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The place where swingers go to “swing”.

There is a place in Jamaica known as the Hedonist hotel, where everything is allowed. All your wildest sexual dreams come true here, and nobody judges you for the fucking pervert you are. 

In this hotel, it’s all about love, or at least a 38-year-old, married woman, who has been there five times, claims so. What better present can you give to your beloved one of not freedom and love. 

Officially the Hedonist is an adults-only resort, with a nudist beach, tasty food, and alcohol that comes all-inclusive. You can go snorkeling two times daily for free (or fuck with four guys at once, it’s up to you).  There are all kinds of hotel rooms, from basic to jacuzzi equipped. Every day of the week has its theme: schoolgirl, rock star, toga night, fetish and lingerie… An every night erotic show, glow party, foam party. As you may see the entertainment is strong here. 

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The logical question you may ask: “how do people go there, is there any swinger face-control?”. Nope, nothing like that, just sky-high prices. For guests from the US, it’s about 600$ per night. 

The main idea that people who visit must understand is freedom of action. If you feel like having sex on the beach, just go ahead and have fun. If you feel like watching somebody having sex on the beach, well that’s cool too. 

The main types of guests in the Hedonist can be structured into four categories. All of them are from the upper-middle class and higher. All of them super outgoing (no wonder) and adequate even when drunk af. 

1. The oldies (longest surviving members, lol). Keep in mind that the hotel opened doors in 1976, so there a lot of swinger legends out there. Cute old couples, singly walking around holding hands, smoking joints and wearing awesome costumes. A beautiful way of getting old. 

2. The real pro swingers. Professional swingers, who know what they want, where they want it and how exactly. Mainly in the Play Room (a place specially equipped with different sex gear for group sex), where are allowed only couples, single women and specially invited men. 

3. The show-offs. Usually, young couples, who fuck like rabbits, everywhere, all the time. It’s a win-win thing, they fuck and get a pleasure-other watch and get pleasure. 

4. The themed ones. S&M, fetishist, tantra lovers, cosplay, etc. Often Hedonism organizes theme weeks for different communities, so if you want to visit, be aware. Because there are chances you could find yourself tied up, with a knot in your mouth. 

The resort puts up all kinds of entertainment. For instance not so long ago they had a Young swinger party, where only couples under 35 were allowed. And the prices were more affordable. There is always a lot of shit going on. 

They even invite different sex gurus, who do seminars and stuff, masterclasses and shit. One tantric school even build a Tantra Palace in the hotel and make seminars all the time. 

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5. Social communities. Did you know, that there are Facebook communities, that organize sex-trips? Like camping, but more legit. For example, a group of 200 people from Dirty Pervs, were all wearing Vikings costumes with all the entourage like horns and skirts and shit. 

6. The “good day” type of guys. Nice couples, who just chat with others and have sex, quietly in their room. 

7. The trans passers. People who have heard about the place and want to give it a look. They have special one-day visitor bracelets. They either eat a lot or up for a quickie. 

8. Here-for-the-love type. Like the 38 y.o. woman and her husband. With more than half of the people who are relaxing there. Basically couples, who love and trust each other, who are willing to try something new and spicy. Easy going, fuck only if there is a real spark (between the couples). 

9. The plus-one. Single men who don’t like sex for money. They group up with couples or search for singe free-to-fuck girls (which are quite hard to be found in such a place). 

People go there not for the orgasms. It’s all about communication. Swinger women claim that no matter how many men had fucked them, they still feel the bond with their husband strong. Many guests say that after visiting Hedonist a sexual honeymoon starts when they get back home. 

The story below will help you to get a better picture of the atmosphere of the place. 

Night. Foam party. A huge inflated pool under the night sky full of stars. When entering the stuff checks if there’re no high hills, and in the exit gives you towels. Loud music. Mobile bar. A woman dives under the foam (there is a shitbag of that stuff, higher than the waist). She is with her husband and a couple from Italy. The Italian man is a Boeing 777 pilot. As they’re all dancing she feels a sexy look on her and notices a handsome tattooed man, so they’re eye-fucking and he comes closer they start touching each other. As she is holding his dick in one hand she grabs the Italian guy’s dick in another (with all that her husband is watching her). So she is having all these dicks in her hands and starts to feel like a pilot herself. When she shares her feelings about that the tattooed guy says: “why I am a pilot myself” and she answers “no, the pilot’s dick is in my other hand”. And the tattooed men moves her away and start chatting with his colleague about airplanes. Why the fuck not?  

 Not a story you hear every day right. So most people come here to get new emotions and new friends. So it’s kinda cute and fucking strange in the same way. 

Another logical question would be: “what about the “safety first”?” So there are condoms everywhere, and it’s the husband’s task to check if a man who is fucking his wife did put on the condom. Also, another golden swinger rule is “no means no”. So you can freely say no to anybody with no offense. There is the question “can I play with you” that settles miscommunications. 

Plus the staff is always watching who enters the PlayRoom, adds condoms, lubricants, and towels. 

So if you have always felt like a bit pervert or a lot, and you have a partner who loves you, you both think that love is more than just sex, you should definitely check out this place.

By the way, how many of you guys been to such places? Feel free to answer our survey and we will reveal the results in a couple of weeks

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