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New James Bond: Are You Ready for Daniel Craig Replacement?

All fans of James Bond movies might not be surprised by upcoming changes, as actors have been constantly changing. Though it is not the best news ever, as we have got accustomed to Daniel Craig playing the main character of the spy saga, we should meet a new person again…

Daniel Craig replacement

No Time To Die will be the last movie starring Craig this April. And this will be his final 007 movie, which can be proved by the trailer and fans’ rumors. Still, everyone is concerned about WHO will replace the main character now? Who will be the next face of the legendary 007 agent? We have already seen a handful of names, James Norton, Michael Fassbender, and so on. The main star who probably will be featured in the saga is the last one from our shortlist (we decided to mention top actors for the role, not to make you confused with dozens of them).

Who WIll be the New James Bond?

The star of X-Men ‒ Michael Fassbender ‒ is likely to take the first place. The latest odds were the causes of such dramatic changes. However, this choice is not the worst one, as recalling Michael Fassbender 300, X-Men and other great roles, he can be a perfect match for a secret agent.

This actor has even overcome some movie favorites, for example, Sam Haughan or Tom Hiddleston, who have armies of fans. James Norton was also on the list, he would hardly win this competition.

Odds of Michael Fassbender are 8/1, that he will replace Craig in the James Bond role.

Daniel Craig replacement

When Will We Learn the Results?

The question is: Will we learn who wins the “New James Bond” race before the premiere of No Time To Die on the fifth of April? 

Alex Apati, the spokesperson of Ladbrokes, shared more details on the Daniel Craig replacement and odds changes. Actually, there is no final decision so far. According to Alex, after exciting bets of the last day, Fassbender has left his competitors far behind. Still, everything may change, as the public opinion sometimes changes greatly in only a minute! What’s more, other bookies’ results are slightly different.

For instance, Coral’s winner is Richard Madden, the star of the Bodyguard movie, and he is 3/1 now! Also, they have James Norton as a favorite. John Hill, the representative of Coral, claimed that what Madden has shown in the Bodyguard movie is the reason why he should take the role of the 007 agent.

Actors’ comments

All in all, the most interesting part is what Michael himself says about the role of James Bond and the prospects of this new experience!

“Bond? Are those rumors that circle around?

Seriously? As the main character, Daniel Craig has done such a job that it will be difficult to outshine him. Look at me, I look 50 years old! No, I think franchise owners should not contact me.”

Daniel Craig replacement

Recall that Sam Mendes, the director of Skyfall and Spectrum, will no longer work on the franchise. In one of his interviews, he said that he was sure that the choice of the leading actor would be a surprise for everyone.

The Bottom Line

We want to remind you that the rumors about Daniel Craig’s replacement in the new James Bond will surprise the fans turned out to be true recently. The actor announced his quit a few months ago, right before we saw the trailer of the expected No Time to Die.

Everything Craig’s fans can expect is that the upcoming 007 film will be his best. And we can’t forecast whether a new actor will continue to represent James Bond played by Daniel or it will be a completely different character. We will see… And now we can just be looking forward to watching No Time To Die starting April 5, 2020!

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