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On-nomi: the new Japanese trend.

What recent events around the pandemic and the international quarantine have taught us more or less is that you should take the opportunity and get on with all the things you’ve put a hold on. There is not a second, a minute, or an hour to waste. And what’s the most important hour in a day? That’s right – Happy hour. 

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all of the bars, clubs, and restaurants throughout the world have been closed. But while people are self-isolating and socially distancing, it can be a lonely time for those who have friends and actually enjoy their company on the outside of their homes, because let’s face it… there are some serious introverts out there (well… in there, to be exact), that revel in this situation.

The Japanese, however, got on top of things and set a trend for online drinking during self-isolation called “on-nomi”. Modern problems require modern solutions.

On-nomi – or オン飲み in Japanese – means drinking online, and sees groups of people logging into video chats with their own stash of booze to get together without being in any form of contact. Using Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom conferencing facilities, people embrace nights from their very own kitchens without risking infection. 

Online drinking is a very good excuse for you to mask your otherwise daily binge-drinking habit alone on the couch. Now it seems like a very responsible way to connect with people in terms of isolation.

So do a run to the supermarket or convenience store for your daily necessities and then schedule an on-nomi session while sipping on these DIY quarantini cocktails you can easily prepare at home.

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