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The greatest albums released so far in 2021

The expectations for the albums that were scheduled for release this year were set high. We were looking forward to a lot of our favorite artists blessing their fans with new music and we were pretty excited. We already witnessed Olivia Rodrigo’s success, we got a release from J.Cole, Arlo Parks, and Girl in Red, some amazing R&B from Jazmine Sullivan and Dawn Richard, and fans of indie-rock were happy to celebrate Julien Baker and Dry Cleaning’s new album. Eric Church, the Foo Fighters, and Lana Del Rey were just a few, who scored with their new music. 

1. Doja Cat, “Planet Her” 

Fans of Doja Cat knew something was happening. Doja’s had this sound on TikTok and it’s loved by many. But it wasn’t the full song. That’s why everyone on the app went crazy and begged Doja to bless her admirers with the full version of her masterpiece. And eventually, she did. Doja delivered and even released a whole album. ‘Planet Her’ (the new album) is currently trending and even though it hasn’t been that long, people already seem to love it. The song that circulated TikTok ‘‘Niggas Ain’t Shit’’ is one of 14 tracks of Doja’s new album. On it, we can also hear Doja’s collaborations with the Weeknd, Young Thug, Ariana Grande, JID, and SZA. In her new release, the singer makes it known that she doesn’t belong to the earth. The songs have an amazing chill vibe and we’re here for it. Doja’s the new thing and she seems to be working on new music all the time. “Planet Her” dropped on June 25 but the singer released four more songs from the album plus an extended version of one of the hits (‘‘You Right’’ ft. The Weeknd) on June 27. 

  You can check out her new album here


2. Olivia Rodrigo, “Sour”

TikTok boosted a lot of the new performers’ careers. And Olivia Rodrigo was one of them. Even though some of us knew her before TikTok (from Disney), after joining the app and coming out with everybody’s obsession ‘‘Driver’s License’’ (which currently has 241,790,713 views on YouTube), she decided to release an album. Talk about a great career path. People were so into Olivia’s ‘‘Driver’s License’’ and the song’s sound was circulating TikTok like no other. So, it’s no surprise that her very first album is doing great as well. Olivia seems like she’s Gen Z’s Taylor Swift. Her debut song, as well as her debut album, is about a boy betraying her and her trying to be happy for him & his new boo after all. Much like ‘‘Happier’’ (another one of Olivia’s pretty successful songs), the pieces ‘‘Deja Vu’’ and ‘‘Good 4 U’’ are also hits enjoyed by many of us. And while others see Olivia as just your average privileged teenager going through drama, her fans are countless and her songs have become super popular very quickly. 

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t listened to ‘‘Driver’s License’’ you can fix that here


3. Girl In Red, “If I Could Make It Go Quiet”

Indie singer Marie Ulven from Norway mixes the feelings of anxiety, passion, anger, and jealousy to portray the image of love through her music. She’s been around since 2018 with her song ‘‘I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend’’ and now fans get to listen to her first album. The 22-year old Marie described her pieces as ‘‘a lot of mental noise’’ and she even got Finneas to produce one of her songs ‘‘Serotonin’’. Things are looking up for Girl In Red. 

4. Lana Del Rey, “Chemtrails Over The Country Club”

Lana’s fans are always happy when they hear the singer’s coming out with something new. And “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” did not disappoint. The album has that classic melancholic Lana vibe ‒ the one we all know and love. Yet again, Lana shows us she does indeed want to enjoy her life and the little moments, even when things suck and we don’t know where we’re headed. She’s built such a great fan base because people love the feeling of comfort she provides through her songs. It’s like this is our safe getaway and Lana convinces us that things are going to be okay. She has transcended in her mindset, but we adore it because she still carries the same emotion as she did back in “Born To Die”. 


5. Dawn Richard, “Second Line”

R&B performer Dawn Richard has also been around for quite a while now. With her new album, she transports us into the indie-rock mix of her new ventures with her sixth album “Second Line”. She’s grown and the proof is in her latest music ‒ combining the old and new into one piece. It comes naturally. The album represents raw emotion and exploring life and yourself. It’s different but fans are enjoying the musician’s latest release. 

6. Serpentwithfeet, “Deacon”

There is a transformation in the work of Josiah Wise. The Baltimore experimental band is all about queer romance and it’s perfect if you want to have a great playlist for sexy time. “Deacon” is light with pop vibes but not to be mistaken for something to listen to when you’re out ‒ it’s more of a chill-at-home-with-wine type of album. 

7. J Cole, “The Off-Season”

This is easily one of the best albums of the year yet. J.Cole fans went crazy anticipating the release of the rapper’s latest album. “The Off-Season” is different because it is straight to the point. There are no hidden messages or hints, it’s just J.Cole doing what he can best ‒ putting haters in their place by simply providing raw talent and unbelievable bars. The new album kind of brought us back to 2010’s mixtape “Friday Night Lights”, where it all began for a lot of his fans. More than ten years ago, J. Cole related to many by using basketball as a comparison to rap. He gained our love way back then and everything he put out is nothing but his very best ‒ there’s no denying that. There are so many masterpieces in his most recent album. Some of those are ‘‘’’ with Lil Baby and ‘‘’’ with 21 Savage. ‘‘applying.pressure’’, ‘‘punchin’.the.clock’’ and ‘‘’’ are also some of the songs from the album that will easily remain one of his best works. “The Off-Season” gives us a glimpse of how Cole is still the same in his core, but he’s added so much more sophistication to his tracks, it’s unbelievable. Go listen to the album because all of the songs are genuinely incredible and there’s always a life lesson we can learn from our favorite J.Cole. You might need to listen to the whole thing a couple of times if you want to get all the punchlines though. 


8. Julien Baker, “Little Oblivions”

You might know Julien Baker for her part in the indie-rock band Boygenius, where she is with Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus but she’s also respected as one of the most popular singers/songwriters currently. Two years ago, the performer hit pause on her career to complete her undergraduate degree but now she’s back and better than ever. While the album she released before this one contained mostly guitar and piano, this time she produced a very pop-oriented piece. Her lyrics, however, are still great even though her style has changed a little in “Little Oblivions”.

9. Taylor Swift, “Fearless: Taylor’s Version”

Taylor Swift shocked many by taking the risk of remaking her 2008 “Fearless” album, which was loved by many and presented the singer in a new light. The remake, according to some, sounds less slick than the OG. Taylor’s voice is lower but it’s visible how she tried to better and perfect the album’s first release. The singer brought back a couple of the performers and Colbie Caillat (who influenced the OG “Fearless”) redid the backing vocals on the song ‘‘Breathe’’. It is obvious that Taylor studied the vocal intonations of the OG, which included the weird laughs and hiccups in ‘‘Hey Stephen’’. It’s also obvious that the 31-year old singer has a completely different voice now (a deeper one to say the least) and knows what she’s doing. She’s kept her base but made it better and fans appreciate that. 

10. The Weather Station, “Ignorance”

The Canadian singer/songwriter Tamara Lindeman created “Ignorance” so it could serve as a parting piece for what she used to be. In the album, she mentions the ‘‘fragile idea that anything matters’’ and fans love it because it combines so many emotions ‒ destruction in ‘‘Atlantic’’, longings in ‘‘Robber’’ and raw feelings in ‘‘Loss’’ (reminding us of Van Morrison’s ‘‘the love that loves to love’’ moment from ‘‘Madame George’’).

11. Jazmine Sullivan, “Heaux Tales”

Jazmine Sullivan has quite the story. She competed on “Showtime at the Apollo” when she was only eleven years old and she blew her older competitors away. She’s got that amazing talent to modulate her voice and her songwriting speaks to her fans’ emotions. Her latest album “Heaux Tales” is her best one by far, with a nuanced take on romantic realism. Fans, who waited five years for it to come out, definitely think it was worth the wait. Even though it is only a little more than 30-minutes long, Sullivan’s latest album is considered a great piece of work by many. 

12. Foo Fighters, “Medicine at Midnight”

Medicine at Midnight” is the Foo Fighters’ 10th album and it’s safe to say it turned out pretty upbeat. The band stuck to their signature 90s alt-rock style and smashed it. Although Dave Grohl used the time after his Nirvana days mimicking 70s FM radio rock stars, this new album presents a rather pop style. Like with the band’s previous album from 2017 called “Concrete And Gold”, the Foo Fighters got together with producer Greg Kurstin (who’s also worked with Adele and Kelly Clarkson) to assist with their sound for this new album as well. On it, there’s a combination of disco and acoustic guitar and you should listen to the song called ‘‘Chasing Birds’’.  


13. Dry Cleaning, “New Long Leg”

Dry Cleaning is an English post-punk guitar band created in South London back in 2018. Considering that it’s only been a couple of years since the band was formed, the fact that they’re now one of the hottest groups out there is pretty awesome. And it’s all thanks to their new and first album “New Long Leg”. Lead vocalist Florence Shaw’s lyrics are usually pretty unconventional, sarcastic, and honestly sometimes funny and the same goes for the new album. Dry Cleaning’s fans enjoy the feeling of vagueness combined with the revelation of all of our horror and longing. The song ‘‘Scratchcard Lanyard’’ is the one that best expresses their attitude towards today’s social standards. The band is so successful with this first album that it probably makes a lot of us wondering what the future holds. 

14. St. Vincent, “Daddy’s Home”

St. Vincent, or Annie Clark, has shaped her straight-up-retro most recent album “Daddy’s Home” as some type of reckoning. Annie’s Dad was jailed back in 2010 for his role in a $43million “pump-and-dump” stock manipulation scheme and was then released in 2019. During that period, Annie reconstructed St. Vincent’s music style completely and upgraded from an indie artist to a respected performer. St. Vincent’s previous album “Masseduction” was great in an electro-pop type of way but this new one goes way back and explores Annie’s connection with her dad.

15. Maluma, “#7 DJ: 7 Dias En Jamaica”

The Columbian singer got together with Jamaican artists to present an incredible album. Even though the island’s iconic dancehall producer Bobby Digital is the one behind the dembow riddim (which reinvented reggaetón), Maluma’s new piece gives us not so much homecoming and more pilgrimage vibes. His admirers love him because he stuck to his ways and personality throughout his entire venture into music up to #7DJ. That’s also why he’s so relatable and popular currently. 

16. Madlib, “Sound Ancestors”

This fascinatingly original DJ/rapper/producer’s first album was created after thirty years of releasing records under different names. It was realized with the help of electronic musician Four Tet, whose friendship with Madlib goes way back to both of their admiration towards sonic exploration. This album is the result of a lot of years and many recordings and pieces prepared by Madlib. It’s a lot but not too much when you listen to it, however. Four Tet made it so everything flows smoothly and Madlib contributed with his combination of different notions in “Sound Ancestors”. The album is described as “ecstasy of discovery”.

17. Sleater-Kinney, “Path Of Wellness”

Sleater-Kinney loves to give their fans something they haven’t had before. It’s usual for the band. The Pacific Northwest punks were hot back in 1996 with the studio album “Call The Doctor”. Now, their latest album is something very different and it’s called “Path Of Wellness”. It’s the first album Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker created on their own since drummer Janet Weiss left the group very publicly after being a part of it for quite a while. With this new album, we get the feeling that Carrie and Corin felt like they didn’t know which route to take so they decided to get creative and think outside the box by leaving everything they knew behind (since it’s never going to be the same without Janet). 

18. Arlo Parks, “Collapsed Into Sunbeams”

London’s 20-year-old performer is the new best thing in the United Kingdom right now. Everyone’s listening to her and her lyrics (she’s also a songwriter) because they throw us back to a simpler time through Arlo being inspired by Elliott Smith and Frank Ocean. “Collapsed Into Sunbeams” is Park’s first album and its name came from this line from a Zadie Smith novel. The album relates to Gen Z’s struggles and combines them perfectly with a mix between R&B, indie-pop, and folk. 

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19. Selena Gomez, “Revelación”

“Revelación” isn’t Selena Gomez’s first venture into Spanish songs. About ten years ago, the Mexican-American performer came out with Spanish versions of her popular songs ‘‘A Year Without Rain’’ and ‘‘Who Says’’. Selena’s also been part of a posthumous duet with her namesake and Tejana idol Selena Quintanilla back in 2014. The actress from “Wizards of Waverly Place” established her name in Latin music back in 2018 with the help of her collab with DJ Snake on the bop ‘‘Taki Taki’’, which also involved Cardi B and Ozuna. Even though there isn’t something that compares to ‘‘Taki Taki’’ on Revelación, Selena’s done a great job with a little help from Puerto Rican producer Marco ‘‘Tainy’’ Masís, responsible for reggaetón’s modernization. Marco’s also collaborated with huge stars like Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, and J Balvin and pop singers like Dua Lipa and Justin Bieber. Selena represents both these styles perfectly and “Revelación” is a testament to that. 


20. Adult Mom, “Driver”

Stevie Knipe is a singer who writes her music and has done so for around ten years ever since being a college student in upstate New York with no experience. But that has changed and Knipe is showing us she’s grown when it comes to song-making with “Driver”. The albums Adult Mom made before had a different vibe from this new album, which sounds more like a well-thought-out group album. It’s relatable to the band’s audience and we’d say there’s a reason it’s become so popular.

21. Eric Church, “Heart & Soul”

Eric Church’s most recent project is his most challenging by far. There are 24 songs in total spread out in three new albums, which he released in a little over a week, beginning with “Heart” on April 16, then “&” on April 20, and “Soul” on April 23. This triple album represents what Church has perfected and that’s the way he shares a story about his rather long career. There’s a song called ‘‘Stick That In Your Country Song’’, another one named ‘‘Heart Of Night’’ and ‘‘Hell Of A View’’. Each of the albums carries a different idea but the three together deliver the message about the eternal strength that comes with music and Eric Church clearly understood the assignment. 

22. Brockhampton, “Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine”

The very interchangeable rap band consists of thirteen members and the latest album they released “Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine” is better than their 2019’s “Ginger”. This new album is about Joba (one of the band member’s dads) taking his life. It’s not the first time Brockhampton has made music surrounding this theme but this time the grief is visible and it’s actually sort of peaceful. The group isn’t set on one particular image and isn’t afraid to switch things up. That’s probably what draws fans towards their music.

23  Celeste, “Not Your Muse”

Celeste’s first album “Not Your Muse” was super anticipated. Ever since the performer dropped her first song ‘‘Daydreaming’’ five years ago, she’s managed to impress Elton John and Billie Eilish (with the song ‘‘Strange’’) and some think she’s as talented as Adele. “Not Your Muse” is exactly what we wanted to hear from Celeste’s incredible voice. There are some dynamic songs such as ‘‘Tonight Tonight’’ and ‘‘Love Is Back’’, which are very retro and we’re naturally here for it. Some impressive pieces from the album are ‘‘A Little Love’’ and ‘‘A Kiss’’. Check them out. 

24. Japanese Breakfast, “Jubilee”

Japanese Breakfast is a rather popular indie-rock band headed by Korean-American musician/director and author Michelle Zauner. Michelle is familiar with expressing her pain but in a joyous way. The band’s most recent album “Jubilee” is its most euphoric one yet but the lyrics hide more. Japanese Breakfast’s newest and third album has a song called ‘‘Be Sweet’’ with lyrics by Michelle and Jack Tatum from Wild Nothing (indie-pop band). 

25. Joy Oladokun, “In Defense Of My Own Happiness”

Joy Oladokun’s huge first album “In Defense Of My Own Happiness” reveals the singer’s genuine abilities. Joy’s parents were Nigerian immigrants and the singer explores her life as a queer woman of color. The album is a mix of pop, R&B, folk, and indie-rock and the performer openly shares her hardships, but in the pieces ‘‘If You Got A Problem’’ and ‘‘Look Up’’ there’s a positive vibe. 

26. Mustafa, “When Smoke Rises”

If you’re a fan of Mustafa, then you know he’s great at painting the harshness of street life. Half of the singer/songwriter’s first album, called “When Smoke Rises”’, was dropped in singles and music videos portraying the place where the performer grew up. Mustafa’s folk-influenced style and meaningful clips made his fanbase like him even more. His decision to sing about hood struggles resonated with his admirers partially because they didn’t see it coming at all. 

27.Slowthai, “Tyron”

In his latest album “Tyron”, British rapper Slowthai is way more emotional than we’ve seen him before. He channels this mosh-pit vibe and fans are going crazy for it. Since Coronavirus happened, a lot has changed but the front end and the identity of the rapper have stayed the same. Most fans believe this is the best he’s done so far and it’s hard not to agree when we witness “Tyron” rise to the top. Slowthai is finally looking inside and his music can’t help but reflect that. 

28. Benny The Butcher, “The Plugs I Met 2”

Although the name of rapper Benny The Butcher’s newest album “The Plugs I Met 2” is a continuation of his 2019 “The Plugs I Met”, it makes more sense to view this new album as an end to the trilogy of solo work. The 2019 piece was an ‘introduction’ into the life of organized drug crime and 2020’s “Burden Of Proof” focused on anger. In this year’s album, Benny goes into the world of his sorrow and fans love that regardless of what he goes through, he’s real. 

29. Valerie June, “The Moon And The Stars: Prescription For Dreamers”

It’s safe to say that Valerie June finally found her element and she expressed that through her newest album “The Moon And The Stars: Prescription For Dreamers”. It’s a mixture of pop, folk, and blues vibes. There are fourteen songs on the album and Valerie is also co-producing with Jack Splash, which gives the piece that fresh feel. The singer sounds very controlled and the songs ‘‘Stay’’ and ‘‘Fallin’’’ are a testament to that. ‘‘Within You’’ and ‘‘Stardust Scattering’’ are also great songs from the album, which bring us the Beatles’ chill feeling. 

30. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, “Carnage”

Carnage is the result of the work between Australians Nick Cave and the multi-instrumentalist from Bad Seeds ‒ Warren Ellis. The studio album consists of 8 music pieces and Nick tries to figure out where he belongs while everything around him falls to pieces. There are a few songs oriented towards a love-vibe and those are ‘‘Carnage’’ and ‘‘Shattered Ground’’. No wonder this album was played on repeat by so many. 

31. Topaz Jones, “Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma”

Topaz Jones’ latest album “Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma” did so well; it encouraged the performer to set up a movie called the same way. It’s a visual album that makes you think and the 13-track album is even more amazing. Topaz can also share a story in a very compelling way and that’s why the album represents a transition between his youth and his manhood with all of the struggles. 

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32. Joeboy, “Somewhere Between Beauty & Magic”

The upcoming Nigerian performer Joeboy shared with the Rolling Stone: ‘‘I’m always making really happy music,’’ and he was right. His album “Somewhere Between Beauty & Magic” is very dynamic and positive. In the song ‘‘Number One’’ Joeboy reveals his vocal abilities and the song ‘‘Better Thing’’ is a very soft guitar piece. The entire album revolves around the theme of romantic relationships and fans are digging it.  

33. Hayley Williams, “Flowers For Vases/Descansos”

Hayley Williams definitely stayed busy even after Coronavirus happened. Her newest LP “Flowers For Vases/Descansos” is her second solo creation since her Paramore days and the second one in less than a year. Hayley dropped her first Björk-influenced “Petals For Armor” in three sections last May. This new album is the first one the singer has recorded all by herself (she sung the harmonies and played the instruments back at her Nashville place). The singer grabs the listener’s attention with her songs about previous sadness and openness. 


34. Weezer, “OK Human”

Weezer’s newest album “OK Human” is probably the closest fans are ever going to get to Rivers Cuomo. The rock band’s 14th album reminds us of Radiohead’s “OK Computer” by title and there are a lot more string arrangements than Weezer’s previous pieces. “OK Human” is enjoyable mostly because Cuomo has let himself be guided by the music and the tracks are the result of that. 

35. Liz Phair, “Soberish”

Liz Phair knew just the moment to release an album. Her incredible lyrics and style from her first album in 1993 “Exile In Guyville” are replicated to this date by many talented performers in indie-pop like Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail, Jay Som, Adult Mom, Lucy Dacus, and Stella Donnelly. That’s exactly why Phair is a brilliant songwriter ‒ her style’s lasted for so long. “Soberish” is the singer’s comeback after eleven years and it hints a little at “Guyville” and 1994’s “Whip-Smart” but waaay better.  

36. Zayn, “Nobody Is Listening”

The last time Zayn blessed his fans with an album was in 2018 and that album was “Icarus Falls” (which included 27 songs and was his next album after the more polished 2016 “Mind Of Mine”). Many fans were confused about Zayn’s music style back then and were curious to see where he’s headed after his One Direction days came to an end. “Nobody Is Listening” is great because Zayn’s a father now and more mature, even though he’s only 28. Even though the songs are a lot about his life with his mom’s kid Gigi Hadid, they still portray Zayn in a new light. He’s way more balanced now but still great at using his voice to sing romantic lyrics. 



37. Kenny Mason, “Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut”

Kenny Mason, 26, goes back and forth between acrobatic rap and alternative rock on his newest album “Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut”. Even though this mix can easily be messed up, Kenny manages to combine guitars and hip-hop drums like no other. A couple of months ago, he shared with the Rolling Stone: ‘‘Me and my patnas that grew up in the same neighborhood were listening to Coldplay the same way we were listening to Future,’’ as well as: ‘‘We listen to [rock] right after Peewee Longway and Bankroll Fresh.’’ On the new album, there are songs featuring Freddie Gibbs, Denzel Curry, and Ambar Lucid. The rapper is open about his neighborhood hardships and fans can undoubtedly relate ‒ that’s why he’s so popular now. 

38. Juliana Hatfield, “Blood”

Boston’s boho Juliana Hatfield was one of the best indie-rock lyricists even at the beginning of her time with Blake Babies and she’s still got it. “Blood” ‒ her newest album ‒ is her strongest statement so far and fans are loving it. She’s one of the most relatable artists with lyrics like ‘‘I had to punch myself in the face to get myself out of bed,’’ on the song ‘‘Nightmary’’.

39. Sleaford Mods, “Spare Ribs”

If you’re looking for the feeling of music drilling into your brain, Sleaford Mods are the choice for you. This English post-punk music duo featuring Jason Williamson rapping over Andrew Fearn’s beats was established back in 2017. “Spare Ribs” is the band’s eleventh album so far and it was created post-Coronavirus. If you’re angry and want to feel understood, this new album is perfect for you. 

40. VanJess, “Homegrown”

VanJess, the Nigerian-American sisters/performers Ivana and Jessica Nwokike, delivered an incredible album called “Homegrown”. You might think the name VanJess is familiar because of the duo’s work with producer Kaytranada. On their new album, there’s a song called ‘‘Dysfunctional’’, which was first released in 2019 (featuring Kaytra). This time, VanJess got together with Snakehips, Monte Booker, Da-P, Garren, Jimi Tents, and Phony Ppl to create the album. There are a total of nine songs and the way these girls sing will blow your mind. Their music is a mixture of R&B, soul, funk, and hip-hop and it’s hard not to love it. 

41. Bachelor, “Doomin’ Sun”

This indie-rock group includes two of the most amazing lyricists Melina Duterte (or Jay Som) and Ellen Kempner (from Palehound). These two are a perfect combo and you’ll get to listen to a lot of love songs if you check them out in “Doomin’ Sun”. Some of those are ‘‘Back Of My Hand’’ and ‘‘Stay In The Car’’ and ‘‘Sand Angel’’, picturing the story of dreams about a loved one. Both of these artists are great at being open about their emotions and even though they were great on their own, their fans are convinced they’re a remarkable combo that gets to explore a lot more as a pair. 

42. Aaron Lee Tasjan, “Tasjan, Tasjan, Tasjan”

Singer/songwriter Aaron Lee Tasjan gave his best so far with his newest album “Tasjan, Tasjan, Tasjan”. He’s perfected his style and gathered a lot of new fans. Songs such as ‘‘Sunday Women’’ and ‘‘Don’t Overthink It’’ are very different from anything we’ve ever heard and we all know how important that is in today’s world. Aaron presents everything in a fresh manner and that’s what separates him from other artists. 

43. Alice Cooper, “Detroit Stories”

Alice Cooper is still hitting hard more than 50 years after he first exploded and the rock & roll is still more than amazing. “Detroit Stories” is Cooper’s twenty-first solo album and it’s very outstanding. There are a total of fifteen songs on the new album and ‘‘Our Love Will Change The World’’ is one of the best ones (it’s a cover of a piece by the group Outrageous Cherry). Go listen to the album right now! 


44. Sarah Mary Chadwick, “Me And Ennui Are Friends, Baby”

Sarah Mary Chadwick has outdone herself with her latest album “Me and Ennui Are Friends, Baby”. Sarah’s voice fits perfectly and fans have waited for something like that for a long time. Now the artist finally gave it to them. This is her seventh album and we honestly can’t wait to see if it can get better than this? There’s also a song called ‘‘Me And Ennui Are Friends, Baby’’ and it’s one of twelve pieces the album has to offer. 

45. Lake Street Dive, “Obviously”

Lake Street Dive has been around for fifteen years. Its lead singer is Rachael Price, whose voice is perfect for jazz and blues, and the group’s style has a hint of Americana, R&B, and pop but never limits itself to either one. On “Obviously” ‒ the new album ‒ the band sticks to their style and it surely works. Fans cannot get enough of it and have been replaying it since its release. 

46.Blaqbonez, “Sex Over Love”

There’s a lot of love vibe surrounding Blaqbonez’s latest album “Sex Over Love”. Blaqbonez’s real name is Emeka Akumefule and he’s 25. He’s from Nigeria and he’s been in the rap game since he was only sixteen, when he dropped a couple of EPs and singles. This album has a lot of great songs like ‘‘Heartbreaker’’ (featuring Nasty C), ‘‘BBC’’ (a remix with Tiwa Savage), and ‘‘TGF Pussy’’ and its main theme is, of course, love. 

47. Dinosaur Jr, “Sweep It Into Space”

Dinosaur Jr. is a rock group established way back in 1984 by J Mascis, Lou Barlow, and Murph. Now they’ve released their newest album “Sweep It Into Space” and it’s their best received one yet. They still rock hard but do it in a collected way. Pieces from the album such as ‘‘I Met The Stones’’ and ‘‘I Ran Away’’ (featuring Kurt Vile) are weirdly lively and ‘‘Garden’’ is also very dynamic but optimistic in a way. 

48.Remember Sports, “Like A Stone”

Remember Sports is an American rock band and “Like A Stone” is their fourth album. In it they just explore their style and songs such as ‘‘Like A Stone’’ and ‘‘Out Loud’’ shows us the group’s progress. The lead singer/songwriter Carmen Perry is also excellent at expressing pain and it’s been so since the group first started getting noticed with the album “Sunchokes” from 2014. You should listen to ‘‘Falling Awake’’ from “Like A Stone”. 

49. Matt Sweeney and Bonnie ‘‘Prince’’ Billy, “Superwolves”

Bonnie ‘‘Prince’’ Billy (real name Will Oldham) and Matt Sweeney are great together and we’ve loved them since their iconic 2005 album “Superwolf”. Their latest sequel includes a performance from Mdou Moctar and his bandmates. The highlight of the album, however, are the songs where Oldham and Sweeney show their synergy. The album’s greatest pieces are ‘‘Good To My Girls’’ and ‘‘My Popsicle’’.

50.Mdou Moctar, “Afrique Victime”

Mahamadou Souleymane (or Mdou Moctar) is a Tuareg songwriter/singer and his newest album is called “Afrique Victime”. Even though there are only eight pieces on the album, Moctar delivers a message of power. With songs like ‘‘Ya Habibti’’ and ‘‘Tala Tannam’’ it’s easy to see why Mdou’s fans are so in love with his music ‒ it’s incredibly soothing. 

51. Evanescence, “The Bitter Truth”

Amy Lee from Evanescence was everyone’s savior at one point in our lives. We, millennials, grew up with her and we are forever grateful she appeared around 1995 to make all of our lives better with the help of her breath-taking voice. She’s pretty much our hero and we’ve always loved her energy and persona. Evanescence’s previous album from 2017 called “Synthesis” was a little different than what we’re used to hearing from the group but with “The Bitter Truth” everything is perfect and fans are stunned by the power of this newest album. 


52. Marianne Faithful and Warren Ellis, “She Walks In Beauty”

Marianne Faithful (full name: Marianne Evelyn Gabriel Faithfull) is an English singer/songwriter/actress who has people’s hearts. In the album “She Walks In Beauty” she worked with violinist/fellow songwriter Warren Ellis and recited a few of her favorite parts of Thomas Palgrave’s “Golden Treasury”. She immersed herself in the story and the words and the result is one of a kind. 

53.Guided By Voices, “Earth Man Blues”

Indie-rock band Guided By Voices has hit the jackpot with their newest album “Earth Man Blues”. It’s their first release since “Alien Lanes” from 1995 but regardless of that, they sound more than great. This new album is a gathering of every piece of music that didn’t make it to GBV’s fans through the years. You should listen to ‘‘Sunshine Girl’’ and beware that it’s super catchy. 

54. Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders, and the London Symphony Orchestra, “Promises”

The incredible American jazz saxophonist Pharoah Sanders is still as talented as he was back in his days with John Coltrane’s group. Pharoah’s newest project was created with the help of Sam Shepherd (aka electronic musician Floating Points) and the result is wonderful. Sanders is 80 years old now and the fact that he still hits the charts is admirable. “Promises” delivers one 46-minute piece, but you better believe that even though it’s not long, it’s better than anything else you might hear this year. 

55. Goat Girl, “On All Fours”

This London post-punk group has interesting names such as Clottie Cream and Rosy Bones. Their music presents themes like climate change, mental issues, and frustration but it’s weirdly refreshing and new. Make no mistake Goat Girl’s latest album “On All Fours” could be a banger if the clubs open again. 

56. Pom Poko, “Cheater”

Are you finding yourself in that sweet spot between Talking Heads, Gang of Four, or Nirvana? You’ve come to the right place ‒ Pom Poko is the Norwegian post-punk band for you. The group’s only ever released one more album before “Cheater” but this time they’ve got it right. If you listen to the song ‘‘Like A Lady’’ you’ll get to hear some amazing guitar. And let’s face it ‒ you don’t need anything else. 

57. Gojira, Fortitude 

Gojira is a heavy metal group that dropped their newest album “Fortitude” recently and it ended up doing well in the charts. This is studio full-length album №7 for the group and fans are going wild for it. There are a couple of especially awesome pieces in this album and some of those are ‘‘Into The Storm’’ (which was released before the album and is about expressing support for non-violent protests), ‘‘Amazonia’’ (which is about deforestation), and ‘‘Born For One Thing’’ (which inspires a switch towards minimalism). Singer/guitarist Joe Duplantier and lead guitarist Christian Andreu did a great job working together on the songs ‘‘Sphinx’’ and ‘‘Born For One Thing’’ and you’re bound to like the outcome.  

58. The Hold Steady, “Open Door Policy”

This American rock band enjoyed a lot of success after their latest album ‘Open Door Policy’ became the group’s first album to appear in the Top Ten. Some fans think they haven’t done better than “Open Door Policy” and they might be right. Frontman Craig Finn is great, especially in the songs ‘‘Heavy Covenant’’, ‘‘Lanyards’’ and ‘‘Unpleasant Breakfast’’. We’re also pretty sure you’ll like the song ‘‘Hanover Camera’’ so go check it out ASAP. 

59.Assertion, “Intermission”

If William Goldsmith sounds familiar it’s probably because of the indie-rock drummer’s time with Sunny Day Real and the Foo Fighters. “Intermission” is Assertion’s first album and William’s first work since he took a break. But make no mistake ‒ Goldsmith’s still got it and he proves that with the song ‘‘Defeated’’ from the new 9-track album. 

60. Joyce Wrice, “Overgrown”

Joyce Wrice is a 28-year old singer/songwriter and “Overgrown” is her debut album. On it, Joyce got together with A&R, Eddie Fourcell, and executive producer D’Mile and fans love the results. Her voice is incredible and we can always get behind lyrics about heartache and happiness. You definitely won’t be disappointed if you listen to the song ‘‘On One’’ from “Overgrown”.

61. Black Midi, “Cavalcade”

Black Midi is an English rock group and “Cavalcade” is their newest album. The band debuted back in 2019 with the album “Schagenheim”. We won’t lie ‒ their latest piece is a lot to take in but surely worth exploring. They’re different and if only for that maybe you should try checking them out. 

62.Cloud Nothings, “The Shadow I Remember”

The American indie-rock group Cloud Nothings just dropped their newest album “The Shadow I Remember”. Lead singer and guitarist Dylan Baldi is fantastic in the album, especially in the songs ‘‘Nara’’, ‘‘Sound Of Alarm’’ and ‘‘Nothing Without You’’. The band’s fans love this album and they’re also pretty excited to see what the future holds for Cloud Nothings. 

63.Chrissie Hynde, “Standing in the Doorway: Chrissie Hynde Sings Bob Dylan”

Chrissie Hynde is an American singer/songwriter and a founding member/guitarist/lead vocalist/main lyricist of the rock band The Pretenders (dating back to 1978) and its only constant member. Chrissie started working on her newest album “Standing in the Doorway: Chrissie Hynde Sings Bob Dylan” in 2020 after Bob Dylan blessed us with a few pieces from the album “Rough and Rowdy Ways” before it was even out yet (back when we had to stay at home because of Coronavirus). These songs were ‘‘Murder Most Foul’’ and ‘‘I Contain Multitudes’’ and they inspired Chrissie to take some of her favorite Dylan’s pieces and record them with James Walbourne (The Pretenders’ lead guitarist). The outcome is some beautiful music, which you should look up immediately. 

64.Palberta, “Palberta 5000”

This American indie-rock band Palberta has been gathering some attention for a while now and we should remember that four years ago they were all the buzz because of their cover of Bee Gees’ ‘‘Stayin’ Alive’’ on their album “Bye Bye Berta”. “Palberta 5000” is the group’s fifth album and there are some great pieces on it such as ‘‘No Way’’, ‘‘Big Bad Want’’ and ‘‘Hey!’’. Even though we’ve seen some random things from Palberta, this new album is good ‒ it’s positive and kind of catchy. 

Are you excited about the other albums scheduled for release until the end of 2021? Which performer’s work would you add to the list? 

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