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Top Facts to Learn before Watching the Mandalorian Series

Recently, a new series based on Star Wars – Mandalorian –  has become incredibly popular. From the very first episodes, it captured the attention of many viewers, not only fans of the franchise but also those who are far from a galaxy far far away. This article will be very useful for those who in addition to the main films did not watch or read anything about Star Wars. Many nuances of the series are not very clear even to fans of the Force.


Jon Favreau, the director of the Mandalorian, tried to create a work that perfectly conveys the atmosphere of Star Wars. It is known that he often consults with George Lucas and follows his advice. After the Disney company began to destroy this universe with its new films, new series breathed new life into the universe and delighted many franchise fans.

Firstly, let’s talk about the events of the series in general. Five years passed after the fall of the Empire (Episode 6). Somewhere in the galaxy, the remnants of the Empire are creating the First Order. The revived Republic rules in the galaxy. At the frontier, far from the central systems, Mandalorians` powerful clan lives in shade. They lost their home and were forced to exist, earning money as mercenaries and bounty hunters.

Many viewers wonder who the Mandalorians are. Many still consider them bounty hunters as Jango or Boba Fett. In fact, Mandalorians are warlike nomadic people, regardless of race or gender. They are united by a common culture and values, not consanguinity.

Mandalorians` history

Initially, the Mandalorians were a separate race of humanoids – Taungs – which were distinguished by militancy and cruelty. Battles were the meaning of their life. As they developed, they became stronger. As a result, under the leadership of their greatest leader Mandalore the First, they conquered an entire planet, which they named Mandalore in his honor. Mandalore the First became famous for almost complete exterminating the legendary Mythosaurs during the conquest. By the way, these huge powerful dinosaur-like creatures were mentioned in the series.


After conquering their first planet which they now call their home, they became even crueler. They continued to occupy other planets. After each conquest, the strongest warriors of other planets joined their army, bringing their technologies as well. After all these bloody wars, there were fewer members of the original race in the Mandalorian clans. Subsequently, the Mandalorian race disappeared. Now, Mandalore has become a planet of conquerors, an organization that consisted of warriors of various races. They united in clans and kept the heritage of the ancient Taung race.

The legacy consisted not only of warfare technologies but also of long-standing opponents. The main enemies of the Mandalorians were the Jedi. They had repeatedly encountered each other in battles. Mandalorians were no longer barbarians with sticks but an advanced race of conquerors. And the Jedi Order could no longer avoid them. Technology allowed warriors of that planet to fight the Jedi on equal terms and even win in many battles. All this forced the Jedi to start a full-scale war against the conquerors to stop them.

The main battle took place on the home planet Mandalore. The Jedi won it, and as a result of the battle, most of the planet became a scorched desert. Because of that, the Mandalorians began to hate the Order and took the side of the Sith in many other battles.

But this was not a rapidly mentioned in the series great Purge, after which only a small part of Mandalorians remained in the galaxy. It is still known that the Empire was the reason for this event, and also exactly the Empire has stolen the priceless treasure of the warrior nation.

Beskar, Mandalorian iron is one of the most durable materials in the universe; it is so strong that even lightsabers can’t cut it through immediately. This is due both to the strength of the material itself and the metallurgy of the Mandalorians.

A Little Yoda

Another question that is gaining popularity is who is this little child, so similar to the great master Yoda. Half of the first season is over, and there are more and more questions with each series. Many eager fans are creating various theories of the origin of this little cute green thing.


Even in the first 6 episodes, there was almost no information about Yoda. And in subsequent books and legends, there is also nothing, even about his race. It was the decision of George Lucas who wanted the great Jedi to be shrouded in mystery. He forbade anyone to tell any information about the past of the master or his relatives. There are only two exceptions. The first exception has appeared in various games, where a player meets Jedi Masters of this race. Interestingly, they are very powerful and sensitive to the Force, which already hints to us that these green tiny warriors are not so simple.

Also, this race does not even have its own name or home planet. Fans call them “Tridactyls”.

The second exception appeared in Episode 1 released in 1999. There you can see the scenes of the Jedi Council meeting and one of the chairs is taken by Yaddle, the Jedi Master of the Yoda’s race. This was confirmed by George Lucas himself. At the time of the film, she is 500 years old. But, unfortunately, this master died between the first and second Episodes (outside the films) while defending Anakin and Kenobi.


This leads us to the first theory of little Yoda`s origin. We were told that he was 50 years old, which means that he was born about 10 years before the events of the first episode when Yoda and Yaddle were alive. He might be their son. The fact that he has such a sensitivity to the Force indirectly confirms this. Considering that all of the mentioned representatives of this race were powerful Jedi, perhaps this is a feature of each of their kind. Finally, we have only indirect evidence for this theory.

The second very popular theory is the theory of cloning. It affects not so much the origin of a little Yoda as its role in the series. Dr. Pershing, who was exploring a green creature, bears a symbol on his shoulder like all clones from the planet Camino and doctors that are responsible for raising the clone soldiers. So, he is a geneticist. Also, in the series, it was mentioned that they need a little Yoda to collect materials from his body. The conclusion is very simple. Most likely, the surviving part of the Empire wants to create a new army of clones. But they now want to make clones be Force gifted. Just imagine what a squad of at least twenty clones can do, equal in strength to one of the strongest Jedi Masters ever.

And one more theory I personally like. Many people know that most likely Anakin Skywalker was created by Darth Sidious (Emperor Palpatine) with the help of knowledge in the Force. The little tridactyl was born at about the same time as Anakin. And here are two options. Maybe Yoda, in a similar way, has also created a powerful creature. Or the Force, which is usually balanced between the dark and light sides, created a creature of equal strength to the future Darth Vader.

In any case, the answers to these questions about the origin of the little cutie will be discovered further. George Lucas stated that the name of the race and a little Yoda will become known in the series. So we just need to wait a little bit more.

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