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Open Wide, O Earth

Do you know when a piece of art is really fucking good? When the amount of burning-asses in the comments is huge. Feedback is diametrically different. One may say that it’s all bullshit, how can one even watch it, while others clarify it as remarkable.

We, of course, are here to see it both from the shitty side and the awesome one.
The shitty side for me is purely mechanical. You know, when historical movies are made, people are like “man, he’s wearing a Rolex what the fuck… it’s the XI century”. In the Chernobyl series, we can see such things when for instance showing Moscow, they are actually showing the streets of Kyiv. Or some things that a physicist won’t appreciate.

There is also a shitload of idiotic tweets like the one from a British screenwriter Karla Marie where she complained that there is no ‘PoC’ (people of color) in the TV show. Okay, girl what the actual fuck?! After such tweets there is a logical question: do people think at all before writing something in social media, or they just drop the stupidity bombs? And, hm, she is a screenwriter… no wonder there is so much crap in production nowadays, yet we being liberal as fuck, ay? But I ain’t wasting your fucking time with this crap.

Like any piece of art, the Chernobyl series has an ultimate priority: to show the price of lies. To show it in the most brutal, horrifying, bloody, but truthful way.

Exactly how all those bureaucratic shitnubbins where shown, the way they truly believed they can cover up such a tremendous disaster with fucking lies. If you didn’t live in the USSR this series is here to show you, how would it begin you did. There are just so many micro-moments that display the worst of this time, in a very artistic and also painful way.
It’s no surprise that most of the people who were living in the USSR are now dropping piss-buckets in the comment sections, it’s a painful revelation.

Bureaucratic shitlickers who were being on top and the enormous amount of human beings who were ready to sacrifice their lives for the future of mankind. The contrast is so fucking obvious that no one can deny.

The second name of the series speaks more than any commenting cocksucker on the internet. Earth open wide. It’s the most fucking powerful message one can bring. Burying all the shitload of lies deep in the earth, and the earth, of course, takes it all. She always does.
But it comes a time when the truth takes the credit. Every lie eventually comes out. So be true to you and keep planet Earth save, she really fucking deserves it.

Peace out and do see the series if you still haven’t. And if you have – drop us some comments how did you like it

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