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Should You Tolerate?

Huge shoutout to Dr. Jesus. He is a young psychologist who was living in several European countries and saw the situation with his own eyes.

Today we discuss such thing as fucking over-tolerance.

Finger Willy– Dr. Jesus can you please tell us your opinion on the modern world from the side of tolerance, especially in Europe. Is it true, that, for example, a straight man might have fewer rights than gay, transgender, ambigender, you-name-it-gender. 

Dr.Jesus – To be honest, I think it went too far. How did that whole thing with tolerance start in the first place: the French Revolution (you can google it to find more about it in detail, but I’ll skip it for now) – Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité. And since then, step by step, it all came to the point when it all became insanely illogical. It’s a trending thing, so, if you want to be in the mainstream – you’ve got to be tolerant. 

When I had been living in France for some time (so I’ll be setting it as an example), it was kinda clear for me that for them being tolerant is being safe. So no one could judge you, or say something bad to you. You know, it’s like being a good guy by doing nothing. If you are tolerant – you are a perfect part of society there. Here is something funny (actually not) in general: imagine me welcoming guests at home (the same way as The Old World welcomes refugees, for example), I am very kind and very tolerant. And one of my guests finds an awesome painting on my wall utterly disgusting for him or does not like my curtains. Therefore, I (being a very tolerant person) have to get rid of the painting, change curtains, etc. The same happens with the situation in Europe (France to be specific in this case), they are changing laws in order to please refugees, migrants any other “guests” of the country. And it is leading to the change of the country itself. Because of that overtolerance, people started to lose their national values, it’s culture, it’s identity. And I do believe that the reason is – overtolerance. 

FW – So you are saying, that since the Revolution and till today, the French people are gradually stopping being French? And France itself is mutating to some other state different from what we know as a France from The Old World? 

Dr.J – I am. And I do think so. Let me give you another example: France has always been a Catholic country over the years. And now they came to Secularism (indifference to any religion). (We will not discuss the religious side of the question this time. Shall leave it for the next one 🙂 ).

Being a Catholic country, they always had crucifixions in schools, hospitals, etc. 

Than Muslims came over saying: those are not our symbols. Therefore, the Securalism along with overtolerance lead to the point, when French people decided to take crucifixions from schools and hospitals, etc. 

FW – I wonder if I, being a Catholic, would come over to any of Muslim countries and put the crucifixion wherever I want to – what would happen? 🙂 That’s the rhetorical question 🙂 

Dr.J – I’m sure we would not be having this conversation today 🙂 

FW – It’s the one-way street, isn’t it?

Dr.J – It is. We do understand that there are some countries in the Middle East where war is on. And people need help. They need a safe place. 

And there is Saudi Arabia nearby. A rich country. Especially compared to some of the European countries. 

FW – And Saudi is a country with a similar culture. 

Dr.J – Exactly. It makes sense, right? Or the UAE. 

But Saudi Arabia is claiming that it is helping the refugees. Well, it sure does. Financial support. Giving money. For, wait for it, – building mosque… in Europe. Lovely help, isn’t it?

That’s like I’m asking you to shelter my brothers (I just don’t want to have them at my place), and for that, I will give you one of my posters with my favorite superstars, or one of my portraits, you can choose :). I’m sure you would just love that offer, wouldn’t you? 🙂  

It is quite a silly situation, but this is what happens in Europe today. 

We are giving shelter for people who need one, while we ourselves don’t have enough space, while Europe is struggling with economic decay; for example, in Spain, we have 30% of unemployed people. 

FW – Young people? 

Dr.J – Yes. I think the statistics are for the age of 18 – 30 y.o. The number is huge! Just think about it! 30% of Spanish young people can not find a job! 

FW– And as for those countries where you had a chance to leave in, do you think refugees have good financial support? 

Dr.J – Well, in some countries they are provided with quite good support. As good as some natives have as their monthly income. Not to mention, that natives have to pay taxes, rent, and a bunch of different stuff including refugee payments. 

In Spain refugees even may have social payments higher, than minimal pension wages. Spaniard was working his whole life for his motherland, gave his whole life to this country, and his getting less money from the government than some foreigner who did nothing to that country and does not give a damn about it. Ironic, isn’t it? Moreover, they made an impact on the crime level. And not in a good way, as you all know. 

Some time ago Spain was the country where you could feel safe and free to take a walk at any time of day and night. Kids could stay out till 11 pm or even midnight, and parents were not worried about their children. Because Spain has always been a very warm country and all the main activities were starting late in the evening. 

And what we can see now? In some of the main cities (Valencia, Madrid, etc.) people are afraid to go out after 10 PM. That’s the vivid example of how refugees and immigrants are starting to change the country. 

FW – but does not police do something about it? 

Dr.J – In Spain they are. For the most part. But in France, for example, the situation is way worse.

End of Part 1

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