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Marijuana. Should it be legalized?

Before you start yelling “YES” on top of your lungs, ask yourself a question: why? Why do you want it to be legalized? So that cops don’t bother you when you hang out with your friends? Or because you don’t believe it is harmful? Or because you think it is a great business opportunity? Any of these make sense. As well as the arguments against legalization.

Last year it was found that the number of people in the US that support legalization grew up to 66 percent. Gallup’s poll turned out very interesting as it discovered that more than 55 percent of Republicans and Americans raised their voice for legalization for the first time. So more and more people, even the most conservative ones, agree to the arguments for the legal weed.
And here comes another question: what are those arguments? And what are the arguments from the other side? Gallup took another poll to find out what’s in the minds of Americans. And here is what they found.

Majority of the respondents, which makes 86 percent, named medical benefits the reason to make marijuana legal. 70 percent of the people asked said that legalizing drug will allow law enforcement to focus on more important problems than catching teens with weed. 60 percent proudly stated that smoking or not smoking cannabis is a matter of freedom and personal choice and nothing should prevent them from having a right to roll a joint. A little bit more than a half (56 percent to be precise) believe the legalized drug will provide a good source of tax revenue and 47 percent think that controlled by the government green stuff will be safer for users. Sound legit. Now let’s see what the other party has to say.

Safety issues are the main reason — 79 percent believe it can increase the number of car accidents. Well, at least no one will have road rage. 69 percent are afraid it will make a way to getting addicted to stronger drugs. A little more than a half see marijuana as harmful and about 40 percent as immoral. Wonder, what they think about alcohol. Can bet they don’t mind having a drink a two.

In general, it seems we are stepping closer and closer to having green stuff nice, clean and legal.

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