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Old fashioned cars are better the new “pedo” ones

Old but gold! Does that saying apply to cars?
Has everything been better before? Nature, products, equipment, medicines, cars? Surely, most of you (if you are over 30) are familiar with the feeling that the world became worse than it was not so long ago.
It is no secret that many car fans love vehicles from the 80s and 90s, and hate the modern ones. And they do have good reasons. Perhaps those times were a unique era in the automotive industry when the best cars in the entire history of the car market were created. And this is not about any individual models. For example, regardless of your budget, from hatchbacks to fast supercars, in those years you could buy a huge number of models that have become classics and are still considered the best in the entire history of the automotive industry.
The period from 1982 to 1997 can rightfully be considered the time of the best cars in the world. According to the fans of old cars, modern vehicles are a miserable kind of automotive achievement compared to the old ones. In particular, there’s a rumor that has spread over the internet and through word of mouth that older car models were built to last for decades, whereas new cars are specifically built with weaknesses so that they’ll break down within a year or two. Let’s find out the main reasons why many believe that old cars are better than new ones.
It is not often said that the cars of the 1980s have reached the highest point in auto design achievements. Yes, in those years there were some amazingly beautiful cars that, after years, even today look stylish and modern. As they say, such cars have passed the test of time.
But most of the cars of those years had a simple design with right angles. Nevertheless, comparing the design of modern cars with old vehicles, many probably still find plenty of advantages of old cars. Especially in the unique exterior and interior of each model.
Nowadays, all automakers are betting on design. We can’t deny that it is the engine of commerce in the automotive industry. That is, unlike old cars, in the production of which the main thing was to provide the consumer with modern technologies, in modern cars, the main thing for companies is a design that will sell successfully.

Usually, before designing and creating a machine design, each company uses focus groups, which are based on research and decide which design is best for a particular model. But since in the ranks of the focus groups of automotive companies, there are basically the same people like us (consumers), the cars of different brands look like twins.
Follow the trend or die. Our whole world is subject to trends in fashion. Naturally, there is a fashion in the automotive world. Accordingly, consumers want to buy cars for some time with certain trends in design.
We all hate those horrible drivers on the road. We cannot control them but we can protect ourselves by ensuring we are in a safe car. Making their cars the safest has been every automaker’s dream from the very beginning of cars’ production. Back in 1970, the Hungarian company developed the technology for Mercedes, which made its cars one of the safest in the world.
Since then, the development of new technologies to improve the safety of cars has not stopped for a minute. Of course, new cars are much safer than their predecessors, thanks to the use of special alloys in the body, a special body structure, and modern airbags. If that is not the reason to appreciate modern cars, tell us what is?
If you spend two consecutive test drives on the track with two generations of cars (for example, you will get into a new car, and then into its old analog), you will immediately notice several differences (besides the exterior and interior design).
First, you will immediately notice that the steering of a modern car is very light. That is, the steering wheel can be rotated with one finger. On the one hand, it is good. But behind the wheel of an old car, you will be much more confident as you will feel the car much better.
The fact of the matter is that in older cars the steering information content is much better compared to most modern vehicles. Do you know why? In older cars, the steering was virtually directly connected to the wheels without using a variety of intermediate devices in the steering system that is currently used in new cars.
Naturally, this gave the owners of old cars special confidence behind the wheel. Today, modern steering systems are usually equipped with electric power steering and other intermediate devices that influenced the information content of the steering.
In particular, in many modern cars, you will notice that the brake system is surprisingly at the same level as in the old ones. You can also find old cars that are even better than some modern ones in terms of braking performance. Would you believe it?

Recently, the topic of fuel economy has acquired a special meaning in the automotive industry. Especially when electric cars appeared on the market, which, according to some experts, should soon replace vehicles equipped with traditional powertrains. However, electric cars might be just another temporary fashion, like crossovers. How do you think?
You see, electric vehicles have already tried to play a key role in the automotive industry in the early 20th century but could not stand the competition. You know why? It’s all the lack of technology that would allow storing enough energy for long trips.
Today, as surprising as it is, in the age of modern technologies, there is the same problem of modern electric cars. And it’s been more than 100 years since they appeared! But we’ll let Elon Musk worry about that.
It seems like car companies are trying to assure the younger generation of drivers that old cars used to be low-powered and therefore very boring. But in fact, in the 80s and 90s, there were quite a few stunning cars that had “character”, in spite of not very large power units and relatively small capacity.
Overall, it is better to stop comparing old and new cars. You just need to understand that both old and new cars are unique in their own way and somewhat surprising, depending on your priorities.
However, after some googling, we came to the conclusion that the majority of gays drive modern cars, and old school vehicles are usually a choice of straight guys.
Which one are you driving?

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