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PornHub is banned in Thailand

No porn for Thais: PornHub is banned, MPs have no chance to masturbate in the Parliament.

Thailand is in turbulence — activists started a Twitter storm with the hashtag #Save PornHub and even blocked the digital ministry demanding to call the ban back.

A guy named Puttipong Punnacanta who is Digital Minister of the country tried to calm protesters down saying that it was not just PornHub, other 190 sites distributing porn were also prohibited. The strange decision for the country which clamped solidly in Top20 countries using the site the most often, don’t you think? Actually, users from Thailand are world leaders in surfing porn websites including PornHub.

But God bless VPN inventors, the usage of which increased by 640% since the ban. That’s probably how Thai MP caught red-handed watching porn during the session in Parliament will get back to his favorite web-page. That budget reading must have been incredibly boring and the MP felt fucked in the brain ‒ that’s the only reasonable explanation why a politician would surf through the naked images mask off pants on for good half an hour. And his excitement was properly filmed by reporters.  

When asked to comment on the situation the politician claimed that he was actually a hero trying to save the poor girl, he was thoroughly studying the photos trying to find gangsters threatening the girl, who begged for help. Sounds believable?

Anyway, this Member of Parliament just watching XXX images is such a baby in comparison with Ukrainian MP, Illya Kiva. PornHub published a video of Kiva masturbating in the middle of a parliamentary session in front of everyone.

There’s an opinion that PornHub is banned in the country for broadcasting the video with naked king and queen celebrating Her Majesty’s birthday naked.

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