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Sex Only by Mutual Consent

Denmark has developed an application that makes it possible to agree to sex within 24 hours

Denmark has developed an innovative application called iConsent, which allows those who want to have sex to do it officially. All these intricate manipulations were invented to more effectively combat rape and reduce its cases among Danes.


The smart attachment was created for lovers within the framework of the rape law, which was dealt with by the Danish Parliament.

The main purpose of the iConsent application is to make sure that both partners give their agreement for a sexual act that can occur the next day. For this, a special act of consent to sex is signed. According to the developers, the idea to create such a smart project was implemented as part of a series of parliamentary reforms that were carried out in Denmark in connection with the increase in the number of rapes.

The public especially sharply raised the issue of sexual harassment and insufficient protection of the law in these matters several years ago.

After all, there is no way anywhere in the world to prove that you fucked a girl because you both wanted to, and not because you wanted to mock her sexually.

Previously, the moment of consent was practically not regulated in any way. It was a mysterious secret behind seven locks and no one kept a candle for you there.

But then the Danish government decided to replace the candle holders at the bed of love with an attachment, where you first check the boxes and then go to fuck with peace of mind. And after that, no one will fool you for sure that you did something that you had no right to do. After all, you will now be protected by a checkmark you put in the right place.


Since then, it has become clear that it is impossible to remain silent and investigate thousands of such crimes as before. And then this decision became a panacea. With it, you will never have lawsuits, detentions, and charges, because both you and your partner voluntarily agree to have sex.

Of course, another problem that society still faces is the lack of information about consent to sex and general sexual literacy. People sometimes think that sex is something abstract and unsolved as if they just got out of the caves.

And then a series of rapes begin. Therefore, a good information campaign for the population would be beneficial. But while you wait for it, it is easier, before taking off your pants, to make one movement with your finger on your smartphone and only then go into ecstasy.

Now more about iConsent

One finger touch equals one fuck with one partner. Of course, not one act, you will decide for yourself according to your morals and capabilities. But the fact that with only one partner and only for one day ‒ that’s right.

Besides, if something went wrong, the act can be canceled at any time after its official start on a smartphone.

Everything happens as follows, a person enters the number of his future sex partner, finds him in the database, and sends him a so-called invitation request. The second person receives an interesting invite and already ponders whether everything suits him. This method, according to experts, makes it possible to more seriously approach the issue of sex and do it certainly in an adequate state. I doubt that you, being drunk to smithereens or having a high smoke until you drop, will reach into your pocket for a smartphone before you go to fuck with someone.

Therefore, it is unlikely that this supplement will help inadequate or temporary, not very conscious guys.

But if you still reach for your smartphone, the option to accept or reject always works for you.

Don’t worry about confidentiality, this does not mean at all that if you fucked Natasha yesterday, the whole house will know about it tomorrow. The system is much cooler, all data is encrypted. They are in the appendix and can only be used in situations where it may be required by law. If everything is smooth, then the attachment will not give out anything about you to anyone.

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But if a criminal case is opened, this encrypted info can play into your hands.

The authors of the idea believe that it will help all citizens to document their mutual consent to sex to avoid misunderstandings, while lovers can send requests very simply without any extra effort, just using their phone. If requested by the users themselves, they also have the right to request the history of their sexual adventures. Well, if suddenly someone or something is forgotten. It’s very convenient.

The rape law was passed by the Danish government in December last year. It applies to any sexes who have committed an act without consent.

Before that, the prosecutor’s office solved the issue differently, its task was to prove that the rapist acted aggressively or attacked a person who did not have the opportunity to defend himself.

Interestingly, the iConsent program came out at the same time as the law, which took effect on January 1, 2021.

But not without criticism. Many called it a dummy, and some have already uncovered fraudulent schemes in which maniacs can work. For example, create fake accounts, drop requests without giving the authorities any data about himself, and thus continue the acts of violence.

After all, such cases in Denmark cannot be counted. Every year, according to the Danish Ministry of Justice, about 11,000 Danes face rape or attempted rape.

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