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Today’s Car News. Evolution of Electric Cars

While Greta Thunberg is preparing her dolphin cart to attend the next UN summit and telling grown-ups that they are killing the planet, other adults are just about to save it.

Otherwise, how can it be explained that almost every day new electric cars appear on the market? Some of them are more beautiful, some are functional, still, “beautiful” can not be said about the recently introduced Tesla Cybertrack, which has already been nicknamed as “a picture of a 5-year-old Elon Mask” on the Internet.

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At the Los Angeles Auto Show — from November 22 to December 1 — attendees can find new models of Korean (and not only) electric cars that are impressing the public with their future-looking shapes and declared functionality.

Hyundai Ioniq & Vision T

hybrid cars

Well, this juicer model was introduced in 2017 with plug-in hybrid, classic hybrid and fully electric versions. This year, a revamped Ioniq Electric and a plug-in hybrid crossover Vision T were revealed in Los Angeles.

  • The main difference of renewed Ioniq from its previous versions is extended range. This is pleasant news for everyone who decided not to buy this model due to its 200-kilometer range. It’s 272 km now!
  • What else is great – the new Ioniq can charge up to 80% in less than an hour thanks to a powerful 38.3 kWh battery! If you decide to have a trip, you can quickly charge it while having a cup of coffee in a roadside cafe.
  • The motor has gained more powerrr! Still, the increase is not very dramatic — only 16 horsepower, which is 134 hp in total. In general, it will go no worse than a standard subcompact but be eco-friendly, yup.
  • Also, those who buy 2020 Ioniq will get the benefits of an innovative brake-regen feature and brake-regeneration paddles.
  • Sure, they didn’t leave this model without styling and interior tweaks. The design will save its traits, so you will easily recognize the new Ioniq in the street, still, both head and rear lights are now looking like it’s 21 century already, and the grill won’t be so massive anymore. 

Damn it, it’s great when manufacturers think about the appearance of their electric cars, and not just about performance and “hardware”, as Tesla has been doing recently. In the end, when people sell innovations to customers, these innovations should look like fantastic pictures from the year of 3019.

Admittedly, the Version T electric crossover concept looks futuristic, but it seems to take something from Rav 4, and this is something — weird square wheel arches (WTF? Did the designer smoke weed when drawing the concept?).

hybrid cars

Kia Niro Hybrid & Plug-in Hybrid

hybrid cars

Our next showpiece is made in the best traditions of Kia. If you look at it, you won’t be mistaken, as only Kia makes all the cars identical. Well, we are joking, only their grills and headlights look similar, and it’s even greater, as the manufacturer has its own style and won’t step away from it, which makes their cars easily recognizable.

At the LA show, Kia presented its Niro hybrid SUV with the range of attractive features:

  • Of course, the range is the king – being a hybrid, not solely an electric car, 2020 Niro will be able to drive even more efficiently – the economy can be up to 50 mpg.
  • Driver-assistance is also boosted. The model got lane-keeping and a lane-following assist, as well as automatic headlights. This car will help you drive safely! 
  • The standard model is equipped with a 1.6l engine and 139 horsepower combined with a 1.56 kWh battery. As for the Plug-in hybrid Niro, it has the same engine and an 8.9 kWh battery! The manufacturer promises nearly 42-kilometer trips on full-electric power!
  • Niro’s interior is slightly improved thanks to larger touchscreens with navigation. As for the exterior, they added chevron-shaped bright LED lights which make the car look more innovative than previously. New wheels with sharp lines look stylish either. 

Still, SUVs are always more about their functionality than design. Practical and down-to-earth people choose them. Kia Niro is a very reasonable choice when it comes to taking children to school, going to a hardware store for repair materials, or going to the seashore and arranging a warehouse for beach items in the trunk. At least this model has normal non-square wheel arches and it’s pleasant to look at it.

Mercedes-Benz EQC

Finally, Mercedes-Benz introduced its electric crossover in the US after long months of presence in Europe.

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Only God knows why some eco-friendly electric cars appear in the US later than in Europe. Perhaps the Americans still cannot part with letting go of the herd of horsepower under the hoods of classic muscle cars and switch to environmentally friendly cars. Oh, yeah, you might have to charge them every 300 kilometers if you decide, for example, to have a road trip from New York to Las Vegas. Of course, you can go there by plane, but what about a fun trip with friends across all the beautiful views of the Nevada desert, where you risk getting stuck forever.

Still, this electric crossover is priced at nearly $67K, which takes the car to once range with Audi E-Tron and Jaguar I-Pace. 

Anyway, the LA show is not over, and if you are striving to find the best eco-friendly car for yourself, be it a luxury Mercedes or an affordable Hyundai, you can find your electric love there.

hybrid cars

The event will last till December 1 and make you happy with the concept of 2021 Mustang Mach-E. Do you remember that awesome powerful Machs from the late 60s? That’s it! The same power but all-electric power!

Stay tuned, guys! 

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