TWIFT | Lifestyle | The highest degree of awkwardness: what annoys baby Emilia Clarke

The highest degree of awkwardness: what annoys baby Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke’s so cool about nudity in the script and perfectly plays everything on camera. That would’ve been fine if her brother hadn’t participated in the work on the “Game of Thrones” series. Moreover, he is an operator and sees all the process. Emilia Clarke hates sex scenes as her brother is a cameraman. In short, baby Emilia has to try to avoid becoming red as a tomato.

Daenerys Targaryen may never treat sex with the same enthusiasm. All because her brother was watching her. It’s not about incest or some perversions. The thing is that her brother is an operator and also works on the “Game of Thrones” series. The common business unites this family, but not at the time when your little sister is jumping on the dude. It’s a little wild and weird, guys.

We wonder how Kit Harington, with whom Emilia had an intimate bed scene, felt at that moment. According to the actress, the brother was the one who was most embarrassed about this trio. It would seem that the whole world went mad with the “Game of Thrones”. Everybody, yes, but not the family of Emilia Clarke. Brother works with her soul to soul and watches each episode. Her friends are not interested in such films, some scenes with the participation of Emilia looks only her mom.

Emilia Clarke is good in that role. She reveals her as an actress, a warlike woman, and a sexy tigress. Remember how she tamed Khal? She just sat on him and the man became her forever, until the last day of his life. Perhaps, many women all over the world have made their conclusions. So, girls, dominate while having sex and you’ll be the hostess. But there are that half of the grumbling pussies who scold the Mother of Dragons. The most amazing thing is that many women calmly do it. Maybe these hot nude scenes cause a lot of envy. According to Emilia Clarke, this is somewhat anti-feminist behavior. When a woman hates another woman, it is her sexual difficulties and cockroaches in her head. The star of the “Game of Thrones” believes that this is a really huge problem. On this occasion, she has her own thoughts and she admitted that she was a bit upset about what’s going on. Don’t cry Emilia, they are not worth your finger. They set dragons on those envy people, let show all them their fresh breath!

The sex scenes in this project are quite a normal thing. They have been chasing a viewer each episode for eight seasons. Well, it’s impossible to convey emotions in another way. Whoever likes, enjoys the process, who don’t like, don’t look at all. Problems? But it’s probably easier for people to pour crap on someone than to switch to another channel. Emilia Clarke said that all the intimate bed scenes she likes and she wouldn’t change anything. It is impossible to convey all these tingling moments in another way. Well, how could you replace the moment of feelings? The Mother of Dragons and Kit Harington meet face to face and feelings to each other cloud their minds… Logically that they should end up with rough sex, they won’t watch Tom and Jerry. Probably those women condemn Emilia Clarke who hasn’t seen the man naked for a long time. Girls, envy is a fucking unhealthy thing!

Daenerys Targaryen admitted that she wasn’t ready to undress on camera immediately. Of course, it is not easy to do when almost 50 pairs of eyes of the film crew and other actors are looking at you. What if some crap will come out, you will moan in the wrong tone. Here Emilia had to work on herself all the seasons. If you’re an actress, face your fears. Some actresses, of course, use the help of substitutes, but the first seasons the Mother of Dragons practiced love scenes only with her body. It is clear that intimacy wasn’t real, but it was so cool simulated.

You don’t know whether to laugh or cry. When the legendary intimate scene was filmed with Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo), he was wearing a SOCK. Well, on his sexual organ. Fucking sock! God, how courageous it is! At the moment when Daenerys is looking at him, seemingly wanting to ride him, she is just trying not to laugh. The leader of the Dothraki was also a male with a sock on his best friend. Then in subsequent seasons, the bed scenes were replaced by computer editing. Only closer to the last seasons, all the actors of “Game of Thrones” got used to the naked scenes and, it seems, if they all had a naked swingers dinner, no one would be embarrassed to accept the offer.

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