TWIFT | Lifestyle | The WTF Cat: Meet Potato, One of the Cutest and Weirdest Cat Ever

The WTF Cat: Meet Potato, One of the Cutest and Weirdest Cat Ever

Imagine you have been hanging out all night and gallons of whiskey have been drunk. You open your eyes in the morning in an unknown place and when you look out of the window and see that everything around in Chinese, but you can’t even remember how you passed passport control yesterday. You turn back and see a blonde girl lying on the bed, so you approach her and carefully ask: “Hey dear, what’s going on here?”. She gets her head up and you realize that it’s not a girl at all… It is a man with a red mustache!

You don’t even ask: “WTF MAN?”, you are just standing and staring at that person trying to figure how much is 2+2 and what had happened at night. Your face is like…

Potato cat

Well, it’s just a hypothesis of what could this cat see to look like a 404-page or like he is seeing a blue screen of death inside his head. 

Unique Cat from the US

In fact, this cutie is named Potato, he is five years old and he has recently been the hero of new web memes! His unique appearance triggers different emotions from ‘Oh, he is the cutest cat ever’ to ‘Is he okay?’. Still, internet fame was a pleasant surprise to the fluffy kitty and his owner Ashley Norlien. 

Potato cat

The girl adopted this unusual red cat around two years ago. Like any pet owner, she shared his photos online and noticed plenty of comments highlighting Potato’s different eyes.

Now, after 2 years of photoshoots to his own Instagram, Potato has more than 50K followers. We bet you don’t have so many of them but this cat does!

Potato cat

Does Potato Feel Ok?

Many Potato’s followers and we (and maybe you too) wonder if Potato is feeling good and why his eyes are so large.

Ashley says she has no idea why her cat looks the way he does, but he is feeling great and enjoys every minute of his cat life. She suggests that some genetic conditions could be a prerequisite for such a cosmic look, still, this is just an idea and no one knows the true reasons. Web-users think that the size of the cat’s eyes just too big for his head, so he looks like a creature from outer space. 

Norlien confesses she loves Potato’s eyes and everything about him in general, so she wouldn’t like to change anything.

Potato cat

Well, we think that Potato is a strong competitor for Grumpy Cat and other cat-memes. Just look at this glance!

What’s more, he is an entrepreneur, if to believe his Instagram. Not bad for a 5-year kitty, ha!

The FOX10 TV channel has even aired news about this cutie

Let’s wish Potato long cat years of life. It’s really great to know that Ashley – his owner – loves him SOOO much! 

Potato cat

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