TWIFT | Lifestyle | Kim Kardashian decided to release all the prisoners

Kim Kardashian decided to release all the prisoners

American reality TV star, actress and model decided to change not only her life but also the lives of other people. Kim Kardashian West, together with the 90 Days of Freedom campaign, secretly funded the Buried Alive Project. What is this project about and why does a big worldwide star help prisoners?

Kim Kardashian is sick of the glory of a beautiful woman who just participates in reality TV shows and represents famous brands with her extraordinary beauty. So the star has decided: “Well, okay, I will become an advocate”. The Devil’s Advocate.

Mrs. West decided to help the people… who committed the crime. The actress, along with the 90 Days of Freedom campaign, has helped to release 17 prisoners. But just imagine, what the hell is going on in our world!? With billions of dollars in her pocket and plenty of opportunities, the American beauty decided to help all these “very bad guys”!

Last year, the star headed the rescue operation of a 62-year-old American woman. It sounds cool until you find out that this woman was sentenced to life imprisonment. By the way, she has been in prison for drug trafficking since 1997. She killed, though not with her own hands, but still a lot of people. Kim Kardashian and the 90 Days of Freedom campaign have reached the following conclusion: “This baby deserves more to live than others.” WTF. Was it really impossible to help children with disabilities, some cancer patients or low-income families? Just for a change…

A female drug dealer is one of the first diamonds in the list of absurd good deeds of a hot brunette. Attention, please! To free an unfamiliar woman, Kim enlisted the support of Ivanka Trump. Oh, someone plays not by the rules! Maybe we should remember that people are given a life sentence for a reason? In just three months, Kim Kardashian West helped to release 17 federal prisoners. Shouldn’t you be afraid of the actions of a non-professional lawyer who believes that she is a Goodwill Ambassador? Sure!

Besides, news that the star met with Kevin Cooper, who was sentenced to death. Do you know what it was for? For killing 4 people! Kevin killed an 11-year-old boy and the whole family of neighbors with his axe. Maybe Kim Kardashian West will be able to free 16 innocent people, but will she have really enough devilish experience not to release one killer to freedom? Well, it is pretty doubtful.

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