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Travers Beynon ‘Candyman’ Living Every Man’s Dream Life

Travers Beynon ‘Candyman’ got a wife, at least seven girlfriends and $200 million in net worth. Take a sneak peek into his life.

Travers Beynon Candyman

While most men struggle to find a decent girlfriend who won’t cheat, Travers Beynon, aka Candyman, has women, money, cars, and parties around him at all times. Most people will probably bash him for walking his women on a leash, but he reminds me of Doc Antle – Joe Exotic’s friend from ‘Tiger King’ (the show that went viral because we’re all stuck in our houses right now). I bet a lot of males want to learn a thing or two from Doc and Travers about what it’s like to assert dominance over females with money (or exotic cats). 

Pop quiz: How do you convince a woman to get the name of your tobacco brand tattooed on her ass? Even better: How do you get three of them to do it?  Answer: You let them stay in your super cool Candy Mansion, fuck each other on a regular basis, take racy photos together for Instagram @candyshopmansion and throw a huge party to celebrate your boujee lifestyle. I mean, how hard can it be to throw a mini Tomorrowland in the backyard of your ginormous house? After you browse the  ‘Candy Shop Mansion’ channel on Youtube, it turns out it can be waaay harder than it looks. Of course, it’s easy to do all this when you’re an ex- Calvin Klein and Versace model, as well as an ex-football player and have an awesome collection of cars in your garage. The parties the Candyman throws in his Candyman house are exactly like you imagine them. When it comes to the dress code, the approach ‘less clothing is better’ applies, there are flashing lights literally everywhere and exotic animals… and pools… bitches love pools.

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It might sound like a great bargain, but Travers never seems to stop and is always in the active working mode. He literally has to stay on top of everything (pun intended). In order for all his women to regularly go shopping for Balenciaga, Versace, and Balmain, the Candyman/ Entrepreneur had to bust his ass to get to be ‘the number one leading retail tobacconist franchise’. He’s been branded the Australian Dan Bilzerian and it’s obvious why- the beard, the muscles, the parties with boobs everywhere, but I expected his Instagram following for both his personal page and his Candy Shop Mansion Instagram page to be larger than it actually is. Travers hasn’t even reached one million followers on either one of his accounts, while Dan Bilzerian’s just reached his 31st million follower. 

Travers Beynon Candyman

What’s actually great is how much his four children and all his females and friends love and care for him. They all find him to be considerate and loving which is not how the Candyman comes off at first with his bulky looks. A lot of people probably judge him because he thinks women belong in the kitchen and all his girlfriends wear matching clothes while caring for his every wish, but everyone around Travers Beynon honestly looks normal and happy. They’re all in the cool Candyman house voluntarily, they have formed a sort of a society and love each other. Even though it might be an unpopular opinion, I say go for it. If he’s happy working hard and they’re happy with how he fucks them, the only thing that we can say about the Candyman is ‘Amazing party, bro’.

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