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Rammstein is selling kokain! Want some?

Rammstein surprised their fans with a shocking trick! The industrial metal band has released its fragrance. They decided to give the world a little bit of cocaine. This is a new unisex fragrance that contains hints of heroin and cocaine.

The music videos, performances, and lyrics of the Rammstein have been surprising fans since 1994. The team of the musicians has never changed, as well as their antics. These bloody bastards are brilliant, so they always had a unique magical property that attracts attention and makes billions of people to fall in love with their work. They have drugs even in their music! So, the perfume from the Rammstein band has no right to be different. Could you imagine them creating the fragrance of butterflies? Well, unless some kind of fucking scary Martian insects!

The Rammstein perfume consists of pure cocaine and heroin, gasoline in the very heart of the fragrance, the smell of burning wood and fire! Anywhere without a dead body of the log, guys. This is complete trash, in a good way. It’s interesting, whether the police dogs will be judgmental about such products or not. Just imagine, you’re driving down the highway, passing through the guardians of the law who catches you. It would be better, of course, if perfume catches you, as cocaine is still supposedly present. But it is an interesting adventure to get to the police station, because of the perfume even for one day. This chapter in life could be called like this: “Holy shit, fucking cool high”. And then they will give you 5 years of trouble for these aromas. Why do you need to do it easier, if it’s boring? Let’s make something fucking weird! This is rock’n’roll, baby! Maybe later the musicians will sell marijuana clothes… Oh, what an awesome idea! I ripped off my clothes and smoked a joint. Fantastic!

We remind you that 10 years ago Rammstein surprised their fans not only with the new album “Liebe ist für alle da” and the fucking brilliant video for the single “Pussy”. By the way, the clip is just real porn. The crazy band gave fans not only benefits in the form of songs, but also an exclusive box set, or more correctly to say the sex-box. There were six vibrators and a lubricant. In short, these guys are clearly worried about your sex life, so they just want it to be more interesting, diverse and colorful. Now they threw us some drugs. Well, they are really cute guys and we cannot argue with that.

Rammstein sells not only shocking things, you know. In their collection were even 100 bicycles. The owners of such a bike are very lucky. If the fan of the band collects the whole set from the musicians, then a funny picture will come out. Just imagine, a typical fucked dude rides and listens to “Pussy”. At the same time, he smells like drugs with a vibrator with lubricant in his pocket. But it is better not to ride like this, otherwise, the police will take you for a pervert and put in jail for many years. And then the “goodwill ambassador” Kim Kardashian will have to get her beautiful ass to get you out.

Legendary guys, although a bit fucked, but their style and ingenious work allow them to behave this way. In addition, all their antics don’t ruin the life of a mere mortal but make it much more interesting. In short, you need to take the perfume from Rammstein with drugs, to understand what a fictional cocaine rain looks like.

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