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TOP 6 Christmas Markets in Denmark

Christmas holidays in the heart of Denmark remind tourists of mysterious, unknown and divine things! The smell of vanilla with cherry, the shining lights of an old carousel, streets from Andersen’s fairy tales fascinate everyone. Oh, it’s impossible not to return to the mysterious atmosphere of Danish Christmas streets.

Christmas walk is when you’re drinking a hot tea in a porcelain mug with delicious donuts with tart cherry while snow is melting on your hair… You’re just attracted to the miracle.

Christmas time is a period for cozy family evenings with the closest and beloved people in your life. So here is a list of the most beautiful, popular and authentic places where every corner is filled with the spirit of Denmark, its culture and traditions that make you love them at first sight.

If you do not mind trying roasted almonds and traditional Danish glogg Denmark, you will have a lot of fun at Christmas markets in Denmark.
Many markets in Denmark are held within a week or even one or two days but this is not enough to see all the Danish beauty live. That is why we want to tell about places that delight the Danes and tourists throughout the Christmas holidays.



Tivoli Gardens is located in the heart of the Danish capital. This ancient park has been known since the 19th century for its waterfalls and picturesque landscapes. Tivoli is the fourth largest amusement park in Europe, yielding only Disneyland (France), Europe Park (Germany) and Efteling (Netherlands). The Christmas market annually gathers about 4.5 million people. The number of visitors is growing every year. Everyone feels free and comfortable, despite the many tourists. People need people… And a little happiness.

According to tradition, there are more than fifty design workshops where you can buy New Year’s souvenirs and crafts from Danish craftsmen, as well as try traditional Danish cuisine. You can also meet in the park all the famous Danish Christmas gnomes called Julenissen who can cheer up even the smallest guests.

You will also find a gourmet market, live music, rice pudding, fried almonds, and many other sweets, as well as bright lights and an exciting holiday program. Entrance fee required.

Den Gamle By


If you want to not only celebrate Christmas in the brightest national traditions but also to learn how the Danes celebrated it hundreds of years ago, the Open-Air Museum Den Gamle By in Aarhus opens its gates. Thousands of tourists and native Danes are not indifferent to the nostalgic spirit of long-standing Christmas ceremonies and stalls with gifts.

This area is considered one of the most beautiful in the city because it is decorated with more than 70 ancient buildings from different historical time periods. The old-fashioned streets are so impeccably and authentically decorated that you will undoubtedly feel how you have reached the happy end of Dickens’ Christmas song.

Almost all the buildings are open to the public. Each visitor can look into a hat or shoe workshop, an antique toy store, as well as numerous craft shops and choose a gift.

Here you can also find restaurants with ancient traditional Danish cuisine. The museum has also shops and bakeries. Traditionally, visiting Den Gamle By takes a whole day, so to have time to see every corner of the historical museum, we do not recommend planning additional excursions. Devote one Christmas day to Den Gamle By.

Entrance fee required. The ticket cost is 1 DKK for adults. Children under 18 do not pay.

Ridehuset Christmas Market


Aarhus in Denmark attracts people with its architecture. It is the second-largest city in the Danish state. As in Copenhagen, here you can feel special coziness and warmth. Christmas gifts, the smell of almonds, donuts, and glogg create the holiday’s atmosphere.

The Christmas market in Ridehuset is one of the most beautiful exhibitions of folk crafts, which is distinguished by its special quality and creativity. The main condition for the participants in the manufacture of handmade goods. You will find here unique traditional Danish jewelry, toys, national clothes. All these goods are so creative, that one day may become new traditional ones. We can say that the Ridehuset market sets the tone for all modern national scenery and art.

This place is very popular with tourists for the opportunity to pick up the most unique gifts which are really hard to find on the shelves of traditional shops.

The Ridehuset building is located on the site of the former barracks and was built as a stable for military officers in the 19th century. The construction is protected by law because its initial outlook has remained until today. While buying gifts, you can plunge into the atmosphere of those times. A Christmas market in Ridehuset takes place for a month!

Bakken Amusement Park is located on the north side of Copenhagen. It can be called the oldest amusement park in the world. It is famous for its creaky roller coasters. At first, the park was a place where street performers gathered, and soon became a favorite place for locals and tourists.

Bakken is a park of contrasts. After all, the owners managed to maintain the spirit of the 16th century. At the same time, 100 antique style attractions were installed to match the atmosphere. On the territory of Bakken, there are 40 restaurants, cafes, music bars, which is very good for families with children, as well as for young people who just want to feel good emotions.

Entrance free. Christmas celebrations last until December 22.



Aalborg is the capital in the North of Jutland. There is always something to do when Christmas time comes. While in other cities Christmas markets are limited in time, Aalborg pleases tourists and residents of the city all Christmas holidays. On the main squares of the city, you can endlessly admire holiday elves, grottoes, and elegant Christmas trees until December 23. You can even choose several options on how to spend your time. A beautiful Christmas town provides the best holiday tents for happy walks and buying gifts. Optionally, you can attend a party at the Aalborg Zoo. The Christmas market on Gammeltorv is a real fairy tale for small and big Christmas lovers!

Adherents of outdoor activities can find six of the best attractions in Aalborg. You can also visit the Ferris wheel to see this cozy and atmospheric town from above while warming with fragrant mulled wine or glogg.

Højbro Plads


Walking around the center of Copenhagen, you are unlikely to miss the smell of Christmas sweets, mulled wine, glogg and fragrant donuts. You are in the epicenter of the Christmas market! But not only one, but several of them at once close to each other. Here you can find unique gifts with original Danish engraving, jewelry, handmade sculptures for every taste and color. Among the most famous Christmas entertainment markets are Nytorv, Kongens Nytorv, and Højbro Plads. The latter is known for its glass sculptures, knitted mittens, jewelry, and Danish delicious delicacies.

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