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Meet the First-of-its-kind Electric Supercar — Lotus Evija

The Lotus company was founded 71 years ago, and after a long time of producing stylish and powerful exotic cars, they decided to please the world with innovations… Now, the British have set a goal of creating the most powerful electric supercar ever! This is how Evija was ‘born’.

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In total, it is planned to produce 130 such cars, which sales will begin in 2020 at a price of more than $2.1 million.

2000 Horsepower

Four electric engines which work for each wheel separately. Noteworthy, each engine has its gear and inverter set to a small module called Electrical Drive Unit. The power of all of them quals 2K horsepower with the torque of 1700!

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Everything seems fantastically wonderful except for acceleration… Evija reaches 0-100 in less than 3 seconds – which we consider not the best mark — even Teslas show the same results, anyway…

Still, there is some good news for the fans of impressive acceleration — reaching 1-300 takes this Lotus only 9 seconds. All this happens thanks to the relatively small weight of the car — 1680 kg.

Fast-charging Batteries and Their Capacity

Its batteries provided by Williams Advanced Engineering have 70 kWh capacity.

The supercar can drive 435 km on one charge. Not the highest power reserve, still, we need to remember that the power that a battery can give to motors and other consumers in a car is amazing and equal to two megawatts.

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The speed of charging is even more impressive than other features — Evija’s battery charges from 0 to 80% in only 12 minutes thanks to batteries battery which can receive power up to 800 kW during charging (other cars have only 450 kW). If being charged with a special power station, the car can get all 100% in 9 minutes! 

Nostalgic Yet Innovative Design

If you take a closer look at 2020 Lotus Evija, you’ll notice its likeness to race cars of the 50s. We consider it a huge plus, as back to those times, automotive engineers had a more sophisticated sense of style. However, Lotus Evija perfectly balances between the past and future. Photos speak for themselves – it looks just gorgeous!

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The steering wheel and dashboard take us to Formula 1. Instead of side-view mirrors, there are cameras integrated into the front wings. Both its general body shape with ergonomic air channels and active elements (a retractable spoiler and a Formula 1-inspired DRS system that reduces drag on straight lines) help to reach nearly perfect aerodynamic efficiency.

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Engineering Wonders

Getting back to innovations, we can’t help mentioning 2020 Evija’s digital services.

The built-in modem connects the supercar to cloud services and also allows you to remotely control it from anywhere. You can check the battery charge or activate the car’s engines or air conditioning system. What’s more, you will be able to update the software without any cables but ‘by air’.

electric car

In our opinion, Lotus Evija is an icon of British style and looks extremely attractive, but its price is too high for an ordinary car lover. Nevertheless, billionaires laugh at our comments while purchasing one Evija out of 130 exclusive British collectibles. We wish all our readers could afford this someday. 

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