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Monkeys Helped to Steal In India

Two men from New Delhi trained monkeys to clean the pockets and bags of passers-by. Monkeys are animals by nature quite dexterous and skillfully use this, dragging fruits from counters and hats from tourists. Are they not ideal accomplices for people with similar intentions? Two thieves from India took advantage of the primate’s natural talent by training them a bit for their own convenience.

Over the weekend, city police arrested criminals for luring monkeys into breaking the law. Fraudsters have taught animals how to quietly pull valuables from passers-by, and openly intimidate people. The monkeys behaved aggressively, rushing at their victims with a wild cry. While people lost their vigilance, trying to avoid the attack of animals, the owners of the monkeys quickly cleaned their pockets and bags.


It all started when one of the victims, a local lawyer, turned to the police station with a statement that he had been robbed by a gang of monkeys, accompanied by two men. According to him, about $80 was stolen (6 thousand rupees in terms of Indian money).

“They looked intimidating. I was literally surrounded. I did not even notice how I ended up in the car with them. One monkey was put in the front seat, the second in the back seat. While I was trying to understand what was happening, they took all the money from my wallet,” shares the victim.

It was not difficult to find the robbers, although it was necessary to study the records from the street surveillance cameras and talk to witnesses. Soon the police managed to detain two malefactors with their charges. According to some reports, there were three criminals, but the third could not be caught.

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It also became known that earlier young men worked as musicians at various events. They were invited there to create a festive atmosphere; guests periodically lost money and small appliances.

The thieves caught the monkeys in the wild, gave them a little familiarity in the concrete jungle, and taught them how to work in a team with scammers.

Now the guys will be punished not only for theft but also for the illegal capture of wild animals and their use for personal purposes.

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