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Veganism Became Official

Veganism became official in England. Not so long ago, a high profile case took place in Britain, which caused excitement among representatives of the whole fucking vegan culture. The hearing in the employment court was aimed at taking followers of the veggie movement to a new level. 

If earlier the labor law included such a concept as “protected characteristics”, containing nine issues, now vegetarianism will become the tenth item on this list and will be combed to the above according to all laws. This means that no employer has the right to fire a person. So if you hire a person who is a follower of veganism, you cannot dismiss him for any reason, because in this case, this jerk will sue half of your property, not even being married to you.

This “result” was achieved by Jordi Casamitjana. He is one of the “ethical vegans.” He sued his former employer, the League Against Cruel Sports, a charitable organization that protects animals. He undoubtedly claims that he illegally lost his job. They didn’t like his vegetarian beliefs.

Ethical vegans take veganism very seriously. Sometimes it goes to fucking extremes. In addition to the usual postulates such as sticking to a special diet and not using things made from animals.

Some of them in the race to prove to everyone that they are such cool fucking defenders, begin to harm not only themselves but also the health of their children. This shit happens all over the place.

In order to have the right of defense in accordance with this law, Jordi Casamitjana was able to find lawyers who really wanted to promote. They had to prove that vegans feel a lack of respect from others. Also, focus on the fact that the state cannot be called democratic if it doesn`t accept veganism as an independent and important conviction. Their main goal was to convince the judge that this lifestyle is compatible with human dignity. They probably forgot to mention how many children have already died and ended up in hospitals thanks to the high fucking moral convictions of their parents.

At the hearing, the judge stated that he took into account all the evidence presented and declared that the very concept of vegetarianism did not contradict the fundamental laws. This ideology, in general, is consistent with the law on the equality of people. And it can be qualified as a philosophical conviction.

And this means that from now on, veganism comes under the law on equality, directed against discrimination in society and in the workplace.

Jordi Casamitjana expressed his gratification with the court decision and commented on it like this:

I was lucky that at my hearing I came across a judge who could understand me, and the group of people that I represent. This turned out to be a big breakthrough for vegans in protecting their rights. The results of the hearing exceeded all my expectations. I didn’t expect that today we will succeed in achieving our goal. We provided a ton of evidence that we were right, and most of them were weighty enough to convince the court. Thanks to this, we were able to convince the judge that veganism is a “non-religious philosophical faith” that requires protection at the legislative level.

“I’m not alone at all. Many people whom I know and just people who care, supported me. A huge number of people experienced the same discrimination as me. They were ethical veg. I really hope that after this incident, other ethical vegans can be heard and protected within the walls of the court,” he added.

It was a very important task for Casamitjana to prove to the legal system that vegans are not just a whim, but a real philosophical conviction that has already been followed by many millions of people throughout the world. And for him personally, this is a real-life ideology. He insists that stepping on the path of ethical veganism has changed his life. For example, he is so dumb that he does not use the bus, because he may run into birds or even fucking insects.

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