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Postponed Festivals and Concerts Because of Coronavirus

The pain of every human on our planet now is the fucking coronavirus! This is the ass that ruined our normal rhythm of life and spoiled a good rest, stole a beautiful spring, our hot summer, and even autumn 2020… Let’s take a look at the plenty of great events, live streams, movie releases, festivals and concerts, bright performances, which we missed because of this fucking COVID-19. Okay, don’t give up, the planet and humans will be alright, let’s hope for the happy end of the eternal quarantine.


Postponed Major Events in August/September and Throughout 2020

Now we know more than twenty-five million coronavirus cases worldwide. Oh, this pandemic has already driven everyone nuts. Since March, the total number of that shit in the US has exceeded almost six million! Many big concerts, cool festivals, movie premieres have been rescheduled because of this fucking game. The trip of Instagram stars to Love Island was also canceled, so summer 2020 can be called a failure even because of this tragic moment. Many of the top stars’ tours didn’t take place. A girl with an amazing voice, Taylor Swift, didn’t light up on stage.

A similar story happened with the handsome Harry Styles and one of the most beloved youth performers Billie Eilish. Festivals that will never become a fairy tale for fans: Stagecoach festival, Coachella festival, and Lollapalooza. We don’t know exactly when to expect the next admired concerts and big festivals. Even the summer Olympic games are no exception, so they were finally postponed to better times. Moreover, this happened for the 1st time since the Second World War. So much for this fucking corona!


Okay. The good news is, for example, that shooting movies started in California at the beginning of summer, and the whole movie industry returned to active life. Similar events happened in fabulous NY! Even Disney park zones have opened, of course, everyone there wears terrible masks, and the location is organized with increased security requirements. What can the crazy coronavirus be without it? No man or woman wants to die! The only location that will be closed for a rather long time is Broadway. Terrible, the corona has had a significant influence on this industry.

Justin Bieber, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Guns N ‘Roses, and Many More

Fans of the legendary Guns N ‘Roses almost lost their minds when they learned that the band’s European and UK tour wouldn’t take place. People can wait for such a great event with trembling for years, but when everything seems to be around the corner, then bang, the coronavirus, and the postponement of their favorite concert for another year, maybe next August. The group’s long tour was scheduled for May and June. So, their crazy fans will have to wait till next summer for their loud concerts.


The favorite man of millions of young girls, Justin Bieber, also will make his hot tour in 2021. We don’t even know how they will survive now without their idol! Some of his fans by that time may already outgrow his work and switch to something like System of a Down. But that’s not the point, what do we have there next? It’s the Lincoln Center!


Lincoln Center also canceled all events in autumn, which will certainly hit its work hard. The New York City Ballet show won’t take place, the event is scheduled on January 19. God, how long will this coronavirus bullshit last? Perhaps a meme that a dude from the future flew to us and opened harsh truth that it’s only the very beginning of a ten-year worldwide quarantine is a reflection of reality! Oh, it’s creepy!

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Also, don’t wait for concerts/festivals until 2021, and many events that were previously planned at Carnegie Hall, which is incredibly sad, because cool artists usually perform there. But as Carnegie Hall executive and artistic director Clive Gillinson has said, the key is the safety of viewers, artists, and staff. It’s hard to disagree.

2020 was also a sad year for fans of the coolest group My Chemical Romance. The North American tour promised to be one of the chicest and large-scale, but as the coronavirus just said: “Suck it, guys.”


Harry Styles’ Love on Tour has been rescheduled for 2021. Fans should wait for it for almost a year, it is scheduled for June 10th. Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe, Poison, and Joan Jett also postponed their tour to the next 2021 year, or more precisely, to next August. Recall that they had to reschedule it several times because of the coronavirus. All four groups are fucking sick of that shit, but everyone is in this sad situation now. But the tickets are valid, we just need to wait a little longer, but it’s worth waiting for their concerts!

The Doobie Brothers and the cutie The Weeknd have rescheduled their tours for 2021. The first ‒ for the end of June, and the second ‒ for the next August and autumn. The Weeknd sang False Alarm so great, that there was already a real alarm, so we can’t listen to his tracks live for a WHOLE YEAR!


But do you know what is the most important thing? If the COVID-19 backs down, what kind of the party year 2021 will be around the world! Finally, we are all going to have a good time rocking out at our favorite concerts and festivals. So, let’s work remotely and play video games for a year, no one has died from this yet, it’s only risky to gain extra weight. But at concerts during the slam, (oh, is this something from 2007 or not?) all the excess weight will go into the past, like the fucking coronavirus!

List of Other Large-scale Concerts and Events Postponed to 2021



– Performance by the Greek Theater in Los Angeles;
– The Deftones tour;
– Kenny Chesney;
– Jason Aldean;
– Hollywood Bowl summer season (canceled for the first time in 98 years, postponed to July 2021);
– Zac Brown Band;
– Cher;
– Kiss Kruise;
– Lynyrd Skynyrd (postponed to October 8, 2020);
– Chris Stapleton;- Tool;
– Bob Dylan Legend Tour;
– New Order and Pet Shop Boys Tour (will be in September 2021);
– The legendary Garbage;
– Alanis Morissette Jagged Tour;
– BTS World Tour;
– Tour of singer Hayley Williams;
– Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer;
– The long-awaited tour of Dead & Company;
– Bon Jovi summer tour (money for tickets was returned to fans of the group, members of Bon Jovi noted that these funds will help people get refunds, the ability to pay bills at such a difficult time!);
– Taylor Swift’s concert (mostly it was supposed to take place in the Lover Tour);
– A joint tour of Queen and Adam Lambert (the next tour in Spain will start on May 23, 2021, and will end on July 7 in Madrid);
– Camila Cabello’s World Tour;
– Tour No Filter Tour ‒ The Rolling Stones;
– World Tour Bushfire Relief concert (possible headliners are Miley Cyrus and Robbie Williams);
– Hot Pink tour of singer Say So;
– Concert of American DJ Steve Aoki;

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– British singer Elton John;
– The Foo Fighters tour (the frontman of the group postponed the concerts because he was very worried about the safety of fans, most likely the start of the tour will be from June 2021);
– Concert of Jonas Brothers;
– US tour of the legendary Radiohead;
– Tour of the American alternative band Third Eye Blind (will be in June/July 2021);
– The American rock band Rage Against the Machine (reunion tour RATM);
– The European tour of the Colombian singer Maluma;
– Khalid’s World Tour;
– Asian tour of British hip-hop musician Stormzy;
– Tour of the American punk-rock band Green Day (will be not earlier than May 2021);
– Concerts of the Canadian singer Avril Lavigne (concerts will be not earlier than February 2021);
– Concert of the English singer Louis Tomlinson (the poor dude still can’t start promoting his first solo album “Walls”, but the next summer 2021 everything may happen!);
– Awesome Madonna’s show in Paris;
– North American tour of the American rock band Pearl Jam (will return to the concert no earlier than June 2021);
– End of the Road world tour by Kiss;
– Bans Off My Body charity concert (one of the most famous stars of the Courtney Love concert);
– Owl Tour rescheduled for May 31st, 2021);
– Concert of the singer Alicia Keys (is planned on June 24, 2021).



– Telluride Film Festival (will be held on January 31st, 2021);
– Annual Austin City Limits Music Festival (October 2021);
– The Independence Day Throwback Beach Party with guest star Vanilla Ice;
– Festival Bonnaroo;
– Golden Globe (postponed to February 2021);
– TwitchCon meeting (Summer 2021);
– The Indie Spirit Film Festival (April 2021);
– Oscar (also April 2021);
– BAFTA (Spring 2021);
– Star Wars Day (of course, May the 4th, 2021);
– Major Coachella Festival (April 2021);
– International exhibition Art Basel Miami Beach (though the December exhibition is still on schedule);
– Comic-Con in San Diego (canceled for the first time in 50 years, this is how the anniversary event was spoiled, for which everyone had been preparing for so long; it’s postponed to June 20-25, 2021);
– Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago (postponed to April or October 2021);
– MTV Movie & TV Awards;
– Pitchfork in Chicago;
– Shanghai International Film Festival (June 2021);
– IBC in Amsterdam;
– Dreamville in North Carolina;
– Primavera Sound Festival;
– 55th Czech Film Festival (July 2021);
– RuPaul’s DragCon LA;
– The Gathering of the Juggalos (GOTJ);
– Three-day festival “Life is Beautiful”;
– New York Pride March;
– Essence Cultural Festival;
– BookExpo, UnBound, and BookCon (postponed to spring 2021);
– Burning Man Music and Arts Festival;
– JMBLYA (was moved to the next year for the first time in 88 years);
– 51st Annual Hall of Fame ceremony (postponed to June 10, 2021);
– Atlas Weekend (July 2021);
– VidCon London;
– Pen America;
– Jimmy Awards Ceremony (April 2021);
– Webby Awards;
– Frieze New York (May 2021);
– Eurovision (it was canceled for the first time in the history of the competition; the dates of the competition, of course, are traditionally scheduled for May);
– Billboard Music Awards;
– Glastonbury (September 2021);
– Edinburgh International Film Festival (Summer 2021);
– Sydney Film Festival;
– Olivier Awards;
– PEN World Voices (presumably postponed to spring 2021);
– Annual Razzie Awards (February 2021);
– Gay Pride in Los Angeles;
– Ebertfest (film festival postponed to April 14, 2021);
– Parades for St. Patrick’s Day;
– Montclair Film;
– Classic Film Festival;
– Annual CinemaCon exhibition (rescheduled for 04/26/2020 – 06/20/2020);
– WonderCon Anaheim (March 2020);
– The annual conference in Los Angeles of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers;
– South by Southwest (SXSW, postponed to March 2021);
– Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards (June 2021);
– GLAAD Media Awards;
– Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show (among stars invited to the event are Gwen Stefani, Chris Stapleton, and others);
– TV Festival PaleyFest;
– Prague International Film Festival (June 2021);
– Facebook F8 K (the developer conference will take place no earlier than the summer of 2021);
– International Book Festival London Book Fair;
– Festival of electronic music Ultra Music Festival (spring 2021);
– Film Festival in the Sunny Valley;
– Tomorrowland Music Festival;
– Google Cloud Next ’20 conference;
– Korea Times Festival;
– Bologna Book Fair (April 2021);
– National Book Critics Circle Award ceremony;
– Firefly Festival;
– Boston Calling Music Festival (festival stars are Rage Against the Machine, Foo Fighters, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, May 28-30, 2021);
– Rolling Loud Festival (February 12-14, 2021);
– Festival of Comedy Just for Laughs.

Films and TV series: Premieres and Sequels


– Black Widow, The Personal History of David Copperfield, The Woman in the Window, Mulan, Antlers, The New Mutants from Disney Films;

– Quiet Place the second part (postponed to April 2021);
– Minions: Rise of Gru, Forever Purge, Halloween Kills (its sequel Halloween Ends will be released on October 2022) from Universal Pictures Films;
– Ghostbusters: Afterlife (January 2021), Morbius (March 2021), Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (January 2021), “Greyhound” (July 2021), Uncharted (July 2021), Fatherhood (April 2021) from Sony Pictures;
– Fast and Furious 9 part (April 2021);
– The Gossip Girl series (the fall of 2021);
– The Grand Tour car show, a special film in the north of Russia (postponed to 2021).

The rest of the movie premieres will take place either in 2020 (online or in cinemas), or postponed indefinitely. The above are only those that are planned for the next year.

How are Things Going with Performances and Theaters? 

We’ll look only through the most popular performances that have been postponed to the next year. Those that have been canceled will not be touched upon at all, so as not to feel once again this fucking pain. For theater lovers, this is a big tragedy. We will also tell you which theaters will be closed for some time.


– The Minutes and American Buffalo (Spring 2021);
– Music Man (will open on May 20, 2021);
– Most Off-Broadway theaters in New York have suspended their shows;
– Cinderella by Andrew Lloyd Webber (for 2021, month unknown);
– American Ballet Theater (ABT) closing the fall season (the theater representatives said that it will take several years for the theater industry to recover from the consequences of the COVID-19 in the United States);
– New York City Ball(NYCB) performances have been canceled, including the most anticipated Nutcracker.

What about Sports?


In 2021, you can visit these sporting events:

– Vans US Open of Surfing В;
– All major competitions in the United States, as well as the gymnastics event (the championship will be held in April 2021);
– National Spelling Bee (for 2021, month not yet known);
– Wimbledon (July 2021);
– Olympic Games in Tokyo (for 2021, July 23 – August 8, Paralympics: August 25 – September 5);
– UEFA European Football Championship;
– NCAA has canceled all their tournaments in winter;
– Euro 2020 (maybe it will be in autumn 2021);
– World Championship among veterans, France (April – May 2021).

You see, because of the quarantine, the next year promises to be eventful and full of concerts, festivals, sporting events, premieres, etc. It’s not the time to be bored! I’d like to believe the global pandemic will slow down and give us a good high at least in 2021 because 2020 turned out to be painful and dull. We pray that the planet will be okay, things will work out and no other fucking terror will happen to our world (at least for a while…).

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