TWIFT | Lifestyle | The Scandinavian name for your child – the TOP 20 Danish baby names for girls and boys

The Scandinavian name for your child – the TOP 20 Danish baby names for girls and boys

If you’re choosing a name for your baby, we offer you a list of the most popular names in Denmark.

We want to warn you, that our list may surprise you, so be prepared for unexpected moments!

Most of the Danish families continue to choose the names of Sofia and William for their children. According to the new rating for 2019, they again have taken first positions.

According to the main statistical organization of Denmark, the male name William tops the list for the seventh year!

Despite the fact, that in 2014, the name Sofia took the second position, newborn girls registered under this name make currently the largest group in Denmark.

According to statistics for 2018, 19 out of 1000 female babies were named Sofia. Also, brand new names have been added to the list. Names Gry (Danish equivalent of Dawn) and Silje have appeared in the Top 50 Danish female names. 

The mysterious female name Freja was the second in the ranking. It was in great demand among newborns from southern and northern Jutland. It is noteworthy that the name Freja came from Germanic-Scandinavian mythology and repeats the name of the goddess of love and war.

Sofia is a name of ancient Greek origin. It means “wisdom”, “mind” and contains a strong energy message. It is interesting that this name is chosen by the current generation for procreation. The boom of newborns Sophia in Copenhagen raised this name to the top of the ranking of the most common female names in the country.

Well, the most unexpected twist in the name catalog was Lily! Not so long ago, the name wasn’t popular. Sometimes trends change quite unexpectedly. This is exactly what happened to the name Lily. From the 50th number on the list, it has jumped to 26th position, which means that Lily’s newborns have become more over the past year.

Talking about newborn boys, the dominance openly demonstrates the name William. 19 boys out of 1000 babies got this name. This trend has remained unchanged since 2012.

Danes who have chosen this name should know that it is of Old Germanic origin and is derived from the name Wilhelm. It symbolizes “favor of fate”, “will” and “protection”.

Among the statistical names on the official website, completely new male names have appeared. For example, Viggo and Silas as well as the name of Norwegian origin Thor. Earlier parents used these names for little Danes very rarely. It is interesting that the name Viggo, in addition to Scandinavian origin, exists in the Turkic-Tatar version. It means abundance. Children named by this name are distinguished by courage and independence.

A few more names worth mentioning are Andreas, Nikolai, and Jonas. Previously, they were mentioned in the top 50 list. Now, their popularity has passed.

So that future parents could choose a name for their child, we provide an official list of the most popular Scandinavian names for you.

Top 20 Names for Girls:

1. Sofia

2. Freja

3. Ella

4. Alma

5. Anna

6. Emma

7. Laura

8. Clara

9. Ida

10. Isabella

11. Karla

12. Maja

13. Victoria

14. Alberte

15. Josefine

16. Sofie

17. Agnes

18. Liva

19. Olivia

20. Caroline

Top 20 Names for Boys:

1. William

2. Noah

3. Lucas

4. Emil

5. Oliver

6. Oscar

7. Victor

8. Malthe

9. Alfred

10. Carl

11. Frederik

12. Elias

13. Magnus

14. Valdemar

15. Villads

16. Alexander

17. Christian

18. August

19. Johan

20. Felix

Your child will live with her or his name the whole life. And you’ll too! So, choose wisely. 

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