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Ukrainians and Danes have proved everyone who the hell is the sexiest!

According to recent research, Ukrainians and Danes have turned out to be the sexiest nations in the world. They were very surprised to hear this tragic turn of events, as now they should conform to the standards of such an honorary title. To shape the butt more and wear makeup. Well, if we are talking about men, to make a pompous face and proudly get in the car like in the TV ad.

The unusual rating was created by analytic travel service which has collected opinions of the Big Seven Travel audience. About one and a half million people helped to find out the answer to the main question in the whole Universe: “Who the hell is the sexiest here?”. It seems all people don’t sleep and think about it. At last, the truth emerges!

Ukraine came first in the marathon of sexuality

Ukraine got the leading position in the ranking. It is only weird that as an example of Ukrainian they chose Mila Kunis who has Jewish roots. Oh, stop, please, we are talking about NATION. Well, if she was born in Chernivtsi, it means Ukrainian appearance. So they could put an African-American woman from Kyiv in her shoes, who was born here in Ukraine and that’s the whole point. By the way, a few years ago, the actress said that she doesn’t identify herself with Ukraine, so why set her as an example?

The second example is Katheryn Winnick who has Ukrainian roots. Why not take other names? No, the above actresses are really awesome, but they are not very convincing Ukrainian women. This is unquestionable that Katheryn has not typical features of Ukrainians! Then it is better to remember Tina Karol, who is damn beautiful and glorifies the country with her gorgeous art. Moreover, she has far too much hot sexuality!

Look at Anna Sagaidachnaya, actress of “The Serf” series. She has naive sexuality, very gentle, the kind of woman that men usually take in marriage. Yes, perhaps, the previous Ukrainian beauties didn’t manage to win Hollywood, but they are not ashamed to put as an example of the sexiest Ukrainians. Think about this, guys.

Well, why not consider a third candidate after two positions of beautiful girls. There is no too much sexuality. We considered Tina Karol and Anna Sagaidachnaya as the sexiest women in Ukraine. In the first case, we see already adult femininity, in the second there is still young, but hot. Both beauties are so cute that you can call a pony and a rainbow. Are you ready for fucking contrast? It will be… drum roll… Snejana Onopka! Gorgeous fury and beast, there were so many scandals due to her harsh statements. We can say that the star has quite the acid tongue! The world model has managed to work with fashion meters like Calvin Klein, Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci, Lanvin, Prada. This hot baby has become famous in just two years and still charms all men with her look and gorgeous butt, not only in Ukraine but throughout the world. Angelic beauty and intolerable character is a great combination. Give me two, please!

Denmark got silver in the ranking of the sexiest nations in the world

High five, Denmark, you were able to become one of the leaders of the sexiest nations. Here, the Big Seven Travel audience decided to use the example of a handsome man like Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Oh yeah, this cute dude from Game of Thrones! What’s this about the ratings? Yes, it didn’t work, what the hell. The actor is undoubtedly good, but it’s better to look at the girls. We move to Denmark to see the most beautiful women in their universe.

Danes are the most mysterious and serious, licked behavior from the incredibly beautiful nature that surrounds them. This is 100% truth! Very sophisticated, intelligent and silent. The last point is the dream of every man. Silent, not fucking stupid and looks sexy.

First, look at the Danish model Maya Kreg. They call her like local Angelina Jolie and Cindy Crawford. It seems that with such an appearance you can go crazy with your own awesomeness since birth. But this girl has good manners, boobs and is worthy of the ‘Best of the best’ title. She is only 24 years old, but has already managed to win the modeling business, where she has been swimming like a fish in water for 8 years! Okay, Maya the Bee, work hard and win new titles!

Next, we consider a more serious adult beauty, model and part-time actress Connie Inge-Lise Nielsen. The 54-year-old star was named a “sex symbol” by the American magazine Entertainment Weekly 19 years ago. It is worth noting that now Connie is still pretty good, it seems that she had found somewhere a great youth recipe and must have hidden it in her big heart. Danish woman, don’t be so greedy, people also want to look young, fucking sexy and cheerful. God told us to share, and you’re bragging about your beauty.

Recall another Game of Thrones star Birgitta Yort Sørensen. Well, she was there, of course, only walking by (maybe she came out for bread and accidentally entered the series), but she was still involved in the popular series. A talented actress with a memorable appearance has already managed to charm almost the whole world, so she can rightfully be in this rating of Danish beauties.

So, if you think about it, among the leaders could be also other nations. But for everyone, sexuality has its own points, and people agreed on the opinion that Ukraine and Denmark were the first to enter this list. Perhaps there is nothing to argue with, but if you look deeper at the last 50th place, you’ll be dazzled.

We are talking about the Irish. Let’s remember Rose McGowan, her Paige’s forms and charming face from Charmed TV series. Here, even Marilyn Manson couldn’t resist and got involved with this beauty! And what about Heather Graham from the Twin Peaks TV series with an angelic little face? Well, no comments! Anne Hathaway, Olivia Wilde, Rose Byrne… Damn, guys, are you blind? When you see an American Angelina Jolie in the 45th place you’re outraged. This is the most beautiful woman in the world. Probably even many girls would have fucked her, nobody gives a fuck about her husband and three kids, after watching Gia you fall in love with this Goddess of Beauty.

You want to hit your head on the table when seeing fucking hot Mexican girl Salma Hayek at the 24th place, Shakira at 22, Penelope Cruz at 16, Monica Bellucci at 7. This isn’t about that Ukraine and Denmark are not worthy of these positions, but that the above nations would be worth ranking higher. Well, everyone has their own unique concepts of sexuality, beauty, and charm. In general, all nations have awesome features and, perhaps, once we will stop dividing them all without a need in lists or ratings? That’s another story we won’t even get into.

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