TWIFT | Politics | Saudi crown prince allegedly stripped of some authority

Saudi crown prince allegedly stripped of some authority

As a thunderbolt from the blue (yeah, like we don’t read the news) there appeared a rumor about Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed bin Salman having issues with his father, the Saudi king.

The reason for such rumors to appear was Salman’s absence from a series of high-profile ministerial and diplomatic meetings in Saudi Arabia in the last two weeks. This led to people believing that the heir to the Saudi throne was stripped of some of his financial and economic authority.

The move of restricting the responsibilities of the throne heir has not been announced publicly, but people can read between the lines, you know. It is understood that King Salman is not happy with his dearest son, oh no.

It is said that the king asked the crown prince to attend the cabinet meeting with senior ministers but never appeared. At the same meeting, he ripped his son off of some power and announced it to the ministers. Cos you need to listen to ya parents! Especially when you are suspected of murder and the whole world watches every move.

Although it is denied by the Saudi government, many believe that bin Salman ordered the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. This resulted in the heir being condemned on the international level. Boooo!

The meetings the crown prince failed to attend include two weekly meetings of cabinet ministers, several meetings with senior-most officials, including one with the Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov. The Russian foreign ministry confirmed that the meeting had not happened and none of such was planned for the future.

Bin Salman has also missed a meeting with senior economic and finance officials, a meeting between the king and the grand mufti, a meeting with the head of the World Health Organisation, and meetings with the prime minister of Lebanon, and ambassadors from India and China.

A Washington-based spokesman for the Saudi government refused to say anything at all about the matter. But we all know that some serious shit is going on behind the closed doors.

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