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Worst Valentine’s Day presents ever

Here is a list of the most obnoxious gifts one can get for Valentine’s Day. We found them in different comment sections and gathered them here for you. Enjoy and never do such stupid shit, okay?

№1. Three oven mitts and an outdated calendar. Maybe the guy thought she is an alien or hoped for a gf like one of these. 

№2. An extension cord…Fuck sakes…

№3. A wrapped box of tissues with a card that’s written: “Bless you”. So thoughtful. What a charm. 

№4. A marble rolling pin and a lazy susan. Maybe it was kind of a start-up idea, like go make some cakes woman. Or a sexist joke, you never know. 

№5. Car window painting. Ladies, wtf? This is fucked up and embarrassing. Nobody wants to drive around town in a car painted with crap on the window. Put that shit in a card!

№6. An electric shaver. Well, that is definitely one clear hint. Maybe somebody decided to continue the no shave November…

№7. Funny how things that should be normal in a relationship like sex and stuff are made super extraordinary and special. Not a creative move ladies…

№8. This one is actually quite cool, but the lady who received it wasn’t much fond of it. A bacon toy that says “I’m bacon” when you squeeze it. How fucking adorable is that!! 

№9. We cannot add anything, just check the original comment

№10. Book art…Please stop killing the poor books, this is not sweet, not cool,  not lovely. Just fucking stop.

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