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The Tallest Guys in the World Live in Denmark

It seems that many girls have a clear idea of how men’s growth should be. So, here is an answer to the question “where are the guys of cool growth?”. 

Go to Denmark! All danish men are so tall as if they were selected or they had eaten a bean seed from a fairytale. Danish guys are in fifth place in the world by the criterion of growth.

Danish men are in the ranking of the highest in the world. These guys are not only charming and smart but also tall. Danish man, just kiss your reflection in the mirror! The average male height in Denmark is 181.4 cm. Poor girls who are afraid to wear heels and need to forever hunch, now just can go to Denmark.

It’s raining Danish men: a crowd of beautiful fans will soon fall in Denmark 

Rain from the girls is expected. As in The Weather Girls – It’s Raining Men but the truth is a little the other way around. The Danish guys didn’t know that they were doing so well. After the rating was published in the medical journal eLife, most likely crowds of beauties will flow to the country. So, guys, be prepared for such an invasion.

It is known that the average male height of 18-year-old Danes is 181.4 cm. Over the past hundred years, the average height for men in Denmark has increased by 11.4 cm. Previously, the country was in ninth place. Perhaps soon the local men will become the tallest in the world and surpass the Dutch guys.

By the way, the Danes also are on the list of the tallest girls on the planet. Over the past 100 years, the average height of Danish women has increased by 10.1 cm. Beauties jumped from 11th place immediately to 7th. Probably everyone grows on magic beans here. You will see, in a few years a loud heading “the tallest woman in the world” will appear, and the Danish woman will be certainly there.

The average growth of the Danes: who will have to compete with the Danish men

The highest in the battle of growth were the Dutch guys with 182.5 cm. The rating of women also showed interesting information. The tallest and most slender women in Latvia – 169.8 cm. Actually, the Danish guys should try to overtake opponents, but the chances of leadership positions are quite large. How could it be otherwise?

When it comes to the tallest, one immediately wants to look at the little ones. Petite guys live in East Timor. There, the average male height is not even 160 cm, but 159.8. Well, actually the biggest women, like Amazon Eve, can carry them in her purses.

Mini-women with an average height of 149.4 live in Guatemala. The little fairies that tall and handsome Danish men are waiting for.

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