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Stupidest movie fuck ups

Usually when a movie is made there is a whole buch of experts on how should the charecters must be dressed corespondenting with the age and shit. But sometimes it looks like people just don’t give a single fuck about these details. Here are some of the most ridiculous movie mistakes.

Raiders of the lost arc
Indiana Jones as usual goes through a shitload of booby traps, but as the audience sees him standing over the treasure, he is illuminated by sunlight. Why didn’t he just go through the fucking hole in the ceiling?

Malcolm X
When Malcolm shouts for someone to call 911 during the firebombings on his home, he’s a little early. Well..the 911 service wasn’t around until 1968, 3 years after the murder of Malcolm X.

The Aviator
The scene with Howard Hughes ordering 10 chocolate chip cookies is completely unrealistic. The chocolate chip cookie wasn’t introduced until 1930, two years after the film is set. Now you know when where the chocolate chip cookies first sold.

Aye, fight and you may die. Run and you’ll live …William Wallace is often seen with a kilt, but the movie takes place in the year 1300. Kilts weren’t introduced until the 16th century. A little missunderstanding 3 centuries long.

Forrest Gump
Did you ever noticed the letter that Forrest Gump receives from Apple applauds him on his investment, dated 1975? Apple wasn’t publicly traded until 1981. Oh well..

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
The characters go to Singapore, but Singapore didn’t even exist until 1819.

The Green Mile
Funny thing, but the electric chair was made in 1940, 5 years after the movie’s set time.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
The telescope Azeem shows him is absolutely out of its time zone. The movie is set in 1194, and the telescope isn’t around until the 17th century.

Here you don’t need to be a historian to understand that umbrellas had no place in ancien Troy. Of course all of our attention is caught by the young and gorgeous Brad Pitt, but what the fuck, parasols were only out in 5th century

Can you spot the gas canister in the back of the chariot? In case you didn’t know, chariots are horse-powered, no gas required.

We hope you liked it, if you know of any other movie bloopers let us know in the comments!

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