TWIFT | Politics | Murrison: Iran must stop attacks in the Gulf of Oman

Murrison: Iran must stop attacks in the Gulf of Oman

Andrew Murrison, Foreign Office Minister for the Middle East, called on Iran to stop attacks on US tankers. He stated this during an official visit to Tehran after the conflict between the United States and Iran, which broke out in early June.

The power of the United States has accused Iran of shelling oil tankers. The Iranian side denies the charges. Mr. Murrison expressed confidence in the involvement of Iran in the incident in the Gulf of Oman:

— “Iran is exactly responsible for the attacks,” — the official commented.
Jeremy Hunt, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, explained the reason for London’s concern about events in the region:
— “The situation on the territory of the Gulf of Oman is extremely serious and negotiations with the Iranian delegation have been conducted several times”.
After visiting the Iranian capital, the Deputy Minister of MFA of Britain noted the importance of negotiations with the authorities of the country regarding the conflict in the Middle East.
— “This visit provided an important opportunity for open, frank and constructive engagement with the Iranian government,” — said Andrew Murrison, British Foreign Minister for the Middle East.
He also said that Britain will continue to participate along with international partners in the search for diplomatic solutions to reduce tensions in the region.
The visit of the British authorities was necessary to resolve the situation, as the tension between the US and Iran regarding the situation in the Gulf of Oman continues to increase.
Recall that on Thursday, June 20, after Iranian forces shot down an American drone in the Strait of Hormuz, the United States was close to implementing their fight back. A discussion has arisen between the authorities of Iran and the United States about finding a drone shot down in international airspace.
Shortly before the incident, America accused Iran of attacking two oil tankers, that the authorities of the Middle East categorically deny.
The Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) explained the attack on the United States as a violation of airspace and a “clear signal to America” not to violate their borders.
According to the US military, this incident was an “unprovoked attack”, as the drone flew over international waters.
US President Donald Trump wrote in social networks that Iran made a big mistake. Later, the US Department of Defense warned to introduce another 1000 troops into the region in response to hostility from Iranian forces.

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