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Human Spine Handbags: The Shocking Invention Of Designer Arnold Putra

Arnold Putra, an Indonesian designer, has ruined all ideas about the fucking world of fashion accessories! His avant-garde style men’s clothing brand began selling bags made from raw alligator tongue and human spine. You can find that weird product with a detailed description of its composition on the Unconventional store website. Well, the cost of that interesting product is 4050 pounds. The bag is described via media as an elegant item from the spine with a unique lining emphasizing on technical design and construction. Let’s see the composition of that shocking product.

According to estimates via media, Arnold Putra could have produced more than one shocking model made from the spine. Most likely it’s a custom-made special edition with an individual design for each person.

The bag looks a bit intimidating. You can give any shape to the material from the alligator’s tongue “in unique crafting”, as written on the site. It depends on the desire of each owner. Bags from alligator’s tongue are decorated with a handle from the human spine, which both looks and sounds terrifying. 

An incredible invention of the fashion designer Arnold Putra really shocked some people, while others found him genuinely absurd and ridiculous.

The strange accessory caused a moral dilemma when it became known that the bones in its composition belong to the child. At the same time, the store claims that all materials were extracted in an ethical way. But how can human bones be fucking ethical material? I think this is not so stupid question that millions of users have asked.

As many Twitter users have already noted, Arnold Putra continues to visit indigenous tribes. As media suggest, there he actually takes the remains of a spine. Many would like the information about the bones to be nothing more than a hoax, but, no, everything is serious.

The media joined the investigation to clarify all the nuances of the purchase of raw materials and spine by an insane fashion designer Arnold Putra. In an interview with one of the publications, Arnold Putra said that he had acquired human bones in Canada. There they are sold as medical remains. Journalists managed to find out that the procedure is legal and doesn’t require special permissions. As it turned out, some companies sell the remains of the human skeletons that were donated for science.

Doctors have confirmed that the bones and spine really belong to humans. But they failed to determine whether it was the skeleton of a child.

On the website of Arnold Putra’s store, it’s indicated that each bag is made personally and is handmade. It takes 14 days to create one, especially during the quarantine.

Moreover, Arnold Putra’s father is a wealthy entrepreneur from Indonesia. The young designer began his career by creating non-standard and even eccentric things. Soon he became interested in even more unique images. So, he decided to sell bone products. They began to be manufactured in Los Angeles in 2016, but almost no one focused on this. The collection included jackets from ribs. The cost of these products was around 5 thousand dollars!

After 4 years in 2020, the media exploded because of photographs of his bag after one of the users posted the composition on his page, adding that the bones belong to a child who had osteoporosis. After that, a wave of hate broke out towards the Indonesian designer.

Oh, poor Arnold Putra! Geniuses as they are ‒ no one understands them!

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