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“This is a Nightmare …”: 30 Hairstyles Failures

“That’s awful! I can’t go out to people like that. Now even my parents won’t be able to recognize me!” Surely at least once you have come across the consequences of an unsuccessful trip to the stylist. Expecting something super-innovative and cool, you sucked. And often the reason for this can be the ineptitude of the amateur hairdresser, his bad mood, or even too much alcohol and a non-working state. But in the end, what happened is impossible to fix. And you are overwhelmed by shame when you look at your reflection in the mirror.

But the only thing that can already be done with such a situation is simply to laugh at it. So, the funny “Just Eff My Crap Up” is exactly what it does, collecting the most epic stories and putting them on the network.In this article, you can take a closer look at some of today’s most awkward hairstyles that plunge into wild shame and leave only one desire ‒ to dissolve in the air. And take care of yourself while scrolling through the photos, because your hair can unwittingly stand on end from some of the “exhibits”.

It’s not that hard to ruin your hair. But to create a really beautiful image, you need to make a dozen efforts. This is why we decided to immediately seek advice from Get Groomed co-founder Giuliano Dore. And here are the secrets he revealed to us:

“The main thing that distinguishes a simple haircut from an avant-garde one is the definition of the very idea of ​​a haircut and a subtle miscalculation of all the details. Someone thinks, for example, that the well-known “cup” haircut will never be a trend. However, the judgment is false. Even such a haircut can be refined and create a real masterpiece if you take it seriously and use all professional skills and abilities. The best hairdressers get such hairstyles with a bang. They are especially appreciated by representatives of the hipster class. One of the important nuances is the ability to create patterns, correctly place asymmetries and symmetries. If the haircut is not uniform, a professional stylist can immediately notice it. Broken hair, holes, and irregularities especially give out an unsuccessful trip to the salon.”

Now let’s get down to the examples, which were posted in one of the online communities.

# 1. Soldier allowed this photo to be posted for votes. So I don’t want to disappoint the child

This post has collected over 750 comments. Many users joked, someone shared similar stories, and someone angrily cursed a hairdresser who knows nothing about hairstyles. There were also comments that the guy was to blame. One guy added:

“It’s like cutting the head of a statue that fell off a cliff.”


Some sympathized with the soldier. Yes, with such a hairstyle, most likely it will not be easy to live in the barracks.

# 2. How touching it is to look at him when he is talking

Of course, this post smells like sheer sarcasm. And this general council of mustachioed guys causes one tenderness. 354 people commented on the story. Someone wrote that they love this decision-making process. Among others, there were some sharp comments:

“Dual weapons.”
“The last perk of all skills. Mustache.”
“Cool skill ‒ mustache.”
“I respect his corporate identity. Well, his wife is definitely not a virgin.”
“My friend also had thick facial hair and once we cut his hair. As a result, he only had a circle at the mouth. He was constantly embarrassed. And now I’m very sorry that we didn’t allow him to divide this circle by two, like this guy.”


“Oh, and poor fellow, now he has to get upside down to give everyone your smile, lol.”

# 3. Dad, give me a return line

The cracked photo just shocked many users. There are 102 comments under the picture, many of them are just funny:

“It feels like someone used the “copy” – “paste” option.”
“He has his father’s hair.”
“Enzyme versus substrate.”
“Are they definitely not from hell?”
“Movement of the magic wand.”
“Okay, but this is cute, in fact, he has the same haircut as his father.”
“A weird way to play with bald people.”
“It looks like a student and a teacher in a laboratory.”


In an interview, Get Groomed founder Giuliano Dore talked about some home haircuts. The fact is that the pandemic still has not completely gone away, and the likelihood of repeated lockdowns is very high, which means that the entire earthly population will probably have another haircut at home.

Therefore, so that the quarantine haircut does not turn out to be as terrible as your first time, it is worth listening to the advice of the master before thoughtlessly cutting off a clump of hair.

First and foremost, don’t try to complicate things. Home is not a place for experimentation and super-complicated hair treatments. For your safety, you should avoid haircuts of different levels. Remember, no matter how you are a master, home conditions are not enough to do it professionally. If you wanted to lighten the tog from 0 to 2 yourself, then this is probably one of the worst ideas at home. Even the most eminent masters do not try to repeat such tricks, being within their walls. In this case, home walls will not help here. Don’t even try to refute it.

Giuliano admitted that for such serious experiments, hairdressers call each other so as not to harm their hair. That is why the most simplified version will be the best choice at home.

“This is not 4D chess for you and carving figures on your head while standing in front of a mirror ‒ probably the most absurd of all decisions,” shares Mr. Dore his conclusions. That is why you should be a little more critical of yourself when choosing such a decision. If you suddenly believe in your super-heroism, forget about it for a second. Not in this case.

Besides, sharp instruments should be set aside, they can only harm. It’s about razors as well. A fairly straight line can be obtained without blades. In this case, ordinary hair clippers will come to your aid.

# 4. An excerpt from my yearbook for grade 10

A story with a record 969 community comments. And the truth is, in the 10th grade it was very boring. Actually, as in the discussion under the picture. Here’s some of it:

“Michael Jones inverted.”
“He looks like Ben Franklin when he discovered electricity.”
“Yes, apparently Franklin made his son hold the kite.”
“Show us this hair now, I want to see the consequences.”
“I thought for a second that my school years weren’t so fun.”
“This boy was crossed with little Dr. Wiley.”


# 5. No kidding. I wasn’t even going to

The captions under this photo are the great wizard and his young apprentice. Two guys with breathtaking hairstyles just blew up the internet. In the description for the picture, it was also said that the guys resemble sellers somewhere in a stall who offer pumpkins and artichokes, respectively. Everything is clear from their hairstyles. Super idea to make people laugh:

“Style ‘electric shock effect.”
“And then they wonder why they don’t have girls?”
“I have nothing to say.”


“What was their idea?”

# 6. How else to tell everyone that I made dreadlocks?

The picture touches at first sight. Dreadlocks often look voluminous and unadorned. And then the dude, apparently out of joy, decided to share the change of image with the whole world. He wove balloons into his dreadlocks. The main thing is not to take off on such joys. And then different things happen.


The post collected 355 responses. Here is some of them:

“I’m sure it was a load off his shoulders.”
“Quite convenient, especially when you lose a friend in a crowd. Now you will definitely find it.”
“It seemed to me that a tree grows out of his hair.”
“This cosplay is great.”
“Did you know that they are all full of nitrogen?”
“I think it will help with photosynthesis.”

Write your fu**ing article right now!

Also, famous Giuliano Dore shared how the coronavirus crisis led to losses in their area. According to him, in the very first month of quarantine, it was necessary to stop all events in their central office that related to hairdressing. And so far, it has not been possible to restart them.

The quarantine in Britain has shown that the number of home procedures, including haircuts and styling, has increased dramatically. According to the office’s observations, people are less likely to go to public places, including salons, for fear of catching the virus. That is why they applied for a home service order. Also, more and more clients began to wonder whether we handle the devices well and whether we disinfect the chair after a previous client, – said Mr. Giuliano. Of course, the studio monitors this and attaches importance to it, because it is the wishes and safety of the client that are key in this area.

# 7. Ear in the spotlight ‒ I love these haircuts

One of the weirdest hairstyles on this forum. A neatly shaved ear and perfectly trimmed sideburns all create a wow effect. Such a picture in the open spaces of the community has collected 383 comments. Here’s what users wrote about:

“Looks like a big headphone seal.”
“The ear is the egg, and everything else is the chicken.”
“Dumb hair and the guy is a hairy bastard.”
“His cheeks are like an ass.”
“Why is his head hair connected to his beard? where is this line?”
“I think this is all made from beard spray.”
“The neck looks like a chimpanzee.”

“This ear is looking for me.”


“Thank you, this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

# 8. What an interesting combination

Beware, someone gets a lot of disgust from watching this picture because of its absurdity. Many jokingly call it a unique masterpiece. Yes, the mix turned out to be the same. And for such a hairstyle, a lot of intelligence is not needed. About 300 users responded to this story. Here’s how they took it:

“Looks like lasagna sheets.”
“This chick’s name is Mitani.”
“If she sits on a hairdryer, then she needs to work in the golden pen.”
“She mixed her hair well.”
“Oh, my God, how unlucky their child is.”
“She looks like she is leaning against the shabby wallpaper.”
“Cheerful grandmother and grandfather.”
“I’m sure she pulled the hair off someone else’s head as a trophy when she beat someone.”

# 9. A politician from Russia Valentina Petrenko and that says it all

The hairstyle of this woman cannot be left indifferent. Just look at this fleece. For her hair, the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation is called the Russian Nefertiti. She reminds women of the last century with her terrible hairstyle. And someone laughs that the Russian Senator Petrenko became a victim of an unsuccessful perm. But it all looks ridiculous. The woman explains her extravagant image simply: “I pin it with two hairpins, and the hair curls itself.” And here’s how community users react to it:

“My first thought: this is the fiancee of the monster Frankenstein.”
“She reminded me of the soldiers at Buckingham Palace.”
“Thanks, she made my day.”
“What is worse hairstyle or makeup?”


The unique Subreddit community has more than 750 thousand subscribers, and in December it turned six years old. You can go to the site and find out everything about the most shocking hairstyles.

They borrowed their name from memes that have already become famous all over the world, such as “JUST”, “The Barber”, as well as “Just Eff My Crap Up”, “Just Eff Me Up”.

This public is about the funniest, sometimes ridiculous, or even tragic hairstyles. In its vastness, you will definitely not be bored. There are also excerpts from conversations between hairdressers and clients. It’s very funny.

# 10. Just give me the head from the microphone

Here is a photo of a washcloth head hit the network. And of course, you can’t do without emotion. At first glance, it is not immediately clear that this is ahead and such hairstyles can generally be achieved. The post received 271 comments. Here are the user experiences:

“It’s perfect lol, especially for an African guy.”
“At first, I thought it was a microphone, but then I saw the neck.”
“So I want to touch them.”
“This is definitely not real hair.”
“It seemed to me that it was a finger.”
“Uncertainty breeds keen eyes.”
“I can’t convince my brain that I’m looking at a person’s head.”
“Such thin hair may not be exactly in this place.”
“This head made my day.”


“The hairdresser can give him a medal, lol.”

# 11. I have no words to express what kind of game it is

This photo is simply a flurry of criticism. And the truth looks ugly. It was as if this woman had strapped a dog on her head, which was three times heavier than herself. Involuntarily you begin to think, but will not tear her head from the load. And here’s what they write on the net:


“There are about 171,146 words in English, but none of them describe the whole absurdity of this picture.”
“Does this thing have a name? I would call her an angry mustache.”
“Chupacabra finally dressed for herself, and not in order to gain public approval.”

# 12. Combination end for all combinations

Just look at their bow! Of course, with these newfangled hairstyles, you will be a star everywhere. On the web, this picture has received many violent reactions. Here are some of the 445 outlined under the post:

“What are the 60s, 70s, 90s now, time seems to be going crazy!”
“You say time distortion, you should go inside.”
“Looking at the style of the room and the phones, this is 2009.”
“She looks like Gail the snail.”
“It seems he will vomit now.”
“Is he 15 or 50?”
“They seem to be hiding milk behind a drink.”


In one of the publics called “Know your ma’am”, they explain the same joke a little differently. According to them, it was first posted by Zach Galifianakis 14 years ago, when he presented his comedy “Zach Galifianakis Live at the Purple Ocean.”

“If your look is the same as mine, you probably won’t be able to find a table at Chuck E Cheese for one. So I went to my hairdresser for advice. And she calmly replied: “What do you want, boy?” I couldn’t resist and asked her for an amber warning,” joked Mr. Galifianakis.

After that, ma’am was overgrown with a huge number of comments, he was posted wherever possible. And eight years ago, singer Miley Cyrus cut her gorgeous long hair. She was also at the center of The Creator’s dirty tweet, which made fun of her boyish hairstyle. This isn’t the first time Cyrus has been provocative. In 2012, readers of the American version of Maxim magazine recognized her as the hottest girl of the year, thereby leading the list of 100 applicants.

After such antics, rapper Tyler spread rumors for a long time that Cyrus allegedly asked her hairdresser to return her hair. However, the girl answered the star rather rudely and the new ma’am became a hit even before 2014. It was at this time that the now known Eff My Crap Up was published.

# 13. 70 billion dollars: how much you can shell out for a new haircut

Of course, such a choice of hairstyles, her style, and especially her scandalous cost did not leave indifferent subscribers of the public. The photo collected a record of 1,300 comments. Here’s what subscribers wrote:

“Those dead eyes and the expression on the robot’s face. The dude looks like an Android.”
“What the shit, what the money for?”
“Strange combination of short hair and hair on the crown.”
“This is a strange programmer who became famous very quickly.”
“If he let his hair grow out and raised his eyebrows, he would look much nicer.”
“This is a lizard pretending to be human.”
“The dude looks a lot like a bot.”


“Even a programmer could not like such a face.”

# 14. A real hero of all times 

This community site hairstyle blew all the ratings. And, probably, it is an example of one of the weirdest haircuts. 400 different opinions have gathered under the picture. Users write about this:

“I was struggling to figure out what was going on with his hair.”
“Well, not bald yet.”
“Maybe he’d rather be bald or with tousled hair than this haircut.”
“It’s more than a comb, it’s like the whole comb.”
“Looks like he’s wearing a raccoon skin hat.”
“He has on his head what is then put into the bread maker to make it rise.”
“This is what presidential hair looks like.”
“Legendary hairstyle.”
“Hi, Donald.”
“Yes, Trump is definitely involved in this.”


# 15. The dude received this picture in the mail and almost turned over a mug with a drink

This picture caused a holy war in the comments. Many have noted that the guy has high estrogen levels, and it seems that he is already difficult to distinguish from the girl. Someone said they were not surprised by the reaction. And some called the guy looking like a fagot. The only thing that can be added is that the face in the photo was not sweet.

“It’s hard for me to see here what should resemble a person.”
“Looks like there was a gender metamorphosis in his case, and this dude looks more like Karen.”


“I would choke on more than just tea.”
“Very similar to Bruce Caitlyn Jenner.”

# 16. It would be better if he returned to prison

Shoot my cousin, who got his hairdresser’s license and opened his barbershop ‒ this is how the photo is signed in the public. And it evokes a lot of emotions. It can be seen that the cousin has definitely done a lot of things already. Judging by his last client, it’s scary to think how many of them would want to take revenge on him. The post collected 409 different comments. Take a look at what they write:

“Show me who gave him the license.”
“I died reading this.”
“Will he be able to trim part of the forehead?”
“This child is hardly dreaming already.”
“Damn it, I just woke up all the kids with my laugh.”
“What kind of game? How was it even allowed to be cut?”
“He used to have a forehead, but now he has a five.”

“Damn it. It looks like a lobotomy.”


# 17. This is what a homemade bow looks like

Yes, this photo is a hell of a shame. There are, of course, pots on the head, but this has surpassed all the others. It’s hard to think what the owner of this hairstyle feels. But his public post has garnered a lot of hilarious reviews. Read some of them:

“Looks like a soft penis.”
“It looks like a thumb in a wig.”
“Why does he have such a huge neck?”
“Dude, now just shave it all off.”
“This guy is a legendary man.”
“You’re a real inspiration, brother. And I was wondering how I could have fun.”


# 18. “Friend, I want the worst possible style for my hair.” – “No problem!”

Look at this skill. Yes, so, apparently this is really the ugliest style of all. This is how it sometimes happens when you ask the hairdresser for something better and suitable, and he seems to hear the opposite. And in the end, trash comes out. This story began just like that. And what we discussed in the comments, just read:

“The topic of cunning is revealed.”
“Go home and be a family man now.”


“The head is similar to the shape of a lava lamp.”
“Really, everyone sees the same as me?”
“Calm down dude, it’s a lamp.”
“Feels subtle style, and the guy looks like a bitch.”
“It looks like a cabbage.”
“Cool vegetable.”

# 19. When I changed my style, and now I have to go to the city center

Yes, sometimes this happens after visiting the hairdresser. It is still necessary to go out after him, only for some reason it suddenly becomes very ashamed and does not feel like it at all. After all, you didn’t even think that transformations can be not only stylish, beautiful, elegant but also frankly sucky, the kind that will make you not leave the house for days until the hairstyle changes. Imagine that, together with a stylish haircut, you suddenly find yourself with white feathers on your head, like a rooster. And it looks really dumb. And you still have to go with your friends. This story did not go unnoticed, with 339 different comments. Here’s what came out of them:

“It’s some kind of vegetarian hair.”
“Krillin is dead again.”
“Honestly, he destroyed the hair. I’ve seen hundreds of them, but it really sucks.”
“He escaped from the menagerie on a hike.”
“No wonder the guy looks restrainedly proud.”
“He reminds me of an owl from a chicken farm.”


“Think how long it will all burn.”
“Well, you have to be so frightened that your hair stands on end.”
“My shaggy dog ​​looks nicer at home.”
“You can glue apples to his head.”

# 20. When it is forbidden to have a beard at work, but they are silent about the neck

This person in the photo excelled with his creative approach, cleverly bypassing the rules of his company. If you can’t have a beard, then why not let it go around your neck? This demonstrative and creative move clearly amused the audience. But the main thing is that the reasons for the employee’s removal from the company were not found at all. The post collected 383 comments. Here’s what happened:

“Similar to Nathan Fillion, only fuller.”
“It can’t be, explicit photoshop.”
“This is what a human grin looks like.”


“It’s fucking disgusting.”
“It is strange that if it were a full-fledged beard, there would not be as much disgust as now.”
“One of the worst pictures I have come across in this public.”
“After viewing the photo, I became physically ill.”
“I vomited.”
“I know it looks stupid, but now I’m confused because at the same time this guy in the photo is very well-groomed.”

# 21. Legendary Seller

If you suddenly meet such a seller at the checkout, you should know that he is already a star. Since the photo of his hair just blew up the network. Many people write that they do not believe at all that it is possible to style their hair this way. And you feel real mastery.

Here are the comments we managed to collect:

“I have no word.”
“And I have one word ‒ styling spray.”
“Spray is a good panacea.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I see a man with thick hair.”


“It doesn’t look like a haircut, I don’t understand what it is.”
“The cast of Frank Sidebottom’s Dad.”|
“Imagine that you really do not want to be bald.”
“What is this paint?”
“Hair is painted on his bald head.”
“Did he paint his head with a marker?”
“Handsome, he slicked his hair well.”
“It looks like his head is covered in mud.”
“Creatively. Dude, send your barber number.”
“Is that a temporary tattoo?”
“Hope the white areas are not dandruff.”

# 22. Don’t Say “You Know What Balls Are” Again

Another in the collection of the most unusual hairstyles. The total asymmetry and this funky look of the girl create an unusual effect. Try to lay such curls, this will require a lot of spray and varnishes. The picture caused different emotions, 221 comments from subscribers, and this is what they think:

“Hangs very low on the right.”
“Looks like bird nests.”
“Look inside the egg.”
“She has such a wild look, sometimes my girlfriend also looks at me that way, especially when she needs something.”
“They should hang so as not to be crushed when walking.”
“They look like hernial mice.”
“She has crazy hair!”


“Just like Uncle Jerry.”
“When the bangs start curling, it’s time to shave.”
“To get out of the house like this, you need big balls.”
“Watch out, she’s a little annoyed. Do not dragon her, who knows what she hides in her hair.”
“Is it a swollen crust on her forehead?”
“Hello from Mars.”
“You were the first victim of this hairdresser?”
“The hairstyle of the future, definitely.”
“Why does her head remind me of a slice of pizza so much?”

# 23. Here’s the result “If dubstep suddenly became a haircut”

Imagine haircuts that sync with the music. The next picture resembles dubstep. London’s fast and rugged style showed clearly on this guy’s hair. The only question is, how often and where can you go with it? Hair steps look funny, but not all public users approved of this style. We have collected responses for you from the net:

“Fucking Cro-Magnon, could have had a better haircut than this shit on his head.”
“It looks like it was cut by thousands of small hands in China.”
“It looks like revenge, not like a regular haircut.”

“It seems that gum was being pulled from his hair.”


“Yeah, if it was his deliberate move, then this is the worst hairstyle I’ve ever seen.”
“The dude got into a fight with the lawnmower.”
“Shepherd boy. Apparently, the cows confused his head with the grass.”
“It’s impressive. It’s no easier to shave off your entire head and start life from scratch.”
“Disgusting hairstyle.”
“I can imagine the regrown curls, it will look even stranger.”
“When the hair is hit by the tractor.”

# 24. My haircut for $50

Examples of such unsuccessful haircuts are not uncommon, but it is surprising that it was not done at home, but in a salon. Looking at the picture, it is difficult to discern at least some hint of professionalism in this hairstyle. It’s amazing that the woman also paid money for her. The post has already been commented on in public. Here’s what we found in the comments:

“This is a maximum of 15 dollars, for what 50?”
“I wouldn’t do it for free.”
“If the girl has a receipt, she can come up and ask for compensation.”
“Are you the first victim of this ‘master’?”
“Yes, with such a result you should have been paid for a haircut, and not vice versa.”
“That’s why I cut my own hair.”
“I also. And then I know for sure if it was my fault.”
“Three years ago I did the same for free.”
“Restoration will cost more.”


“Ask for your money back.”
“You were deceived.”
“If this happened to me, I would cry for a week.”

# 25. A Difficult Period for Bart Simpson

Just look at this photo! It immediately evokes an unambiguous association. Bingo! One of the main characters of the Simpsons, only in this case he is not yellow. A retro hairstyle causes mixed reactions, with it a man really resembles a cartoon character, and probably has already gained his popularity for this. Although … At the age of 50+, it’s probably not so cool anymore. Read how they reacted in public to this outfit:

“This is Brian Regan.”
“Greetings from Will Farrell.”
“Yes, he obviously reviewed the Simpsons.”
“Secret admirer of the yellow family.”


“It can be seen that the dude fell into youth.”
“Looks like Will Farrell has started filming a new episode of Man vs Food.”
“I ate my shorts, man.”
“Looks like the mayor of Pleasantville.”
“Apparently, something went wrong in his life.”
“A harsh person.”

# 26. The only thing left for me from this picture is to shout: “What kind of nonsense?”

Meet Courteney Cox’s hairstyle for the Scream 3 movie. This photo makes many people terrified and bewildered. Why was the actress made so ugly?

Her bangs just leave a lot to be desired. The public also began a heated discussion of Cox’s appearance. Here’s what subscribers wrote:

“Did she have an accident?”
“Yes, once they were in fashion, but now they are not. I remember Jolie had such a haircut before.”
“Good for a horror movie.”
“Haircut when you are a drug addict in a bad mood.”
“Well, it doesn’t suck.”
“When the bee is hungry.”


“A hairstyle for those who are very addicted to methamphetamine.”
“Poor Cox, she didn’t deserve this.”
“Yes, apparently looking in the mirror, she cut more and more, until she got a complete horror.”
“Apparently, the hairdresser has a seizure.”
“I thought it was an episode from the TV series “Friends”
“Just cattle.”

# 27. Here are the future white-collar criminals

These people can be compared to criminals who steal while in office, business, or running the state. Here they are the gold contenders. However, not everyone understood the meaning of this message. Here’s what they discussed in the comments:

“Who the hell are these people?”
“Where were they found at all?”
“Each of these pictures worries me greatly.”
“This is a photo of CEO Virgin in early childhood.”
“They look like a family that always quarrels over their businesses.”
“If you look for this photo in the search, the obituary of some woman is knocked out.”

“Sounds like a Christopher Walken spin-off by Joe Dirt.”


“The man in the photo is the CEO and president of one of the companies, he was sentenced to prison. That’s all that I know.”
“Looks like his father is 50 and he has the same haircut. I would not be surprised if my father orders me to do the same hair as his.”
“It’s funny, my teenage years with such hair looked comical. And then I really also looked like a young swindler.”
“Look how they ruined the boy.”

# 28. Hair straw is like the main cherry on the cake

Just look at this back of the head! It’s hard to even think of something more creative. A straw straight out of your head? Want to try boiled brain as a cocktail? Perhaps it will become real today. A carefully trimmed and colored head in the form of a glass of a drink is aerobatics. Of course, it cannot but shock. The only question is, what state did you have to be in to come up with such a haircut option?

The tubule is especially striking. I wonder what it is attached to. This post has garnered many likes and comments. We will show you the latter.

“It’s not beautiful? Yes. But I bet that this person clearly knows a lot about entertainment.”
“Probably needed for the operation.”
“Business in the front, party in the back.”
“Like a corporation of monsters.”
“This milkshake won’t take anyone out into the yard.”
“I wonder how a straw was stuck there.”
“It looks like someone is sitting on the toilet.”


“Mega cool back of the head.”
“This is the plot.”
“What kind of ugliness? How could you even think of this?”

# 29. I want to die a virgin. That’s all I wanted to say

Yes, looking at this photo has nothing to say. The haircut perfectly complements the signature. In general, a smile, a look, and hair make it clear that this is for life. Keeping the honor also concerned the hairstyle. Because this character’s hair looks intact too. The virgin has caused violent reactions on the web. Here is some of them:

“How can you remain a virgin with such manly powerful hair?”
“I’ve known a lot of guys with the same frightened looks, but none of them was a virgin.”
“How much courage it takes to go out with such hair every day.”
“You thought they were straight guys.”


“Hello, my future girlfriend.”
“I have the same haircut and I have a lot of sex.”
“But these mini-antennae are funny.”
“The woman at my work looks exactly the same.”
“That’s how he achieved his goal.”
“Can this be considered cruelty towards children?”

# 30. The reason why you really have to communicate with the manager

Imagine having your hair cut so badly. Your actions? This woman decided that she should complain to the manager. And here’s what subscribers think about the haircut:

“It’s a criminal offense.”
“I am terrified. My tears are flowing.”
“I think hairdressers should get a lot of negative reviews with this hair. But often even these businesses are doing well.”


“She looks like a chicken.”
“If she sues this stylist, she will become a billionaire.”
“It feels like she did it herself.”
“I wonder if she likes this haircut?”
“Looks like she looks like a mannequin.”
“I think it’s a millet bald lady in a wig.”
“I laughed at the whole restaurant, looking at this photo.”
“Her neck looks like an artificial one.”

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