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Political races of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt

Rivalry, such a rivalry… Jeremy Hunt doesn’t waste any time, trying to morally suppress a competitor. He warned that the government headed by Boris Johnson is doomed to failure. Perhaps these are not empty accusations? But Theresa May got rid of the responsibility just in time. She decided that she was powerless to finish everything, leaving Britain alone to wait for a new leader.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Britain made a loud statement to his rival. The electoral race makes them behave accordingly, so Jeremy Hunt expressed his negative position to Boris Johnson. We remind you that now there is an active struggle for the post of leader of the Conservative Party and the Prime Minister.

Hunt believes that such a politician can only fail the British exit from the EU (Brexit). Boris Johnson has lost the advantage over his opponent over the past few days. Now in the ranking wins Jeremy Hunt. Many believe that the main reason is the turmoil in his personal life. By the way, he holds the post of former foreign minister, and Hunt is now in the position of the current foreign minister. The struggle and desire to settle scores is a long history of these British characters. The fate of Brexit largely depends on whether who becomes the head of government Johnson or Hunt.

We remind you that on April 10, 2019, it was decided to postpone the exit date for Britain from the EU. All the turmoil is due to these events. So, by October 31 (the expected exit date from the EU), the changes to the UK will certainly not come. Flexible determent terms are the state’s acceptance of participation in elections to the European Parliament, which took place on May 23.

Between Two Lights: Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson

We return to the claims of Hunt against Boris. The head of the British Foreign Ministry believes that the former head of the British Foreign Ministry hasn’t enough aces in the sleeve. He considers his approach to Brexit’s commitment to be desperate. Jeremy Hunt stated that there is too much risk, which in this case is unjustified. The politician also expressed his concerns to the voters of their Conservative Party, which includes 160000 people.

The entire party is at risk, thanks to Boris Johnson’s “reliable” strategy. According to Jeremy Hunt, if he cannot review the terms of the deal at negotiations with Brussels, everything can end very badly. By the way, Theresa May worked on a deal earlier. Nobody hides from the Conservative Party that there will be deputies in parliament who will do everything to overthrow the government. So the risk in the case of Boris Johnson can play a cruel joke.

The threats have already come from Finance Minister Philip Hammond. Everyone knows that this man is violently against Brexit. Along with him, about 30 more deputies strongly disagree with the exit of the UK from the EU without an agreement with Brussels. The House of Commons of the Parliament has already rejected the draft several times, but so far the Brexit date has only been postponed from April to October 2019. It was because of her powerlessness over Britain’s exit from the EU, Theresa May has announced her resignation from the post of leader of the ruling Conservative Party and premier post. The favorite in the election for the ex-head is Boris Johnson. No matter that against him is about a dozen conservative deputies. By the way, the winner’s name will be known on July 23, 2019.

Both candidates are like a cat with a dog, their political struggle for the sympathies of the British is in full swing. Only a few days before the moment of truth, when the vote of the members of the Conservative Party in the British Parliament will determine the leader of the party, who later will also take the post of head of government. So far, according to estimates of the interest rate, which choice the British are now inclined to, Jeremy Hunt is winning. Although a few days ago on the side of Johnson was 61% of voters.

Hunt called on the British to vote first and foremost with their heads, not their hearts: “The wrong approach to negotiations, and we will get elections, not Brexit”. Right now, the UK is experiencing a political nervous breakdown, so we need to take extremely balanced decisions regarding changes in the country. And the decision about Brexit is a fragile bridge that you need to take very carefully.

So, watching the battle of the two leaders is extremely interesting and scary. The ex-head of the British Foreign Office, Boris Johnson, and Jeremy Hunt are struggling in the election process. Before the election of a new head of government, this post, as well as the position of leader of the Conservative Party of Great Britain, was held by Theresa May. The fact that the politician is leaving for a well-deserved retirement pension, the woman is tired of conflicts or was afraid of the Brexit responsibility.

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