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Losing Money During Lockdown

The current pandemic became quite a challenge for humanity. Besides the health aspect of the COVID-19, it also affected the financial side of lots of people. Many lost their jobs, many got just little savings deciding what to spend them on (food, medicine, other supplies). But worry not, my friends. Betting providers will come to the rescue and make that choice for you, leaving you with no money at all.

In an attempt to distract loyal customers from the lockdown, most of the betting providers created betting groups dedicated to the coronavirus. At BetCity they calculate the chance of the World Health Organization (WHO) to announce the end of the pandemic by July 2020. Good luck with that. Or the odds that the vaccine against the virus will be created until December 31, 2020 (many wish it to be created even faster for sure).

At Parimatch you can bet that the word “coronavirus” will become the word of the year in the Oxford or Cambridge dictionary, or even the fact that this year it was Ilon Mask who personally invents the vaccine against the virus.

There are also exotic bets offered by the audience on social networks. For example, you can bet that one of the Trump Towers will be completely converted into a hospital, but even bookmakers hardly believe in it).

As you can see, there’s a lot of opportunities for you to lose money. If you really want to – that’s totally up to you. But please, think twice (or even three times) before doing it.

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