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Italian Astronaut Watched World Cup Match from Space

It’s such great luck to live in the age of science! Just imagine, we’ve started from the first human in space and where we’re now: breaking records, exploring universe and reaching new horizons.

Some people have no fear, that helps them to explore every possible thing. They can play with things that others consider as something unbelievable. One of them is an Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano.

The first Italian astronaut set a record performing EVA (spacewalk) during his mission at the International Space Station (ISS).

Test pilot of the Italian Air force has already visited ISS for the second time. During that mission, he became the first space-DJ in history and performed his soundtrack at the ISS not only to Italian astronauts but to the whole world. He recorded his own track with the help of a famous DJ and performed his space music to thousands of people that had a party on a cruise ship.

Luca showed us how modern technologies can change our lives and the world nowadays.
Also, he was among fans who watched the Rugby World Cup, cheering his national team. But his “seat” was not on the stadium, but in the space!

Well, maybe flying cars and space elevators expect us in the nearest future… Who knows? Modern technologies are developing faster and faster. Parmitano shows us how far we’ve come already.

Also, his goal isn’t only to make creative achievements. He is also a great scientist. During spacewalks he maintains a lot of complicated devices of the International Space Station. Space specialists conduct a lot of explorations and experiments on that station. Mostly they observe our Earth and conduct experiments that demand zero gravity. Also, experts study biology, physics, meteorology and astronomy. So, Luca’s contribution into the world of science isn’t only about outstanding records, he also looks after the safety and workability of the ISS making possible future explorations. So maybe that mission won’t be his last one.
Let’s hope that humanity will have more genius people like Luca Parmitano that will bring us into the world of the fascinating future.

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