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Lizzo Sued by Delivery

Artist is Facing a Defamation Lawsuit

Singer Lizzo is being sued the courier they previously accused of food theft on social networks. The scandal occurred on September 16, when Lizzo posted on Twitter claiming an employee of the Postmates delivery service allegedly did not deliver the order, pocketing it instead. In the post accompanied by the alleged perpetrator’s photo, the artist accused one “Tiffany W” of theft and stated that the girl should be happy that Lizzo is no longer as likely to engage in fisticuffs. Soon, the post was deleted and the singer followed up with an apology for the possible problems created by the previous claim.



Soon, it was discovered that the accused delivery person’s name is indeed Tiffany Wells, and in fact, they did not leave their home for several days, fearing the repercussions. On November 16, Tiffany Wells’ lawyers filed a lawsuit stating their version of the incident. This application states that Tiffany Wells tried to deliver the order but was not provided with the singer’s hotel apartment number. Ordering the food through Postmates, Lizzo identified themself as Bonnie V, so Tiffany was not able to reach them. Lawyers point to Lizzo’s inappropriate behavior, using their million Twitter audience to publicly humiliate, insult, and threaten.

Currently, Lizzo is already involved in the plagiarism proceedings. A month ago she was accused by songwriters Justin Raisen, Jeremiah Raisen and Justin ‘Yves’ Rothman for ripping their works in the hit single “Truth Hurts”. The artist, in turn, filed the counter-claim on October 23.

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