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Why is America Hit By a Wave of Depression

Why is America Hit By a Wave of Depression?

The level of political development of the United States, as well as the mental health of its citizens, has declined sharply. These changes occurred almost simultaneously, which perhaps indicates a clear relationship between them.

The Frightening Depression Statistics

Well, each defines a political crisis based on his own considerations. For me, the crisis comes at a time when the collective mental health of the nation begins to deeply influence politics and vice versa. So here is the opinion why America is so depressed about Trump.

The coincidence of these two points is not accidental. The decline in tandem can be confirmed by real statistics.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, from 2016 to 2018, the adult population that was characterized by increased anxiety increased to 36 percent. 2017 statistics show that more than 17 million adult Americans and 3 million teenagers from 12 to 17 years old had at least one depressive episode.

At present, over 40 million adults in America suffer from an anxiety disorder, which is more than 20 percent of citizens. No less gloomy data relate to suicides that happen daily in America. Unfortunately, suicide statistics continue to progress. So, from 1999 to 2017, the number of this type of murder increased by 33 percent.

Why are Americans So Depressed?

The reason for a depressed American guy to tame his life lies in the mental world war. For several decades, the social and political opposition of people to black and white, men and women, old and young, are shared. Everybody who defends his or her rights, feels anger, resentment, guilt or inferiority.

In addition to the brutal social antagonisms, America is embraced by the mass shootings, crimes, cataclysms, cyber-attacks and other threats that came with the era of the Internet. Constant reports of sexual harassment online, the effects of climate change, fierce competition at work and in other areas make Americans depressed and affect their psychological state. At some point, the psyche does not stand up to everything that suddenly collapses on the shoulders of one person.

No less problematic is the infrastructure, overpopulation and the lack of a sufficient number of residential premises, problems in healthcare and education. The external environment also causes depression. This, in turn, includes catastrophic thinking, which makes us see the world even more unsafe than it really is.

All this terrifying image of the modern world causes the desire to create a strong revengeful figure that can further frighten society. A shadow of suspicion falls on the current leader of America, Donald Trump. There is a thought about the problematic health of the president. If Trump is really mentally unwell (many of his critics mention this), he really can become the leader of our tormented society.

My Own Coping Strategy For Depression

It is difficult to talk about mental illness in general abstract terms. After all, the personal problems of each are not just a fragment of a national disorder.

If I had not been tormented for several years by my personal problems regarding mental well-being, I would hardly have decided to write this. Thoughts of suicide are something I’m familiar not from bystanders or newspaper headlines. Even today, the idea of ​​jumping from a bridge or swallowing a lethal amount of pills comes to my mind and does not let go for a long time.

But one morning a year and a half ago, when I decided to stop taking Valium after 18 months of treatment, everything changed. The consequences of stopping the drug were so strong that I was in a borderline state, barely aware of what was happening. At that time, I almost jumped under the subway train. My fantasies also revolved around the topic of murder. In this state, dreams of salvation that would destroy my pain without ending my life visited me.

Since the rejection of Valium, I continue to visit the psychotherapist. But at the same time, I do not agree to any additional psychotropic drugs because I developed my own survival strategy. Once, I came to the piano, which we bought for our 9-year-old daughter, and started to play “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. The first two notes were identical and separated by an octave. The seven notes between them correspond to the seven colors of the rainbow. So for me, this piano song embodies the leap from unfulfilled Kansas to the enchanted world of Oz!

The Very Most Important Thing is Mobilizing Your Internal Resources

I see a real national division between people who have the resources to overcome their mental illness and those who do not attempt to do so.

When I can get out of a state of despair, I imagine this state as sharp iron spikes. Climbers use them to climb a rock, but sometimes their hands refuse to help them. But there is always a way out. There is always something that can lift us. It can be your favorite work, enjoyment of art, kindness to another person. For my wife and me, this is the upbringing of our two children.

According to the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, depression is an anger turned into oneself. Now we know that depression is also the result of various external factors – economic instability, social environment, accidental unpleasant events, injuries. Yeah, there are also internal factors – neurobiology, genetics, mindset, cognitive distortions, thinking errors and limiting beliefs. All these moments could make Americans depressed.

Like everyone who is familiar with depression firsthand, I know that it is my task to overcome it, my unique responsibility to myself. Nevertheless, the border between me and all external forces that constantly form and change me is more blurred than we would like to believe. Anyway, very specific external factors continue to exist that suddenly appear in my head and make me think about suicide. And no matter how many coaches would tell us that we are the masters of our lives, we are still very dependent on what is happening next to us.

The Wide Social Context of Depression

There is a constantly working financial processor when our material obligations exceed the real possibilities and means to fulfill them. It becomes unbearable when you have to choose between two children. Whose needs are more important at the moment? This is the hardest choice for parents. After all, at this moment, parents should carefully weigh which of the children will get this or that gift. But what about feelings? It is impossible to make this choice because both children are beloved.

This text is not only about money. Do not discount the social changes during the era of President Trump. Welcoming social change and complaining about their sacrifice are perfectly normal phenomena.

Only in this way I can see myself and imagine others in a double bond. My depression is rooted in my biology, my biography, and ultimately my choice. But this happens in a much wider context, which can bring down almost anyone. It is happening now. The fact is that the country is not red, but blue. And it’s almost completely blue…

As for me, the real national division between people is the possession of internal and external resources to survive their mental illness and those who do not have this and do not care about their psyche.

Often, finding a good psychotherapist who will show empathy, wisdom and kindness is not so simple. That is why, perhaps, you can find an accessible psychiatrist, which will contribute to making right decision regarding the use of medications that can save your life.

According to a 2014 study, more and more people never found out about their psychiatric diagnosis. Since 80 percent of all antidepressant prescriptions are given by primary care physicians who do not have adequate psychological or psychiatric training.

Even though the mental health crisis in America is progressing, a significant number of books and articles have been published on increased anxiety and depression, the topic of mental illness has not yet been disclosed. We talk too often about this problem but do not solve it.

In 1977, Jimmy Carter established the Presidential Mental Health Commission. Later in 1980, the Mental Health Systems Act was passed. This has led to many good political ideas – organizing psychiatric care for children and adolescents, older Americans, rural people, and rape victims.

How a new US leader should be?

In his appeals, Trump seems to be talking to himself, not thinking about the influence that is made by public collective consciousness. However, many of these ideas have not been put into practice. Mental health was not the subject of a nationwide review. In the president’s debate, many issues are raised but not the American mental illness pandemic.

The United States needs a national leader who will solve not only the problems of economics, energy, geopolitics but also who will stop the progression of mental illnesses that have hit American’s depression. The new US leader should raise the issue of this crisis to the same level as climate control and weapons.

I have a certain portrait of the future president – his mind, character, dignity. These are the qualities without which I cannot imagine the leader of the nation, without which I will not feel safe.

There are positive and negative ways of appealing to this almost biological desire to be protected and empowered. Unfortunately, Mr. Trump knows how to make this appeal better than anyone on the national stage. Nevertheless, he does not use his knowledge for the benefit of citizens and the country as a whole. He turns to the most vile, base sources of emotions, and this makes everyone who is indifferent to his call, feel at risk. Well, you can have your opinion why is America so depressed about Trump.

I sincerely believe that a positive alternative will nevertheless appear in the near future. In the absence of a national desire to combat the growing mental illness, our policies and their social consequences will continue to hit the waves of depression, anxiety and despair. As you know, they are both a cause and a consequence of our crumbling social mood.

Talking about my personal position, I continue to think actively and hold on to my ideas. I will do the best that I can to achieve prosperity and continue to live.

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