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What Is The Best Way To Masturbate? Tips For Men and Women

Let’s talk about something that no one will speak to you.


It gets boring in quarantine. You can’t play a computer forever; new movies and games are regularly delayed. What to do with yourself? Well, if you are stuck at home with your love, then it’s a little easier for you unless, of course, you don’t kill each other. But what if you stayed at home alone, or with your parents? A significant point in a worldwide pandemic is the lack of contact with people, especially sexual. And what is the best way to relieve sexual tension than to masturbate?

I decided to make a guide for guys and girls on how to “stay alone” correctly, what is better to do or not to do, and how to make this process as comfortable as possible for you. Most of the advice will be for girls; it is easier for guys in this matter, but males will also have something to read.

Let’s start with one song about masturbation, which is sung by a famous porn actress Jia Lissa: 


Sexuality education in the world is moving further and further; nevertheless, in this world in many countries, sex and masturbation is something shameful. Such sexual things are especially true for girls because, in some places, it is exposed as a sin or something dirty. But you and I are adequate people, so I will try to explain everything in the most detail, including those people who are not particularly familiar with masturbation.

Are you just going to masturbate, or have you tried it a couple of times but not sure if you do everything right? It’s okay, and you’re not the only one. Masturbation refers to the very things about which it is difficult to understand whether you are doing everything right immediately. And in general, how to deal with all this? It instantly turns out that everything is not so simple there, and especially for girls.

What are the labia minora in general, for example? And where do you look for the clitoris? In general, you can get confused. But, you know what we’ll tell you ‒ focus on your feelings, trust yourself. No one here can give you exact instructions. But so that you don’t feel so scared, we have collected a few things that suit everyone and will help you relax and feel more confident.


Masturbation is not something weird about teenage boys getting hormones in their heads. Most people do this. And if you like to masturbate, it doesn’t make you weird and wrong. I don’t think they told you about this at school, but someone has to do it.

Further information is mainly for girls and a small guide for guys at the end. Although it will be useful for everyone to know the features of the opposite sex, so do not skip this information 🙂

• Masturbation is touching different parts of your body to deliver sexual pleasure. For example, such as the clitoris, nipples, or anus.
• It is not just your vagina that is affected. Most women satisfy themselves with clitoral stimulation.


  • Research has shown that 58% of women masturbate.
  • Guys do it too. The same study found that 80% of men do it.
  • It doesn’t make you bad/strange/dirty. These are all prejudices. On the other hand, if you don’t masturbate, you are perfectly normal too. In general, this is a personal matter for everyone.
  • This is an excellent way to get to know your own body. There are no similar bodies, which means that all people experience different sensations. Only you can understand what you like or dislike.


  • You may have an orgasm. When a person arouses, his muscles are tense. Orgasm is the release of this tension + the release of endorphins into the blood, which causes delightful sensations. If you have an orgasm, it can be challenging to describe. Each person experiences his/her unique feelings.
  • But orgasms don’t always happen. It all depends on your mood and the state of your body. And It may take you a minute to reach it, or an hour may not be enough. It is normal.
  • Masturbation does not necessarily mean that you have to feel the orgasm. You can just please yourself without reaching the highest point.
  • This is considered the safest form of sex. Yeah, that’s sex too, solo sex. And there is no risk of getting pregnant or getting an STD.
  • Wash your hands first. Remember, your mother told you to do this before meals. Everything is the same here.
  • Make sure you pee after. Bacteria from the anus can quickly get into your vagina, right into the urethra. There is a great way to wash it all off ‒ just go to the toilet. Moreover, after orgasm, such a desire often appears.


  • You can masturbate and remain a virgin. A virgin is one who has not had sex with another person. So if you stick your fingers in your vagina, you are still a virgin.
  • Masturbation does not make worse sex with a partner. Instead, in contrast, it improves. Because by masturbating, you get to know your body and its response to irritation in different places. This means that during sex, you will be able to correct the actions of your partner.
  • If a guy masturbates, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like his girlfriend. You can be 100% satisfied with your relationship and still masturbate. It is entirely reasonable. By the way, research shows that the better relationships people have, the more often they masturbate. 

So take this as a compliment.

So, How Do You Start This Pleasant Pastime?

Make sure you are ready

First of all, do you want to try? Are you ready, or are you doing it just because you’ve heard or read a lot about it? You should answer these questions to yourself. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to sex is that if you don’t feel like you want it, you won’t enjoy it.


You should be comfortable

Make sure you are in a place where you feel comfortable. Yes, the school toilet is not very suitable.

Look in the mirror

No, you don’t have to do it by all means. But it’s a good idea to find out how things are arranged there. We understand it’s a little scary, but the better you know your own body, the easier it will be for you to have fun.

Make sure no one is around

The worst thing that can happen: someone will come in at the most crucial moment and prevent you. Check-in advance, or better, lock the door.

Turn yourself on

Yes, arousal is an essential part of masturbation. You can’t start like this, just right off the bat. You need to get to a particular stage of arousal. How? Everyone has their ways: dreams of celebrities (yes, everyone does it), erotic films or books. You will decide.


Find out what you like

The most crucial point: you need to figure out what gives you pleasure. To do this, try different options. Are you interested in toys? Do you need a lubricant? Will you use a pillow for this? And a bunch of equally essential questions.

Do not overdo it

Not every person can immediately get an orgasm during masturbation. Yes, that happens too. And if you fail, then that’s completely normal. Just don’t be nervous and take a break.

Find a secluded place

Nothing kills the right mood, like the fear of being caught. I’m sure you’re all alone in your room. But just in case, make sure that no one comes in at the most crucial moment.

Use your fingers

And the force of friction 🙂 The main thing is to find the right point, the right rhythm, and the right pressing force. Make corrections personally for you. And yes, princesses do it too. Have no doubt.

Change the rhythm

You can control your sensations by changing the rhythm and pressure. Study your preferences, and do not deny yourself anything.

Tips for men: what is the best way to masturbate?


Many guys learned a couple of chords on the guitar at an early age, but only a few will play decently. And it’s not just talent, but above all, the effort to learn new things and improve old ones. Almost the same situation is with sex life. Men masturbate from an early age, and nobody taught them this (in most cases). It seems like everything happened by itself, by the call of nature.

As a sexual skill, masturbation, in the minds of most men, is something given, unchanging, unalterable, and always positive. But this is not at all the case. Masturbating wisely, we can learn something new about ourselves and our body, and this knowledge will not only bring many new and pleasant sensations into our life but also significantly expand our ideas about sex with a partner. Many may think: “What wildness, it looks ridiculous!” Yes, from the outside, many of the tips given here look strange, funny, or intimidating. But no one will look from the outside! Why be ashamed? It is your life, and you try to live it as fully as possible. Improving the sexuality of your life is wise and beneficial.



1. Business time

Masturbation, in the mind of most men, is something that is done stealthily and quickly. For years, the reflex of quick movements of the fist has been practiced, with periodic listening and looking over the shoulder, with the same fast and fussy process of “hiding evidence.” An intelligent person does not think about getting new results by acting in the old way. Take time. For yourself, only for yourself, so that no one distracts and you don’t have to go anywhere.

2. Porn ‒ aside

Tune in. Most men (especially in the age) masturbate with porn films. But sometimes imagination is very helpful. Yes, it will take more time, but, firstly, see paragraph 1, and secondly, porn does not develop this way, delivering a source of excitement “for nothing.”

3. Rehearsal 

Don’t just start masturbating, followed by a finale. At first, “aim” a little, pay attention to what your breathing is during this process. Feel and try small changes in its depth and speed. Do clamps appear in the body, in some of its parts? How exactly does the body speak of an approaching orgasm? The man does not even ask himself these and other questions, but the answers are relevant, it will be possible to work with them later.


Things To Try:

1. Change of a hand. The essential thing to do if you haven’t experimented with masturbation at all. In addition to the noticeable new sensations in the penis area, everything is directly related to the brain’s activity. To some extent, the habit of doing the other hand develops us.

2. Change your posture. Masturbation isn’t just about sitting in a chair. You can lie, kneel, or even squat. Try to open and close your legs. Try whatever comes to mind and listen to the sensations. Perhaps something will push you to new ideas in the field of conventional sex.


3. Move not only with your hands. If masturbation imitates sex, it is passive on the part of a man. We usually move our hips, rotate them. These movements can be included in masturbation, watching how they affect orgasm.

4. Hand movements can be varied. You cannot be limited to the usual “up and down”, but do actions with twists, connect massage with your fingers, or even use the other hand, “rolling” your cock between the palms. There can be a lot of options.

5. Study. Of course, the glans is the most sensitive area of ​​the penis, but in fact, the entire shaft of the penis can be quite responsive. Move your hand along the whole length of the penis to the base, or the very end, feel the difference between the outside and inside. Change the angle of your penis to your body. It can affect the approach of orgasm, and therefore sex with a partner.


6. Don’t be limited to a penis. A man’s perineum is a very sensitive area. There you can find many things to massage, caress, tickle, and push. And that’s not to mention the scrotum ‒ is there a more sensitive area in a man’s body? Explore all the nearby areas, discovering new sources of excitement.

7. Don’t limit yourself to your hands. Do you think that there can be nothing but a good old fist? Try toys. They can change the way to approach masturbation, inspiring new creative solutions both with themselves and with a partner.

8. Use lubricant. If you choose simply “for hands”, then you can buy a greasy lubricant. So you not only diversify the sensations, make them more real, but also protect yourself from various microtraumas caused by friction.

9. An integrated approach. Never get upset if this or that advice turns out to be entirely useless for you. There is no “right” or “universal” way to masturbate, but if you approach this business with enthusiasm, sooner or later, new horizons will open to you.

And an essential aspect for those who live at home with their parents or neighbors. It is suitable for both guys and girls.

How to masturbate in a house full of people?

Even if you do not live alone, this is not a reason to give up masturbation. Here are some tips on how to keep this intimate process a secret from your neighbors!


1. Don’t be ashamed

Well, by the way, there is nothing wrong with the fact that you masturbate, and for sure, your neighbors do it too. Just try not to inconvenience those around you ‒ it will be indecent.

2. Lock the door

If you are lucky and live in a separate room, lock the door when masturbating. The fact that no one can come in and interfere with you will help you relax.

3. Take care of soundproofing

can hang pictures on the wall, plug the gap under the door with a rag, and if your bed creaks, buy and spray aerosol grease on the joints.

4. Play Some Music

Firstly, sweet music will help you relax. Secondly, if you live at home with your parents, this gives you confidence that they will not hear you accidentally. Even considering that parents or roommates are well aware that all teenagers do this, I’m sure you don’t want them to know about it right during the process.

Pick up the volume so that it does not bother the neighbors, but has already drowned out your voluptuous moans.


5. Use the bathroom wisely

The bathroom is a great place to masturbate. You can play with the shower or even take a waterproof vibrator with you, as it will not be heard in the general noise. But please don’t do this in the morning before work, forcing the neighbors to get nervous and push you!

6. Buy quiet toys

If you like to play with vibrators, choose the quietest models. Cheap ones, as a rule, are equipped with vibration motors of a very primitive design, which hum quite loudly. Read online reviews about it, and don’t forget to check it yourself before buying!

7. Use headphones

Watching porn in front of other people in the room is difficult, as the volume level fluctuates a lot (and sometimes unexpectedly!). If you enjoy watching porn while masturbating, be sure to use comfortable in-ear headphones, but only insert one of them into your ear so as not to lose touch with the outside world.

8. Control yourself

If you usually moan loudly during orgasm, find a way to release the energy in a slightly different way. At the top, try to fall face down into the pillow or even bite the blanket so as not to scream at the top of your voice.

9. Say you are meditating

It works great if your roommates are overly friendly and even annoying. To be alone, at least occasionally, tell everyone that you regularly practice meditation. In general, masturbation and meditation are somewhat similar, so you are partly right!


10. Come up with an excuse

There will probably be this awkward moment one day when you are caught with a hand in your pants. To keep embarrassment to a minimum, come up with an excuse ahead of time. For example, say you are changing into more comfortable clothes.

11. Make it a game

Try to find your advantages in everything and make the most of the situation. Think about when you can be alone at home and do not miss this chance. Encourage your neighbors to leave you alone, or find a reason to come home early while no one is around. And some are seriously excited by the possibility of being caught red-handed!

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