TWIFT | Lifestyle | Trump says “I do” to a debate hosted by Joe Rogan

Trump says “I do” to a debate hosted by Joe Rogan

presential debate

President Trump showed interest in a four-hour presidential debate with Joe Biden, moderated by Joe Rogan.

On Monday Trump used his usual platform (Twitter) to respond to a former navy seal and mixed martial arts fighter, Tim Kennedy. He shared a tweet from Tim, who wrote that Joe Rogan (comedian and mixed martial arts commentator, who has one of the biggest audiences in America) offered during his podcast to moderate a debate between the two presidential candidates. This debate would not be in front of a live audience. Tim said in his tweet “Just the two candidates, cameras, and their vision of how to move this country forward. Who wants this? #debates #Election2020.” The president responded to that with “I do.”

Three presidential debates have already been scheduled by the commission. They are on September 29th, October 15th, and October 22nd with a vice presidential debate on October 7th.

Trump’s campaign tried to add one more debate before the early voting in some states begins, but the commission rejected it.

The president is currently trailing Joe Biden’s campaign in key voting states and some surveys indicate that the race is tightening. These debates can be of huge importance for the outcome of the elections, given that the pandemic changed a lot of the plans for both candidates. As they can’t do their traditional way of campaigning, a debate can offer both candidates to speak to big parts of the nation and improve their standing in the race.

Trump has accused Joe Biden of not being mentally acute during some of his interviews. He describes him as “shot”. Joe Rogan himself expressed some concerns over Joe Biden’s health and a long conversation between the two candidates might be the best solution to verify if these claims are true. During his conversation with Tim Kennedy, Joe Rogan mentioned that a debate hosted by him was not likely to happen and stated that his conditions would be to stay alone with both candidates and stream it live, so no editing can be done.

Some members of the Democratic party suggested to Joe Biden to sit out of the debates because of Trump’s statements, but his answer to them was “ I am going to be the fact-checker on the stage while debating him.” 

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