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Jeff Bezos is Continually the Richest Person in the World

Jeff Bezos’s salary is roughly estimated, to sum up to an astounding 200 billion dollars mark.

The entire lifepath of the popular market platform «Amazon» is a perfect example of a common pattern when “money attracts more money” to the people in possession. We, as humans, are morbidly curious and, among other things, inclined to discover, calculate, and compare the wealth of others with our own. It has been a well-known matter of fact that Jeff Bezos net worth sums up to quite a round number, however, a few people expected it to be that gross.

The main reason for this leap in Jeff’s bank account status is the huge high-technological companies assets market fluctuations that took place due to the current pandemic. Since many more people make purchases online nowadays, the assets of enterprises specializing in cutting-edge technologies ramped up a notch.

the Richest Person

Another multi-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the world-leading social network Facebook, reported earlier this month that his portfolio has reached as much as 100 billion dollars in worth.

Of course, these two are extreme cases of welfare distribution. However, this trend of the ever-widening income gap in the population is concerning governments around the world. The United States senator Berny Sanders proposed to address the problem by increasing taxation for those who made a fortune during the pandemic. This, in his view, can potentially result in more financial equality and promote stability in these difficult times.

Bezos, who had founded his brainchild Amazon in the year 1994, earned himself the title of the richest person in the world in 2017. His closest “opponent” is the creator and owner of Microsoft, Bill Gates, who has about 124 billion dollars in total. The Chief executive of Apple Tim Cook has also become a millionaire recently, thanks to his company’s net worth of around 2 trillion dollars! Apple is recognized as the most expensive company currently in the world. With this in mind, the founder himself doesn’t have that much money in his pockets. Cook’s equity does not exceed even a quarter of the fortune of a man at the end of the Bloomberg list, Indian entrepreneur Vikram Lala, whose bank accounts are estimated to hold 4,5 billion dollars in total.

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