TWIFT | Lifestyle | Lana Del Rey recites ‘Salamander’ piece in a short video

Lana Del Rey recites ‘Salamander’ piece in a short video

One of the millennials’ favorite singers Lana Del Rey shared a video on Twitter at the beginning of August. And it’s got a million views! In the video, Lana recites her ‘Salamander’ piece, which is an excerpt from Lana’s upcoming poetry book ‘Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass’. The poem is one of the few Lana recites in the audiobook released on July 28th, 2020. Check out the video

Lana Del Rey

The tone of the video is very grainy and raw with Lana just letting the words speak for themselves. The singer is holding a manuscript and reading from it: “Get out of my blood, salamander, I can’t seem to blow off enough steam to get you out of my head. Soul cycle you to death, run you out of my blood to San Pedro. And yet, everywhere I go, it seems there you are. And there I am.” The short video is particularly inspiring owing to producer Jack Antonoff’s instrumentation. 

The good news is that after October 2nd, when the CD and vinyl of the audiobook ‘Violet’ are announced for release, we’ll all be able to see what Lana Del Rey has been working on. Furthermore, for all of us hard-copy-book lovers, the hardcover and e-book are announced to be out on the 29th of September. Can’t wait!

In even more exciting news, a second poetry book called ‘Behind the Iron Gates – Insights From an Institution’ is in the works according to Del Rey and it includes the piece ‘Patent Leather Do-Over’.

As if we didn’t already stan Lana so much, the singer is donating half of the proceeds from ‘Violet’ to the Navajo Water Project. The ‘Born to Die’ singer mentioned in a statement that the Navajo Water Project’s fundraising target for the year of 2020 is $1,035,000 and the aim was to provide running clean water and solar power to 230 families. “And we plan on fulfilling that target in the next four weeks to bring it up to their million-dollar mark, and we’ll be traveling throughout New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah to say hello and make sure it gets done,” stated Lana. We adore and love a charity queen. 

And because Lana is unstoppable, in addition to her spoken word LPs, Del Rey has also targeted September 5th for Chemtrails Over the Country Club (her follow-up to 2019’s Norman Fucking Rockwell!).

We used to love Lana back when she was singing ‘Blue Jeans’ and ‘Summertime sadness’ but maybe a lot of fans are vibing with the new Del Rey and they obviously can’t wait to see more! 


Lana Del Rey

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