clearly voice your intentions when you feel like you are in the presence of a being. 

Being confident is a key to fruitful communication with spirits. Remember, they can feel it when you express doubts and can easily regain the initiative.

4. Cleanse Yourself and Your Space

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Closing the portal is only half of the way you need to go to successfully end the evocation. Put some efforts into clearing your space from any remains of spiritual energy.

Try using aroma sticks or other burning substances (scented candles will work just fine for this one), herbs, amulets etc. Anything really, depending on what you believe in. A little reconnaissance on the subject would not hurt, as long as you find yourself a suitable way to get rid of the session ‘leftovers’.

In Summary

To summarize all above mentioned, what you should understand about evocation is that it is not an experience for the fainthearted. Do not resort to spiritualism if you do it just for fun. Always be mindful and self-aware. A lack of belief or insufficient preparedness may lead to unpredictable consequences. 

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